This is the first and last time I will be able to write about the Knockout Rounds of The Voice season 9, so I personally want to talk about how much I’m enjoying Rihanna on the show. The Knockouts are far from my favorite section of The Voice. I find them repetitive and unnecessary after the Battle Rounds. They are a really transparent attempt to whittle the teams down to a manageable number for the live shows and I get bored very easily.

Rihanna has changed a lot of my opinion. She is so good in the training sessions that it alleviates a lot of the monotony that can happen in the Knockouts. The Voice coaches often tell their guests how great they are, but in Rihanna‘s case, it’s absolutely true. Now that I’m done gushing about Rihanna, let’s get into this second night of Knockouts on The Voice.

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Korin Performs “All I Want” & Summer Performs “Little White Church” 

In the training sessions before this first Knockout, Gwen and Rihanna give the same advice to both girls. They want them to really connect with the song and not just sing it. They want them both to perform and tell the story of the song through their actions. For Korin Bukowski, this means taking off her glasses and embracing her weirdness. On the flip side, Rihanna tells Summer Schappell to get real sassy.

Korin might have the better vocals for her performance. She’s also kind of boring. She seems passionate, but there is nothing real special about it, especially when comparing her to Summer, who goes all out. They are very different songs in terms of tempo and tone, but still Summer grabs my attention much more than Korin. Gwen ends up choosing Korin to win battle, though. As much I liked Summer’s performance, this choice makes sense. Korin has more room to grow and work with for Gwen.

Result: Gwen chooses Korin

Dustin Performs “Free” & Keith Performs “I Want to Know What Love Is”

I really like both of these guys, so I’m disappointed to learn they’ll be facing off in the Knockouts. The training session isn’t very eventful. It’s just further proof that if The Voice can make it work with her schedule, Rihanna should absolutely be a full-time coach in an upcoming season. She basically renders Adam useless (and speechless) by giving killer advice. 

Dustin Christensen and Keith Semple are equally strong in their performances. I give the slight edge to Keith because it is a more dynamic performance and my tastes lean more to his genre. The coaches are all in love with Dustin, though, which doesn’t speak well to Keith’s chances. Adam disagrees with the popular opinion. He chooses Keith and lets his Battle Round steal, Dustin, go home.

Result: Adam chooses Keith

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Darius Performs “On Broadway” & Morgan Performs “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” 

The Voice really kind of spoils the end of this Knockout before it even starts. It’s heavily implied that someone is going to use their Steal at the end of the night. Blake and Pharrell are the only coaches left with a Steal and it’s Pharell’s team going last. So if you can’t figure out who is going to use their steal, I’m honestly worried about you. It’s also pretty easy to assume who will be stolen because Darius Scott isn’t exactly a Blake artist.

It’s not just that Darius doesn’t seem like a Blake artist; it’s also that Darius in his performance is the perfect fit for Pharrell. Pharrell is the only R&B coach and Darius gives a fantastic performance in that vein and genre. Similarly, Morgan Frazier is an excellent country artist who gives her song everything she can. This makes her the perfect Team Blake member. In the end, both artists end up on the team they belong. Pharrell chooses Darius, and Blake steals Morgan back.

Result: Pharrell chooses Darius and Blake steals Morgan

The Voice airs Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm on NBC.

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