After five weeks and six nights of competition on Dancing with the Stars season 25, one thing is clear: Jordan Fisher can dance. The former Disney actor and Broadway star has consistently delivered stunning performances and he makes every one look effortless. The numbers don’t lie: he has dominated season 25.
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He has received the best scores from the judges by a wide margin, averaging a full point better than Lindsey Stirling in second place and more than 2 points better than everyone else.

Jordan tied for the top of the leaderboard in the first two nights of the competition. Then he slipped all the way down to second place for Latin Night (1 point below Frankie Muniz) and Guilty Pleasures Night (2 points below Lindsey Stirling) before returning to the top of the leaderboard for the past two weeks.

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Yes, after six nights of competition, he has finished every single evening in either first or second place on the leaderboard. That’s no easy feat as only six other stars have ever managed to stay in first or second for the first six nights: Drew Lachey, Kristi Yamaguchi, Brooke Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, J.R. Martinez and Kellie Pickler. You may have noticed that those six have something in common: they all won the Mirror Ball.

But can Jordan keep it up? Of those six, four of them managed to stay in first or second for every single night of their seasons (Drew, Kristi, Brooke and Nicole). What all of them have in common is that they only managed to miss out on being first for two nights the whole season. Jordan has already used up his two nights, so to match them, he’d need to finish on top of the leaderboard every night for the rest of the season.

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That’s certainly within reason seeing as how he earned the first perfect score of the season on Disney Nigh, and the week before he got a 29. With the scores and the consistent domination of the leaderboard every single night, Jordan is arguably the frontrunner of season 25. But when you’re on the top, the only options are to stay there or go down.

Do you think Jordan will ever fail to finish first or second on the leaderboard all season?

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