After saying goodbye to Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly last week, only eight artists remain on The Voice.

Teams Adam and Blake both have all their team members still in the competition. Team Usher and Shakira each have only one singer left.

Will Kristen Merlin and Josh Kaufman keep their coaches in the competition? Well, we know that Josh probably will.

Also, we get performances by Blake and next season’s new coaches, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

Welcome to The Voice live blog!

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The hot topic of the night is, of course, Adam’s new platinum blond hairstyle. For the record, both Adam’s mom and I don’t like it.

We are two minutes into the show and Blake has already referred to Adam as Meg Ryan and Miley Cyrus. Hopefully, the jokes will keep coming!

Sisaundra Lewis (“River Deep Mountain High” by Tina Turner)

Sisaundra reveals that her mother will be coming to watch her perform for the first time ever in her life. She has chosen “River Deep Mountain High,” a song that she sang backup on for Celine Dion.

This song is upbeat and powerful, like Sisaundra herself. It sounds like every other song she sings. I’m not sure if it’s a challenge for her to sing, but it definitely showcases her ability to wail like Tina Turner.

Well, it looks like Mama approves! As does Blake, who is giving a standing ovation. Usher says she did an incredible job and she’s a diva. Shakira thinks Sisaundra could give all four coaches vocal tips. Adam says Sisaundra is amazing. Blake loves that Sisaundra chose this song and performed it so beautifully for her mom in the audience.

Josh Kaufman (“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt)

Usher and Josh have selected a vulnerable song for Josh to perform. Usher is throwing his all behind Josh, since he’s the only member of Team Usher that’s left.

Josh starts the song off soft and sweet. He builds to a more powerful chorus, but manages to still keep it understated.

Okay, here we go. The second chorus shows the Josh Kaufman that I love. He erupts into a beautifully moving vocal arrangement that makes the audience go crazy.

Shakira says Josh has good taste and good intuition. Adam is proud of Josh’s success, no matter whose team he is on. Blake thinks the performance was magic and that Josh will definitely be here next week. Usher says this was one of Josh’s best performances so far.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Sebastian (“My Eyes”)

Blake and his former team member Gwen Sebastian sing their new single, “My Eyes.” I’m really liking this song, despite the usage of the phrase “to the max.” Cheesy!

Okay, it’s official. I’m back on Team Blake. Adam’s new hair color combined with this sexy performance make it a no-brainer. 

Kat Perkins (“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell)

Kat wants to have her breakout moment this week. She chooses “Get Lucky” so that she can rock out. Extra added pressure? Pharrell, one of the original performers of the song, will be in The Voice audience.

I like this song choice because it’s creative. I love how Adam encourages his artists to think outside the box and not choose songs that the audience will necessarily know and love.

Kat definitely rocks out on the song, and she seems like a legit performer. She runs all around the stage, interacting with the audience while still hitting all her notes.

Adam is up out of his seat, screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!” at the conclusion. Usher thinks Kat is incredible, and Shakira likes how she stays true to herself.

Adam says, “Bottom three, my ass!” It’s unanimous. Everyone loved that performance!

Kristen Merlin (“I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice)

In rehearsals, Shakira and Kristen work on how she can best use her voice to tell the story of this song, which is about losing a loved one.

I’m getting chills right from the start of this song. There’s something about a mournful country song that pulls at your heartstrings. Kristen’s voice is gorgeous and she emotes just like Shakira wanted. I’m really feeling the meaning of this song. Excellent job, Kristen!

Blake says he is now a believer in Kristen. Usher says he’s not a country fan, but good is good. 

Shakira is almost in tears. “Every single cell in my body felt what that song was about,” says Shakira.

Pharrell Williams (“Come Get It Bae”)

Thank goodness Pharrell isn’t singing “Happy.” I mean, I like it … but I’ve had my fill, thank you very much.

Adam Levine seems cool until Pharrell enters the building. Only Pharrell could pull off a Mickey Mouse sweater. I can’t wait until next season. If anybody could replace the hotness of Usher leaving, it’s this guy. 

Oh, and Pharrell? I got a license and I want to ride your motorcycle. Now all I need is for Blake to tweet me Pharrell’s digits.

Delvin Choice (“I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly)

Delvin breaks down into tears during rehearsals, because he is just so overcome with emotion. 

“Well, now I know we chose the right song!” says Adam. “Delvin Choice was born to sing this song.”

Like Adam, I was unsure of this song choice at first. Delvin starts off with minimal accompaniment. He lets his voice do all the work. Once the gospel choir comes in, though, that is when Delvin’s performance becomes magical. The emotion overcomes him again, but he still manages to power through and deliver.

Blake says it was as good as it gets, and Usher thinks he did an amazing job. Adam seems like he is choked up. He says that this was the perfect song because it is representative of Delvin’s self-confidence tonight. Even if Delvin goes home (which he probably won’t), Adam says he should be supremely happy with his performance.

Audra McLaughlin (“Forgive” by Rebecca Lynn Howard)

Blake wants Audra to go on stage and lose herself in the moment when she sings this song.

Audra sings the heck out of this song, but her stage theatrics could use some work. She keeps doing the same hand motion throughout. Still, her vocals are incredible. She reminds me of Patsy Cline when she hits the final high note.

Shakira thinks Audra’s voice is unstoppable. Carson goes to Blake next, who says he thinks it’s going to be a really good night for Audra. Only two coaches’ opinions of the performance? Must be running behind schedule!

Gwen Stefani (“Hollaback Girl”)

Really? Gwen Stefani has to sing her hit from 2004? Yikes. Let’s get a bit more relevant, girl.

I will say she looks fabulous for having a baby two months ago. And Pharrell’s little appearance at the end of this performance doesn’t hurt. 

Jake Worthington (“Hillbilly Deluxe” by Brooks and Dunn)

Jake has two problems. He has allergies and his mouth won’t open all the way. Blake wants Jake to have a badass redneck performance this week, so hopefully he can pull it off.

I can tell that he’s not in tip-top shape, but Jake still gives a valiant performance. He seems to be shouting a lot of the song. I prefer when he’s singing. He does what Blake wanted and sings with attitude. His fans will be happy.

Shakira says she was air-drumming along with Jake. Adam says he loves Jake because Jake is cool and exudes country. Blake thinks America got to see Jake as an artist tonight.

Christina Grimmie (“How to Love” by Lil’ Wayne)

Adam wants Christina to sing another rap song this week, but put her own flair on it. Christina is worried that it’s too similar to her Drake song last week … but she agrees to do it.

Christina starts off a bit too soft for my liking, but then she rips the microphone out and explodes. Her voice and her range is insane. She is just a firecracker. Her performance is incredible.

All the coaches agree. Blake, Usher and Shakira all think she is amazing. Adam tells Christina that there is no other version of Lil’ Wayne’s song that will sound like her version, because it is beautiful.

The producers know what they are doing when they put Christina last. That is a definite sign of a frontrunner in this competition, right? 

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