In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Party in a Sweatbox,” Kenya throws a launch for her new hair care line (but the event fails to live up to her exacting expectations), Kim meets the rest of the women, and Cynthia and Peter reach a decision about the future of their marriage.

While most women prefer to bond via boozy brunches and shopping trips, Phaedra decides to treat Porsha to her first colonic. Color me shocked to find out that there are actual people who choose to flush the crap out of wealthy women.

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What Goes in Must Come Out

As Porsha lays on her back covered by a white sheet getting “flushed” out, Phaedra stands by and chats her up. Phaedra could have saved a couple of bucks if she had bought a box of Raisin Bran, some Miralax and an at-home enema kit. Then they could have shot the “shit” while Porsha parked her ass on the pot.

So while we all know what Porsha is doing under that sheet, we have to try and focus on the hot topic at hand, Duke. Porsha’s a bit peeved that Kandi brought up Duke’s “alleged” dalliance with a transsexual prostitute. Porsha obviously isn’t concerned, so she doesn’t understand why anyone else should or would be.

Phaedra recounts her one-on-one with Kandi. Phaedra is still bothered by the fact that Todd and Kandi are holding on to some of Apollo’s big boy toys in their garage. Porsha agrees with Phaedra that this reeks of betrayal. Phaedra insists that if the Jimmy Choo were on the other foot, she would have never kept such a secret from Kandi.

In a bedroom in another part of Atlanta, Kandi is discussing the situation with Todd. Kandi was never under the impression that the whole thing was a secret from Phaedra, and Todd chimes in that Apollo asked him, not Kandi.

The status of the friendship still seems to be “It’s Complicated.” Although, Kandi is glad they sat down and attempted to hash things out, since Phaedra clearly had some issues on her mind that Kandi was clueless about.

“Ex”-pert Advice

Things are still tense with Cynthia and Peter. They haven’t spoken in over a week, and word of Peter’s shenanigans have reached Cynthia’s ex, Leon. Leon drops by to help find a tutor for Noelle, but once their daughter is safely shut up in her room, Leon brings up Peter’s little video. Cynthia admits to Leon that she and Peter have had their fair share of ups and downs, but she’s reached her limit and has kind of checked out of the relationship. Cynthia isn’t about to stay in a relationship just for the hell of it, especially if she isn’t happy.

Leon advises Cynthia to fight for her relationship. He points out that she has a history of walking away. Now she may not win the fight, but Leon says Cynthia should at least exhaust every available option before calling it quits. Because Leon doesn’t benefit in any way from encouraging Cynthia to stick it out, she takes what he says to heart.

It’s Neither Hair Nor There

Just when it looks like we might get through an episode without one of the ladies hocking one product or another, Kenya brings us crashing back down into hard-core consumerism. She’s planning a party to launch her new hair care line. Kenya meets up with Marlo and a party planner named … wait … for … it … Passionate. For real?

Since the topic is launch events, Marlo and Kenya revisit the events that occurred at Cynthia’s eyewear party. Marlo thinks Kenya and Sheree were both out of line, but we all know Kenya lit that damn fuse.

Housewives have a tendency to get touchy when their financial dirty laundry gets aired in public, and Sheree is no exception. Apparently, she owes Uncle Sam somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred grand, so the IRS might be taking ownership of Chateau Sheree before she does.

Even though Kenya and Sheree got off on the wrong foot, and Kenya is still being a raging bitch when it comes to Sheree’s housing situation, she tells Marlo that Sheree is more than welcome to come to her party if she wants to.

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Kenya’s Hair Care Experience

Kenya’s big night arrives, but then again, isn’t every night Kenya’s big night?

Kenya’s got her boy bitch Brandon running in circles trying to tie up loose ends. Please, spare me any nasty comments about calling Brandon Kenya’s bitch because that’s exactly what he is. Kenya needs a date, Brandon’s there. Kenya’s shooting a pilot, Brandon’s there. Kenya’s launching her hair care line, Brandon’s there.

Porsha and her friend Shamea are the first to arrive. Bottles of product are spread around. And after taking a whiff, Shamea comments that it’s just water, which she confirms by taking a big old swig. This kind of reminds me of Sheree’s fashion show that featured zero fashion.

It’s a good thing there’s all that bottled water around because the air isn’t working in the venue, and that is not a good thing in Hotlanta.

Also on hand to celebrate Kenya’s greatness is Kim Fields, aka “Kimmy.” She and her hubby don’t venture out much, but being sociable comes with the RHOA territory. Kim knows who Kandi is and is apparently a fan of Kandi’s from back in her days with Xscape. Unfortunately, a pregnant Kandi can’t deal with the heat and rushes out before she barfs or passes out.

The rest of the ladies come rolling in, including Sheree. Porsha’s “surprised” to see Sheree there, but we all know Sheree’s got to earn her paycheck, and she’s not going to do that ducking Kenya.

Kenya arrives, and the scene isn’t exactly how she envisioned it. Kenya also has herself a new man, Eugene. The two don’t work the room for long before heading outside where the environment is less stifling. 

This party is a dud. Poor Kim and her husband were hoping to meet some other couples, but Phaedra’s husband is in jail, Cynthia and Peter are on the outs, and Porsha’s man is at training camp.

Kenya tries to rally and save her sinking brand. She gives a little speech, apologizes for the heat and finally drags her date over to greet the other ladies. Shamea points out the water in the product bottles, and Kenya grins and bears it. But as soon as she’s out of earshot, she lets it be known she is not pleased. Kenya isn’t about to be shamed at her own event, especially by some woman she doesn’t even know.

Kenya decides to pull Sheree aside. After all, she doesn’t have a problem with Sheree. It’s the neighbors who have been complaining about Chateau Sheree; Kenya was just the messenger.

The two make nice, or as nice as Kenya is capable of making things, but you know she’s not going to stop taking swipes at Sheree, and Sheree will swipe right back.

No Exit Strategy

After 10 days of no communication, Peter shows back up in Atlanta. Cynthia takes him to the woodshed for being an ass at her event, and Peter admits that in order to even attend, he had to partake in some liquid courage. Peter “Patricia” was drunk.

Cynthia and Peter go back and forth about the crux of their issues, and it’s a lot of things: they’ve put career ambitions before each other, he opened a bar in Charlotte, she doesn’t make time for him, she uprooted her life for him, their debacle of a wedding, etc.

Things really take a rough turn when Cynthia brings up the fact that she may just not be in love with Peter anymore. Peter wants to know when Cynthia stopped loving him, and all she can say is she doesn’t know.

Peter swears that his love for Cynthia has never waned, but just because he says it doesn’t make it so. Cynthia doesn’t feel it, and she thinks Peter could have done a better job of showing it.

Peter is reduced to tears, and it’s a pretty frank, realistic look at the hows and whys of a marriage blowing up.

In Peter’s mind, there is no alternative except to work it out. But Cynthia doesn’t feel that’s realistic. Cynthia’s willing to give it the old college try, but while Peter is in it for the long haul, Cynthia is keeping her expectations low and her options open.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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