On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha reveals to the girls some of the darker aspects of her marriage to Kordell. NeNe helps Kenya look for a new place to live. And Kenya and Apollo’s accounts of their relationship continue to differ much to Kandi and Phaedra’s frustrations.

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Kandi Questions Kenya

The one thing that all the women in every Housewives franchise have in common is their inability to let go. They can harbor anger and resentment for years over issues big and small. It looks like the nature of Kenya’s and Apollo’s texting relationship, and possibly more, is going to be exhausted this season. Kandi meets up with Kenya and says she’s trying to be the woman’s friend, in spite of her questionable behavior regarding Apollo.

Kandi can’t wrap her head around why Kenya would have needed to be in contact with Apollo, especially once Kenya and Phaedra were no longer on the best of terms. Kenya decides to show Kandi a shockingly long list of ongoing texts between herself and Apollo. Nothing salacious is revealed, although Kandi thinks Kenya referring to Apollo as “babe” is inappropriate. The timeline of the texts is also blurry, with Kenya only saying they were ongoing over the course of months. I don’t think they’ve had any contact since the reunion, but who can say for sure?

Kandi remains suspicious because she asks Kenya if she’s seen Apollo. Kenya doesn’t help her cause when she says not that she can recall. Well, either you have or you haven’t. Kandi says that between the two of them, “Somebody better recall it right or else there’s gonna be some problems with Miss Parks around here.”

Kandi agrees the texts don’t indicate an inappropriate relationship, but Apollo’s accusation during the season 5 reunion tells a different story. I swear, Bravo has these reunions just to provide material for the upcoming season.

Kandi tells Kenya that Apollo saying that if he had “pressed on you, you would have gave it to me, period” made all the woman feel like something was going on that shouldn’t have been. Kenya says that came out of his mouth, so if Kandi’s looking for answers, she’ll need to ask him. Bottom line, Kandi thinks both Kenya and Apollo were wrong to be texting each other.  Kenya accuses Kandi of giving her attitude, while Kandi says Kenya never lets anyone else talk and get their point across. Kenya says everyone is always trying to make her out to be the bad guy. Kandi suggests Kenya look in the mirror.

Shrink Rap

Porsha, unable to get Kordell out of her system, seeks some emotional guidance from her therapist. It’s more of the same that we’ve been hearing for weeks: the marriage was different behind closed doors than the facade they put out there for the public, he was controlling, he wasn’t interested in her sexually, she wanted security and her questioning what she could have possible done wrong to deserve all the crappy treatment she’s received from Kordell.

The therapist questions why Porsha continues to wear her wedding ring, and Porsha explains that she had planned to wear it for the rest of her life, and when she takes that off, it means the relationship is done.

On the Mend

NeNe checks in on Cynthia, who is recovering well from her surgery. Kandi calls while she’s there and suggests that they all plan a girls’ night to cheer up Porsha. NeNe can relate to the emotional roller coaster that Porsha is currently riding.

Texts Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Kandi seems to be full of good intentions, but when it comes to Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage, she’s being a bit of a s**t stirrer. Kandi relays the information she gathered from her time with Kenya, but there’s apparently more to the story. Phaedra talks about Kenya offering Apollo oral sex, and says her husband did see Kenya at a hotel in California. He called Phaedra and told her he was going to have to check out because Kenya kept coming up to his room. Phaedra says she’s too busy to give it any energy right now. She is definitely laying all the blame at Kenya’s feet. 

Debbie Downer

The ladies, minus Kenya, get together to show their solidarity for Porsha. Kandi says Porsha is good at putting on a happy face even when she’s hurting. She wants Porsha to know the women are there for her to lean on. Porsha wants them to understand that things weren’t good, and things were happening that she wasn’t telling them about. I don’t think any of the girls are shocked to find out there was marital strife. No one was charmed by Kordell’s controlling nature or found it an acceptable or endearing trait. Porsha says the longer she was with Kordell, the smaller her world got.

She apologizes to all the women for pushing them away but explains she was afraid Kordell wouldn’t let her see them at all, adding that her own sister wasn’t allowed to come to their house. Now they can’t wait to get to know the “real” Porsha.

Moving on Down

After twirling and twerking her way out of her previous residence, Kenya is now settled in to much more modest accommodations. NeNe, who’s making good on her promise to help the ex-beauty queen find a new home, is mortified by Kenya’s current living conditions. She’s especially disturbed by the fact that the kitchen has a white refrigerator. I’m guessing nothing less than stainless steal holds NeNe’s fruits and veggies.

NeNe asks Kenya how things are going with her new boyfriend, a man she met in Nigeria, who treats her like the princess she is. This speaks volumes given she’s holed up in the Bates Motel.

They hook up with NeNe’s realtor, who shows Kenya a beautiful 4,000 square foot luxury apartment. Kenya feels that even though it’s just her and her dog, she can’t possibly make do with less than 5,000 square feet. Well, girlfriend is making do with much less right now. Who is she trying to fool? Either she’s being cheap and pinching pennies for the down payment on a new pad, or she hasn’t got the means and acts like she does.

Enough with the Threats

Apollo and Phaedra have what is supposed to be a romantic dinner, but Phaedra doesn’t have that loving feelin’. Apollo says he’s in dire need of some attention from his wife. She says as soon as she finishes her exams, he’ll get more quality time. She compares husbands to newborns in that both need a lot of attention and coddling. Phaedra thinks her hubby might be just a tad jealous of the new baby.

Apollo hand delivers a piece of mail to his wife that turns out to be a subpoena. She’s possibly being called as a character witness in a legal feud still raging between Kenya and her ex-landlord. I’m guessing she’s not being called on behalf of Kenya.

This brings up all the chatter that’s been going on between Kandi, Kenya and Phaedra about “textgate.” Phaedra wants to talk to Apollo about it, so she can put it to bed once and for all, no pun intended. Phaedra tells him point blank not to text her friends. Apollo doesn’t take kindly to Phaedra’s bossiness and makes it clear he’s a grown man, and she’s not his mama. He does tell her it wasn’t intended to offend her, but she’s not going to be satisfied until he swears a blood oath and that nothing like this will happen again.

Apollo claims he didn’t do anything inappropriate. Now, Phaedra gets a little more interested regarding the details of what happened between her husband and Kenya while both were in Los Angeles. Apollo doesn’t stand much of a chance when being interrogated by his wife, the lawyer. The best he can come up with is that if he’s wanted to sleep with Kenya, he would have. He says he’s been transparent across the board, and he doesn’t want to discuss it anymore. Good luck on that one, Apollo. You are dodging and weaving your wife’s questions like a prize fighter, but she’s still ready to knock you out.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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