This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been full of ‘she said, she said’ drama. Yolanda said she was sick. Lisa Rinna said she was faking it. Lisa Vanderpump said she wasn’t getting involved. But Rinna said that Vanderpump said the word “munchausen’s” in the first place. Erika Jayne said the c-word and Kathryn said that wasn’t very classy. So many people said so many things. Maybe we can finally get to some resolution in the season 6 finale, “Who Do You Believe?” where we’ll finally get to see all of the ‘wives under one roof. But don’t hold your breath.

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Post-Dubai Blues

Kyle is getting ready for a party she’s throwing for all of the ladies at her home in La Quinta. She planned on having the party before the trip to Dubai and she doesn’t care if the Lisas aren’t speaking to each other anymore; the show must go on.

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken have a laugh about Lisa Rinna at Villa Rosa. Lisa tells him about how she just kept going in on her relentlessly and Ken tells her not to think about it because Rinna is just a “stupid bitch.” I know he’s sticking up for his wife, but it’s still not a good look.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna talks to her manager, Steven, about the trip. She’s keeping busy in her professional life, but she’s not feeling great about her personal relationships at the moment, especially with Lisa Vanderpump. She says she feels let down by Lisa, who she thought was an honest human being. Apparently, that’s not the case.

Erika fills Yolanda in on what happened in Dubai too. She tells her that Lisa Rinna claims that it was Lisa Vanderpump who initially came up with the Munchausen’s rumor. Yolanda asks Erika who she believes and she says she believes Lisa Rinna. She says Lisa Rinna is really sticking to her story and it’s not so far-fetched considering Lisa Vanderpump.

Yolanda recognizes the pattern of behavior from Lisa Vanderpump. She’s had issues like this with both Kyle and Brandi in the past, so she’s not surprised that now she’s having issues with Lisa Rinna.

Party in the Desert

It’s Kyle’s party and it’s an all-star cast: Camille, Kim and the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick are all there, including all of the usuals.

It’s a beautiful house with a great indoor/outdoor space, pool features, fire pits and a view of the mountains. Kim is excited about spending time with her sister and she feels happy, but she’s uncomfortable not knowing who else is going to be at the party and what she’s going to have to deal with.

As soon as she gets there, Lisa Rinna pulls Yolanda aside. Lisa Rinna apologizes again to Yolanda for everything she’s said about her, including that she’s manipulative. Yolanda says sometimes sorry doesn’t cut it, that sometimes you have to think before you speak, but she doesn’t have the energy to be mad at Lisa Rinna.

Yolanda also asks Rinna to confirm Erika’s story. Rinna says that, yes indeed, Lisa Vanderpump is the one who pushed her to mention Munchausen’s on camera.

So Yolanda’s reaction is to confront Lisa Vanderpump about this new information. In true Vanderpump fashion, she denies, denies, denies. And her henchman Kyle is there to confirm her story. Yolanda hears what they’re both saying, but she says it just doesn’t feel right to her.

Erika and Kathryn have their own views on what’s going on. Erika thinks that Kyle kisses a lot of butt to stay in good with Lisa Vanderpump. Kathryn agrees, but she says she still likes Lisa Vanderpump and wants to be her friend. In her confessional, Erika says Kathryn drank the Vanderpump Kool-Aid and she could be one of her puppets one day.

Kim tries to grab Lisa Rinna for a conversation and it’s awkward from the start. Kim asks Lisa Rinna if she has anything against her and Lisa really doesn’t want to get into it. She tries to answer diplomatically. She tells Kim that she needs to own her stuff and she hopes she gets better. Kim feels offended by Lisa Rinna saying she hopes she gets better when she already thinks she is better. Anyway, the conversation is going nowhere and I’m not sure where Kim wanted it to go to begin with. Lisa says she should have listened to her instincts and just stayed away from Kim.

The night ends without any issues getting resolved. But at least Lisa Vanderpump manages an apology to Faye Resnick on her way out the door. Kyle appreciates that Lisa’s making an effort to better herself and their friendship. Both Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump feel good about where their relationship is at the moment.

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Two Months Later

The cameras reconvene two months after wrapping so the ladies can discuss the end of Yolanda’s marriage on camera. It’s forced and staged, but I suppose it’s necessary.

Kyle, Vanderpump and Kathryn are up first. Lisa says she’s shocked because they thought Yolanda and David were made for each other. Kyle says that your vows say in sickness and in health for a reason. She wonders if her health affected her marriage or if the problems in her marriage affected her health. Kathryn wonders if it was Yolanda who was the one who chose to end things.

Erika comes to visit Yolanda in her new condo. Yolanda talks about having a condo that was her own space to heal and build a home where her children could anchor. She says all of the women texted their concerns to her, but she is cautious with them and doesn’t feel like she can trust them.

She’s sad that her marriage to David is ending, but she says if people stop making each other happy, then they shouldn’t be together. She says it’s shocking to lose her life partner and her best friend. Erika’s proud of her and her attitude that her best days are ahead of her and not behind her.

Next time, Andy Cohen grills Yolanda about the end of her marriage during the first part of the reunion.

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