The Top 11 of The Voice season 9 had, overall, such strong performances that I would be fine with the show taking a BYE week. No one being eliminated as a Thanksgiving “treat.” That won’t happen. The Voice is a reality competition first and foremost, and the eliminations are already moving at a snail’s pace. Someone’s going home and that Top 11 will be adjusted down to the nice even number of a Top 10. Let’s find out who is leaving and try to ignore Carson Daly as much as humanly possible.

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Brad Paisley Opens the Show

It’s not unprecedented, but it is odd for The Voice to open the show with a celebrity guest. If it means less time for awkward pageant-like questions between Carson and the contestants, then I’m all for it. I guess Brad Paisley is nice to listen to as well … I mean, he is a country superstar, after all.

The First Results of the Night

I guess we can’t entirely escape Carson and his questions, but can we stop putting the contestants through this sideshow? They are nervous enough after learning their fate; must they really suffer through Carson’s inane questions? At least Emily Ann handles her question nicely about what coach Blake means to her.

The first two saved artists of the night are Amy Vachal from Team Adam and Braiden Sunshine from Team Gwen. This seems a little early for Braiden to be safe, but I’m far from upset about it.

More Results

The contestants are trotted out again like really musical (and talented) cattle. The next two who are safe is revealed. It’s Zach Seabaugh from Team Blake and Jordan Smith from Team Adam. Jordan being safe is no surprise. Zach was the only performance I didn’t like in the Top 11, so I can’t say I’m super happy about him being safe, especially since the other two Team Blake members, Barrett Baber and Emily Ann Roberts, are still in danger. I guess we never really can underestimate the teenage girl fan base. Maybe there are some fans of Zach who aren’t teenage girls, but that’s pretty ridiculous.

Team Gwen Performs

You really can’t hide the creepiness of Korin being Gwen’s mini-me when you put them side-by-side. She even sounds like her. What if Korin is trying to steal Gwen’s essence like some kind of talent dementor? The performance is nice, but Jeffery commands it. It helps that the song is completely in his genre and not in Korin or Braiden’s, but he sounds so much better than the other two.

Thanksgiving Break

This is a sweet and not at all staged Thanksgiving celebration … yeah, this is completely staged and kind of weird. There does seem to be some genuine moments. It does seem like there is real camaraderie between the cast, which is always nice to see.

More Saves from Team Pharrell and Team Blake

Madi Davis is safe from Team Blake. Maybe now Carson will get off Pharrell’s back about having no safe artists. Better yet, Carson should just stop talking all together and the results should just come up as text on the screen. 

Anyway, putting aside my irrational Carson irritation for now, there is another artist safe: Emily Ann from Team Blake. Some justice is restored to the world after Zach made it to safety before her. Now just waiting on Barrett’s safety…

Team Adam Performs 

Maybe it’s just because I like the Beach Boys a lot, but I like this way better, except for Adam. What is going on with Team Adam’s coach? He is really straining to hit some of those notes. This also feels more cohesive than Team Gwen’s performance. Jordan’s the star, but that’s just because his voice is insane. This song doesn’t just play to one artist’s strengths.

The Final Three Who are Safe

This segment is a perfect example of why I don’t like Carson. He’s not a good host. I mean, everyone is capable of mistakes, but him inadvertently announcing that Shelby is safe and then snatching it away is just bad. A better host could’ve smoothed over the mix-up much easier. Carson messes when announcing that Shelby is safe first. He should have just owned up to his mistake and saved Shelby rather than making her suffer to the end.

The other two artists who are safe are Barrett Baber and Jeffery Austin. None of these are a surprise.

Korin Bukowski and Evan McKeel are the bottom two. All respect to Korin, but two weeks in the bottom really means she should go home. I like her, but that seems fair.

Evan McKeel Performs “Let’s Stay Together”

I’m sorry, but Evan performing this really strong love song is kind of ridiculous. His voice sounds lovely, but it just looks odd. Then again, Evan’s big voice coming out of his tiny body is a contradiction in itself.  This is kind of his thing. Evan gives it his all and I really like him. He should be safe over Korin regardless, but I think that this is a bad song choice.

Korin Bukowski Performs “She Will Be Loved”

Singing a coach’s song is ballsy at any time, but singing it for your Twitter Save is kind of insane. Evan had a bad song choice, but this is a terrible move on Korin’s part, particularly because her vocals are all over the place. Yeah, I really think it’s Korin’s time to go. Apparently, I’m in the minority judging from the live voting results at the commercial break.

The Person Going Home Is…

Evan goes home. Korin is saved again. This is disappointing, to say the least. Evan calling Pharrell “P” is embarrassing, but not an elimination-worthy offense. But what do you think of it all?

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