It is results night on The Voice! After a night of varying performances, two contestants will go home to reveal the Top 8. We might also learn what Adam Levine is going to do to get Blake back for publishing his actual phone number on Twitter. 

It is much more difficult to predict those who are safe and those who will be landing in the bottom three tonight as every contestant broke into the iTunes Top 200 Singles Chart. It should make for a more interesting results show than last week, which could be predicted easily by the iTunes sales alone.

Based on last night’s performances, I would not be surprised to see Bria and Tess in the bottom three. The third spot will likely be a surprise to me, since I liked most of the other performances well enough. This will be the most difficult elimination yet as everyone who is left has serious talent. 

Follow along as we find out who is safe, who is going home and who will be instantly saved on Twitter with #VoiceSave. 

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Carson kicks off the show with a big announcement that Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani will be the coaches for next season, and they’ll be performing next week on the show! Awesome. I am so excited to see how Gwen Stefani will coach.

Team Usher (“Always On The Run” by Lenny Kravitz)

A soulful and rocking performance. I’ve been waiting for Usher to perform all season, so this is great. Oh, and Josh and Bria are awesome, too. If they both only performed like this last night, there wouldn’t be any concerns about the results tonight. 

The Results, Part 1

Launching right into the results, and the first two contestants safe are Christina Grimmie and Sisaundra Lewis!

Definitely not surprised that both advanced and am happy that we’ll be seeing more of them next week. It is also nice that Sisaundra is safe so early after sweating it out until the very end last week.

Adam shares that his strategy is to listen to his team and see their vision through. Shakira is nervous about the results for this evening because she has invested so much. Usher is confident in his contestants’ hard work and knows that they won’t slip up again (implying that they slipped up last night. #Truth). 

The Results, Part 2

Okay, the next two contestants saved are Kristen Merlin and Josh Kaufman (who looks incredibly dapper tonight)! 

No real surprises so far, but these next results will be more of a toss-up. 

Team Shakira (“The One Thing” by Shakira)

Well Shakira is really on the self-promotion track with this album. So far, she is two for two with choosing good songs to showcase on the show at least (unlike Christina Aguilera did with her release of Lotus). 

Anyway, I’m digging this all gal performance. They sound great and I can’t help but enjoy how much they are enjoying performing together. By the end of it, I’m thinking I may just actually buy this Shakira song. Well done.

The Results, Part 3

The next two contestants joining the Top 8 are Audra McLaughlin and Delvin Choice! 

I was so distracted by the glitter in Audra’s hair that I almost missed it when she was chosen. Glad these two are advancing. It’s looking more and more likely that our predictions are going to be correct. 

The Results, Part 4

The last artist saved by America’s votes is Jake Worthington!

That means Bria Kelly, Kat Perkins and Tess Boyer are in the bottom three and up for elimination and will be performing again for the instant save. I’m not that surprised that Kat ended up in the bottom three, even though I enjoyed it, because her performance was so much softer than her usual rock edge. 

Bria Kelly (“Crazy On You” by Heart)

This song is so much more in her wheelhouse. She sounds great and is giving it her all. That, combined with her massive Twitter following, may just be enough to save her.

I find it curious that Usher isn’t really fighting hard for America to vote for her. His words are supportive, but I wonder if his general demeanor will be to her disadvantage.

Tess Boyer (“Who Knew” by Pink)

She sounds great on this song and seems to be fighting back tears throughout her performance. I wonder if she performs better under pressure.

Adam wants to change the rules so no one has to go home because of how great she sings. Shakira believes that Tess has the most unique voice in this competition and that she is a fighter. She pleads for everyone to save her again. 

Kat Perkins (“Paris (Ooh La La)” by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals)

Kat brings back the rocker chick and knocks it out of the park with this vocal. She really seems like she is singing for her life. 

Blake will be shocked if that performance doesn’t save her. Adam is shocked that Kat was in the bottom three at all and promises that if America saves her he will ensure that she makes it to the end. I mean, I don’t know how he’ll do that, but it is a convincing plea.

Instant Save

Through the commercials, Kat is leading the votes by a wide margin. As a commenter noted last week, watching the Twitter votes through the commercials definitely takes the suspense and fun out of the results.

The artist who is instantly saved is … Kat Perkins! 

The eliminated contestants are Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer. 

So Usher and Shakira both lose another vocalist and are each down to one. Adam and Blake still have completely in-tact teams with three vocalists each. They have The Voice formula down, it seems.

The Voice live performances continue with the Top 8 on Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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