A Great Big World’s “Say Something” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. And fortunately, it has been covered just as strongly by contestants on shows like The X Factor and American Idol.

Today’s music battle focuses on this very song. It made a huge impact when performed by Alex & Sierra during season 3 of The X Factor. This ended up being the best performance of the season, not only by them but by anybody.

And the impact was felt outside of the show as well. Their version of “Say Something” shot up to #1 on iTunes. This was unprecedented because no X Factor recording had ever done well on the charts before.

As for the performance itself, the the best word I can use here is that it’s perfect. At the time, I described it as hauntingly beautiful, chill-inducing and breathtaking. There’s literally nothing negative you can say about this performance.

The ratings for The X Factor, especially for season 3, were terrible. So for those of you who didn’t watch the show, I urge you to watch it below. And if you’ve seen it (multiple times) before like I have, then this is a great excuse to watch it again.

“Say Something” was also covered during the live shows of American Idol — just this week, in fact, when America gave their input on what songs the remaining contestants should sing. There were some great choices, including this one.

Alex Preston kicked off the second round of the night by covering “Say Something.” Harry Connick, Jr. commented that this was the best performance of the night up to that point — and I agree. The thing about this song is that it allows you to show a more vulnerable side, like we saw with Alex and Sierra above. And fortunately, Alex conveyed the mood and meaning of this song beautifully as well.

Coincidentally, Alex is friends with Alex and Sierra and they all ended up covering this song. They also covered One Direction too, albeit different songs, but still. Maybe Alex should take a look at the song list they did on X Factor and do a couple more of those tunes because some of them might also work for him.

But anyway, here is Alex’s version of “Say Something”:

Both renditions were absolutely perfect. So … how to decide the winner? Well, here’s how: when Alex and Sierra covered “Say Something,” they created a moment; in fact, they had the moment of the season. When something like that happens, it’s hard to have anybody match it, even if you have someone like Alex who was flawless as well. So for that reason, I have to choose Alex and Sierra as the winners of this music battle. 


But what do you think? Whose cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something” is your favorite? Is it Alex and Sierra because they had a moment with this song? Or do you prefer Alex’s take on it? Vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section

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