The Voice has a lot to do in its second night of the Live Playoffs. Thankfully, half of the teams have already gone, but now Teams Blake and Pharrell will be taking the stage to perform for our votes. So we can whittle this unwieldy number of contestants down to a much more manageable number. Though, because I’m a closeted celebrity gossip fan, I’ll be watching to see if Blake and Gwen address their new relationship at all.

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The Voice Recap: The Live Playoffs

Pharrell and Blake on the Comebacks

It’s not a surprise that Blake and Pharrell are happy about the Comebacks. It’s not exactly like they are going to badmouth their own show. It is somewhat intriguing for me that Blake crafted his Knockout pairings with the Comebacks in mind. I think I’d prefer it if the coaches had no idea about the Comeback twist until after their Knockouts were over.

Darius Scott Performs “Love Lockdown”

I’m not sure how I feel about Darius in general. This is easily my favorite performance from him, though. It’s way better than Kanye’s original, but then again I hate Kanye West. The rest of Team Pharrell is going to have to step it up if they want to join this guy in the Top 12.

Ivonne Acero Performs “One of Us”

Will Ivonne make it to the Top 12? I don’t know. Will she win The Voice? Probably not. Still, her coming-of-age story about how The Voice has improved her self-confidence and social life is really heartwarming. It’s the type of thing that The Voice is really good at, tugging on the heartstrings. It’s also amazing that this big singing voice comes out of such a demure and quiet girl. I hope this isn’t her last time on the stage.

Morgan Frazier Performs “Lips of an Angel”

“Lips of an Angel” is a pretty country-sounding rock song already, at least in terms of tone and theme. So I don’t think it’s revolutionary for Morgan to “flip it” as Blake says. Yet, I definitely prefer Morgan’s version to the original. Granted, “Lips of an Angel” is a song I heard so much in high school that I could go the rest of my life without ever hearing it again and be happy. Morgan’s version, though — that I would listen to again.

Evan McKeel Performs “Overjoyed”

Pharrell having Evan perform a Stevie Wonder song is the smartest thing the coach has done in the Playoffs. I don’t remember Evan’s other performances, but I definitely recall Pharrell asking him to perform a capella in the Blinds. I agree with Gwen that his movements were weird and oddly stiff, but I try to focus on the voice on The Voice. So far, I’ve been enjoying Team Pharrell way more than Team Blake.

Sawyer Fredericks Returns

Sawyer is back and he is just as weird and awkward as ever. In an oddly lovable way, though. If you want to see if his singing voice is the same, his single drops tomorrow. He’ll also be on the results show on Wednesday.

Madi Davis Performs “Songbird”

Does Pharrell have to get rid of two people for the Top 12? I like everyone that has performed here. Can the the Top 12 just be almost 50% Team Pharrell? Whatever, Madi is my new favorite of the night. She blows Darius out of the water and he was already pretty excellent. The worst part of the whole thing is when Carson starts talking because Carson Daly ruins everything.

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Pharrell’s Comeback, Celeste Betton, Sings “Something in the Water”

I thought it was huge shocker that Celeste went home so early. She wasn’t my favorite or anything, but she just seems like a perfect fit for The Voice. It’s no surprise that Pharrell brought her back and I think she does a great job in her return. I don’t think she is much of a lock for the Top 12 as Darius and Madi are, but who knows? Team Pharrell is all really good this year. Some of that wealth really should have been spread around…

Zack Seabaugh Performs “Brand New Girlfriend”

The Team Blake snooze fest continues with Zack. I’ve haven’t disliked any of Team Blake’s artists, but I haven’t really liked them either. Zack is the closest thing to an exciting singer on Team Blake that matches his coach’s energy level. I’m certainly not as excited as the girls in the audience and (presumably) at home, but at least it keeps my attention. This is all you need to be memorable on Team Blake for me. Though, would someone tell Blake that this is already the live shows, so he can stop telling all of his artists that they are moving onto the live shows?

Riley Biederer Performs “Should’ve Been Us”

After all of Zack’s writhing around, it’s nice to get back to someone who is just singing. This starts off as the weakest performance of Team Pharrell during night two. (This still means it is pretty good.) Riley finishes strong, really strong, but I’m not sure it’s going to be enough for the Top 12.

Blake’s Comeback, Nadjah Nicole, Sings “Upside Down”

Blake promised me at the top of the hour that his Comeback would blow my mind. This is disappointing. My mind is not blown, it isn’t even slightly agape. This is an absolutely expected choice. Nadjah could use some of Zack’s dance moves, though. Not like his exact moves, that would be weird, but it would be nice if she uses the stage more. She just kind of stands there for a very uptempo song, though she might be literally restrained by that dress. Related side note: does anyone else think Nadjah is dressed up exactly like Ariana Grande?

Emily Ann Roberts Performs “In the Garden”

Finally, a Team Blake artist of note who is special for more than their hips. This is really good and sweet. It is a slower song and definitely spiritual, which could hurt Emily as much it could help when it comes to votes. Still, this is the first Team Blake performance to make an impression.

Mark Hood Performs “What Do You Mean?”

I’ve never heard a Justin Bieber song that I didn’t think was idiotic. So Mark is fighting a uphill battle, but he wins it. The lights are enough to give you a seizure, but this is another stellar Team Pharrell performance, possibly the best of the night for either team.

Barrett Baber Performs “I Drive Your Truck”

The Voice really should’ve closed out with Mark singing “What Do You Mean?” This is one of the better performances from Team Blake, but let’s be honest, that bar was pretty low. At least Barrett has the emotional connection to the song that a lot of his fellow members of Team Blake were missing.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC, with the Live Playoffs results show airing Wednesday, November 11 at 8pm.

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