In Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Orange County┬áseason 10 reunion, the ladies managed to keep it pretty civil. But that’s before host Andy Cohen even broached the subject of Brooks and his cancer. And while it looks like they’re saving that talk for the dramatic conclusion, there’s still no way they could have kept it nice any longer. Here are the most important quotes from Part 2 of the reunion.

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“I have so many questions about your enema.” — Andy

If you thought we were getting through this entire reunion without talking about Shannon’s enema, you were wrong. Her story is that she ate a tangerine and got bloated, so she used the enema before the party. I suppose the good news is that she says it brought her and David closer together after he was kind enough to dig around for the missing piece. Who knew a lost enema piece could be so good for a marriage?

“I could live there now and she wouldn’t even know I was there.” — Tamra

Heather talks about the decadence of her new mansion and all of the ladies agree that it’s crazy over-the-top. And despite the fact that the budget is completely obscene, every one of them would love to live in a house that big if they got the chance.

“In all my years of watching Cardinals baseball, I never thought I’d see you on this couch.” — Andy

Andy’s introduction of Jim Edmonds is pretty funny. So is the fact that Jim says he’s now getting recognized (even at the ballpark) simply as Meghan’s husband. And not all the attention has been positive. He cops to his bad behavior and says that when the camera caught him being a jerk, he was really being a jerk. But he claims it was because he was uncomfortable with the cameras and it’s not a complete representation of his marriage. Somehow, I’m not buying it, but hopefully seeing himself on TV will lead to a change in his behavior, at least towards his wife.

“You don’t just go from having a situation to saying two of the four months of our marriage were challenging. That is a lie.” — Meghan

Meghan confronts Vicki about what she said at Tamra’s sex party and Jim denies having said anything about his marriage to Brooks to begin with. Vicki says she shouldn’t have commented on their marriage, and she realizes now that it was wrong. She claims that she misspoke when she originally said that, but either way, she does apologize to the Edmonds.

Jim says that had Vicki been a man, he would have grabbed her by the throat and beat the crap out of her, but since she’s a woman, he decided to play it cool while she popped off. That’s aggressive, but knowing Jim, even a little bit, it’s probably true.

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“Am I crazy? Did I hear that? Did she just say that?” — Heather

Apparently, during Tamra’s sex party, Vicki made a snide joke about Tamra’s suggestive outfit, saying, “No wonder they’re taking her kids away.” Heather gets really worked up talking about Vicki’s joke. She says it’s not something you joke about, especially at the expense of someone who is supposed to be one of your closest friends. Vicki, caught up again, rushes another barely-sincere “Sorry about that.” At least the others aren’t afraid to call Vicki out today.

“I never thought I’d be that woman.” — Shannon

Shannon says she never thought she’d be the type of woman who would stay in the relationship after her husband cheated on her. But after hours and hours of counseling and going to church, she wanted to share her struggles with the show to be an example of a marriage that can work after an affair. The other ladies admire the strength it took for Shannon to share her story, but they’re worried that she places too much blame on herself for David’s affair. Tamra tells her she’s the victim in this situation, not David, who she claims stepped out because of her nagging. Shannon says she’s not making excuses, what he did was horrible, and there were times she wanted to end it. But she’s come to a good place where she no longer even feels emotion about it. Well, maybe that’s not completely true…

“He hit on me when I was pregnant.” — Briana

And here come the Brooks fireworks. While Vicki and Brooks are broken up by now, she’s still dealing with the fallout when it comes to her daughter, Briana. Briana says that for years, Brooks did and said terrible things to her, and when she told Vicki about them, she didn’t believe her. The example she uses is the time he hit on her when she was pregnant (he wanted to show her his penis, which doesn’t just sound like a come-on but rather harassment). Tamra says Briana called her after that night because she had felt so degraded and humiliated, but Vicki believed Brooks over her own daughter.

“What do I have to gain by lying about that?” — Briana

Andy sits down for an interview with Brooks separate from the reunion because either he had a “scheduling conflict,” like he claims, or he’s too much of a coward to face these women. I have a feeling the latter is correct. Anyway, he claims that Briana is a liar and that he and Vicki had a great relationship beside his conflict with her. He says that the reason Briana is so fixated on taking him down is because she wants Vicki’s money for himself.

Briana can hardly contain herself listening to Brooks talk. She’s shocked when he says he was close with Vicki’s family, when Briana knows her family hated him as much as she did. They all think he’s a con-man and she has a laundry list full of Brooks’ offenses. She says she hasn’t taken a dime from her mother as an adult (even the car given as a gift made her uncomfortable) and she has no motivation to lie about Brooks. Her only concern has been for her mother and how she felt she was being swindled.

Next time, it’s the conclusion of the reunion and we’re finally getting to Cancer Gate.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 3 airs Sunday, November 1 at 8pm on Bravo.

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