Wouldn’t it suck to have your mother on set to see you getting your dream of being America’s Next Top Model smashed to smithereens on national television? That’s all I can think about as I watch ANTM‘s penultimate episode, “The Guy Who Was a Mama’s Boy.” If you can put that potential disaster aside, it could totally rock to have a professional photo shoot with the woman who gave birth to you. 

Other than that little spot of anxiety for yours truly, I’m pretty excited about tonight’s installment, and for reasons other than that we are finally free of Devin. By the end of the hour we’ll know the names of the finalists who will advance to compete for the title of America’s Last Top Model. Our remaining models have captured first call-out for the last seven episodes, but some have bagged more firsts than others. Here’s how it’s shaken out: Lacey has been first three times, Nyle twice, and Mikey and Mame both one time. Tonight is going to be a steep climb because they are all great models, so no wonder the mommies will be on hand to clean up the after-party tears. 

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Mikey Gets Private Time with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Chrissy Teigen 

Miss J. Alexander shows up at the mansion with Chrissy Teigen (otherwise known as Mrs. John Legend) to have a BBQ dinner with Lacey, Mikey, Nyle and Mame. She helps relax the models with personal stories about her own modeling experiences, but warns them to never think you have any job in the bag, because even swimsuit models aren’t guaranteed work. 

Since Mikey won first call-out, he gets some time in front of the camera for some selfies with the beautiful smokey-voiced swimsuit model. Mikey flirts, of course, and shows her his rich boy look, but keeps his hands to himself because this bodacious beauty is married, married, married. 

We’re only five minutes into the episode and Mame is already talking lustily about Mikey. She said last time that she belongs to Justin, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Lacey is effusive over being 18-years-old and in the top four on America’s Next Top Model. She snuggles close with Nyle. (If I were her, I’d be all over that lovely piece of masculinity.) For Nyle’s part, he’s oblivious to Lacey and bummed over landing in the bottom two at last panel.

John and Joan Q. Public Decide Who Mocks Best

Tyra’s video message to the models is about being mocked. What might that mean for the next day’s challenge? We soon find out. Yu Tsai meets the models accompanied by NYLON Magazine Editor in Chief Michelle Lee and Creative Director J. Errico. Each model will shoot a ‘mock cover’ for the magazine which will then be put on a news stand to be evaluated by passersby on the street. The winner of this challenge gets to be in a video for NYLON.

The models are encouraged to let their own personality show for this photo shoot. Mikey goes curly and loose. Lacey goes prissy and safe, not at all in line with the mood of NYLON. Nyle wants to project the message of being heard despite being deaf. Michelle and Errico love his concept. Mame goes with a black dress covered in awkward gigantic white cameos. Gag.

Nyle Wins the NYLON Challenge 

Passersby are asked witch NYLON cover makes them want to buy the magazine. No one votes for Mame at first causing her to lament her unfortunate wardrobe choice. By the end, Nyle gets 5 votes, Mikey and Lacey have 4 votes each and Mame has three.

As feedback, the NYLON people tell Mikey that he needs to stop relying on his hair so much. They report being surprised that Nyle fits so well with the style of NYLON. They dog Lacey for her repetitive expressions, and comment on Mame’s stiffness despite her stunning beauty. In the end, Nyle is chosen as being the most NYLE-ON.

Tyra Banks Introduces Her Most Influential Photographer: Mom

Trya visits the house with her mother, Carolyn London, who just so happens to be Tyra’s very first photographer. Tyra was 13-years-old when she was discovered using pictures taken by her own mother. Tyra announces that Carolyn will be the photographer for this photo shoot. Then there’s an even bigger surprise for the models …

Mothers Arrive for Photo Shoots with Their Model Kids

Tears fly all over. Each model is thrilled to have their mother with them. Nyle explains that his mother is deaf just as he is. Mame explains that sometimes she goes years without seeing her mother from Ghana. Mikey talks about how he knows his mom is imperfect but they’ve supported each other through all the tough times. No wonder he’s always looking for love … 

Lacey reports that she’s always been a mama’s girl. It sounds like everyone’s moms are divorced (except Mame’s?). Mikey’s mom cries over being able to get her hair and makeup done. Mame tells her mom that she wishes she had been able to live with her parents when she was a kid. They must have sent her to the United States when she was very young. 

Bring the Hot Mama Out

Tyra consults on the clothes, makeup and hair for each mom. She wants every mom-offspring couple to have two looks. Carolyn tells the moms not t think about anything but their own beauty. 

Carolyn says Nyle’s eyes are hypnotizing. I’m loving his mom’s black and white pant-cape. Super sexy. Their second shot is much softer with mom in pink, showing off her fantastic profile. Lacey is a mad hatter and her mother is in braids and a mohawk. I’m not sold on that look for mom, but, damn that mother has a splendiferous complexion. Mame and her mom are a gold lame blur during the shoot. Next she and mom channel Diana Ross in some electric bright hairy outfits. Tyra has a blast making Mame’s mom relax by dancing. 

Mikey’s mom looks pretty fantastic. They boost up the focus on both mom and son’s wavy blond tresses. Over a sparkling cider toast, Tyra assures everyone that their mothers did a fantastic job during the photo shoot. 

Panel Evaluations Are Tearful

Mame’s eyes sparkle with tears when she sees the photos of herself and her mother. The images are fantastic. (Now I’m thinking I might get a photo shoot with my own mom.)Mame’s photos are active and colorful and fun.

Mikey is happy that he’ll always have this photo of himself with his mother, but he’s advised not to put it in his bedroom … for obvious reasons. Their first pic is fantastic, their second is rockin’. 

Lacey’s images get mixed results from the judges, but she looks great with her mom … who looks almost as young as Lacey herself. What skin!

Nyle and his mom are fantastic together as well. They look like the cover of Rolling Stone. Nyle’s eyes overflow with tears of love for his mom. Tyra says the warm connection between Nyle and his mother reminded her and Carolyn of their own relationship.

All Four Models Can Still Be America’s Last Top Model

The four models reassemble for the post-evaluation announcement. Mame is named as first call-out, though it should have been Nyle. Nyle is given the second slot, then Tyra has a shocking announcement for Mikey and Lacey. They have identical scores. Down to the second decimal point. 

Tyra explains that the judges have to debate and choose when there is a numerical tie between the bottom two. As the tension rises, Tyra congratulates Lacey on not losing. Of course, we in television land have a strong feeling that Mikey is safe as well, but he drops back a step at Lacey’s news. Then Wicked Witch Tyra apologizes to Mikey, saying that she lied when she said only one was staying in the competition. Upon hearing this poor Mikey drops to the floor and weeps in relief.

First: Mame

Middle: Nyle

Last: A tie between Lacey and Mikey

Only Two Will Compete in the Final Runway

As there can only be two models vying for the final prize the remaining models will make presentations to the judges when we recommence for “Finale Part 1: The Girl Who Made a Splash.” The boys will compete with each other, as will the girls. Only one male and one female will have the opportunity to compete for the title on America’s Last Top Model.

We get to see a snippet of what’s to come in the two-part finale. Some, if not all, cycle 22 models return and it looks like Mame’s in hot water with Justin over her flirtations with Mikey. It should be an interesting ride.

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW. 

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