24 Voice hopefuls entered the Live Playoffs but only 12 will emerge to continue. After much singing, a few bits of praise and far too many instances of Carson Daly clearly reading off a teleprompter, the Top 12 of The Voice season 10 will be revealed. The four teams of six will literally be cut in half by a combination of America’s votes and the coach’s input.

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Team Pharrell Opens the Show 

Typically, I despise when The Voice trots out a team for a group performance because often their voices don’t mix. At all. I’ve made no secret about how I feel about Team Pharrell and their combined talent level, but this is surprisingly enjoyable. The solos were a bit hit and mess, or it’s just as simple to say that if Lacy was singing, it was a miss. The harmonies though were really crisp and clean. I’d rather just be told who is leaving and staying and move on even ven if that means we have to suffer through Carson pretending he can read out loud like a normal human being.

Speak of the devil, we (mercifully) didn’t have to wait long for these results. America saves Hannah Huston and Daniel Passino. I’m surprised by Daniel’s save but Hannah’s a no-brainer. Pharrell now has to choose from his remaining girls and he picks… Emily Keener. There is no surprise here. Pharrell has shown Emily favoritism many times before now and she did have her best performance yet in the Playoffs.  

Team Pharrell is now Hannah Huston, Daniel Passino and Emily Keener. 

Past Winners Return

This is unintentionally hilarious. Javier Colon comes back and though he has an album coming out this Friday, all he gets is an interview with Carson. Javier is here just to set up Jordan Smith’s taking of the stage and performing his first single. If you wanted further proof that The Voice no longer cares about Javier. Here is all you need. I really would be laughing if it wasn’t so sad.

Though, of course, I’m not upset by the fact that we get hear Jordan Smith again. His single is surprisingly catchy too. I say “surprisingly” because I challenge you to name or hum the single of any of the past The Voice winners. You can’t do it. It’s not just Javier that the show doesn’t care to promote…

Team Blake Get the Spotlight

Remember what I said about team performances not melding well? This is the kind of train wreck I was referring to. How is it possible that such talented people can’t make a cohesive performance happen? None of the voices match. I need to know who thought Mary Sarah and Paxton could harmonize. They were terribly wrong. I will say that Paxton at least sounds so much better than he did in the Live Playoffs. 

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Now the results for Team Blake. America’s saves are Adam Wakefield (duh) and Mary Sarah (not so much, duh). I thought Katie was a lock for this, but apparently I was totally wrong. Blake saves Paxton. This feels like, in the words of Bernie Sanders, a huge (sorry yuge) mistake.

Team Blake is now Adam Wakefield, Mary Sarah and Paxton Ingram.

The Fate of Team Christina is Decided 

The team performances get back on track with Team Christina. Of course, it requires ignoring the distractions of Ryan who is still not wearing his glasses and Kata in general. This, unlike Team Blake’s song choice, fits nearly every one of the artists’ voices. To be honest, Tamar should have sung “Stars” rather than the song she ended up going with for the Live Playoffs.

America saves Alisan Porter as if there was ever any doubt that would happen. They also swoop in and save Nick Hagelin. So apparently, America is making as big as mistakes as Blake with their choices. This means that either Tamar, Bryan or both will be leaving and that’s ridiculous. 

After Christina’s long ramble that is mostly about herself, she picks Bryan to stay. At least Team Christina still has Alisan and Bryan. I suppose it’s not that bad if Nick stays around though. This means that there is more opportunities for his son Bash to be on camera. Bash is adorable. Honestly, if it wasn’t evil and illegal, I’d consider kidnapping that kid.

Team Christina is now Alisan Porter, Nick Hagelin and Bryan Bautista.

Team Adam Saves the Best for Last

So we can all agree that The Voice ordered these teams in a very specific order. They were essentially placed from worst to best. Team Adam is the most talented and competitive of any team. It’s no surprise then that they also have the best group performance. I’m just going to assume that an entirely different person arranged and came up with Team Blake’s routine considering how awful it was with the other three teams. 

America saves Shalyah Fearing to the shock of exactly no one. They also save Laith Al-Saadi. (Wow, I’m not angry or upset. I’m honestly shocked.) Now it is just up to Adam to save Owen and all my fingers are crossed. (It is very hard to type this way FYI.) My sacrifice pays off however because Adam saves Owen, thank God.

Team Adam is now Shalyah Fearing, Laith Al-Saadi and Owen Danoff. 

The Voice normally airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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