It’s part three of the Battle Rounds on The Voice season 13, and it’s possibly the hottest competition yet. Miley Cyrus breaks from her pattern in a really significant way, and Jennifer Hudson takes a steal very personally. The coaches have to focus on the minutia of every performance to make some of the most heartbreaking decisions, and some really deserving singers go home in this episode.

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Brandon Brown vs. Jon Mero (“I Wish It Would Rain”)

Brandon and Jon are both on Adam’s team, and they both are soulful singers that can challenge each other. Adam coaches Jon to pick up on Brandon’s softness, while he encourages Brandon to project like Jon does.

The night of the battle, both performers deliver an incredible take on The Temptations classic, and they get nothing but positive feedback from the coaches. However, Jon is the standout singer of the match-up.

Winner: Jon Mero

As a more mature voice, his evolution is more remarkable than Brandon’s. The other coaches agree, leaving Brandon without a steal.

Red Marlow vs. Ryan Scripps (“Fishin’ in the Dark”)

Country music fans know the significance of this duo taking on the classic, and Blake’s first battle duo has big shoes to fill with this Nitty Gritty Dirt Band cover. They struggle to find their rhythm and have to switch up lead and harmony about halfway through rehearsals. Red declares himself “country as cornbread” and he’s fun to watch, but Ryan has the look of contemporary country music. They both have a great stage energy, but it’s clear that experience wins the night. 

Winner: Red Marlow

He has a traditional sound that both coaches and audiences connect to. He’s got the experience to make the performance his own, and Blake finds him a safe bet.

Addison Agen vs. Karli Webster (“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”)

Miley’s duo performs a very different version of the Cyndi Lauper song that most of us know. It’s slowed down to really showcase each singer’s tone and voice. While Karli has a more earthy Adele quality, Addison has the airy Dolly vibe working for her. Every battle has been incredible so far, but this one is really giving Miley a run for her money. Their performances are practically flawless.

The coaches are equally conflicted, commenting on how their performances moved them. Adam even remarks about stealing whichever singer Miley doesn’t choose, and Blake agrees (if you can believe it).

Winner: Karli Webster

True to form, Miley picks the more textured voice of the two. She is also genuinely a “huge fan,” and there’s no better reason to pick a singer.

Steal: Both Adam and Jennifer punch their buttons, and things get a little heated when they try to woo Addison to their team. She ultimately picks Adam, and it seems like it’s going to be a good fit.

Montage: Anna vs. Kristi, Alexandra vs. Jeremiah, Emily vs. Gary

Anna Catherine DeHart and Kristi Hoopes (Team Blake) perform “Independence Day” together, with Anna winning. On Team Jennifer, Alexandra Joyce goes up against Jeremiah Miller to sing “One Call Away,” and Jeremiah advances to the next round. And it’s Emily Luther versus Gary Carpenter (Team Adam) on “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” and Emily wins the battle.

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Shi’Ann Jones vs. Stephan Marcellus (“Oh! Darling”)

Shi’Ann’s tender age of 15 has her coach Jennifer trying to pull more out of her. However, Stephan grapples with his own kind of nerves, having forgotten the words to his song during the Blind Auditions. Both singers are immensely talented, but they have to learn to “ugly” their stage presence up so the emotion of the song telegraphs through the performance.

On the night of performance, Shi’Ann sounds nothing like a teenager, and she absolutely holds her own against the more mature artist. Their version of the Beatles’ tune gets all the coaches to their feet, but Jennifer finds one artist to be the better choice.

Winner: Shi’Ann Jones

Even though she is the less experienced of the two, her voice is enough to sway Jennifer’s confidence.

Steal: In an unprecedented maneuver, Miley steals Stephan, making him the only male performer on her team. She knows good talent when she sees it and declares that her “door shouldn’t be closed to anyone.”

Anthony Alexander vs. Michael Kight (“I Feel It Coming”)

This super hip song will showcase Adam’s expertise as well as the singers’ talents. Adam and Joe Jonas offer a lot of advice about how to keep time and how to emote the emotion. Alexander is in his own head about being the youngest on the team and being paired with such a pro like Michael.

The battle goes well, and it seems like both have overcome their individual insecurities. You can tell the coaches are wowed by the duet, but Blake has some advice about pitch for Anthony. The coaches have mixed feelings, but Adam has the toughest decision of all.

Winner: Anthony Alexander

Adam goes with the performer that he can see a long-term future with. Even though his age makes him the more raw performer, Adam has confidence in him and his talents.

Janice Freeman vs. Katrina Rose (“W.O.M.A.N.”)

Miley stays thematically consistent with this anthem about the power of womanhood, and both singers get emotional during rehearsals and mentoring. Katrina needed to hear what Billy Ray Cyrus has to say about confidence, and Miley gives some pretty cool homework that has her singers listening to Etta James for reference. Katrina’s voice has an “insane” range, according to Miley, and Janice calls it a “lightning bolt.” Both Cyruses have high hopes for this pairing, comparing Janice to the legendary Janis Joplin, and Katrina to the hurricane of the same name.

The night of the battle, Miley has some last-minute advice for the ladies, and their performance is outstanding. It has the entire place on its feet — and for an excellent reason. Katrina’s energy captivates the coaches, and she has them mesmerized with her range and vocals.

Winner: Janice Freeman

Even though Katrina plays her part in ripping the roof off the stage, Janice has a more even performance that will be a perfect fit for Miley’s team. Her control is appealing to Miley, and her talent won’t be wasted.

Steal: Katrina has just too much stage presence to leave the competition at this point. Jennifer sees her potential and grabs her up. I don’t think either one will be sorry.

I can’t get enough of Miley’s relationship with her dad. What do you think about these two together? Are they a good pairing or too close for comfort? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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