Season 26 of The Amazing Race kicked off with some interesting changes. Ten single competitors met their teammate at the starting line for what can only be labeled an epic blind date. The thought of how awkward it would be if you couldn’t stand your partner and still had to travel across the world with them will make for great viewing, I am sure.

So now that 10 teams remain on The Amazing Race to vie for the one million dollar cash prize, let’s break down who is doing really well on the race, and who could be sent packing next week.

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Who is Safe

Oddly enough, several of the newly matched couples did a phenomenal job on this first leg of the race. Jenny Wu and Jelani Roy were the first to reach the mat and won the Express Pass. They communicate really well and take the time to analyze all the details in the clues, which can avoid a lot of problems.

Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon, who both bring a lot of fun energy, came in second on this leg. They also have good communication and seem to work together well.

The third place couple, Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams, also seem to be able to communicate calmly. It is almost as if the blind dating couples are focused on their ability to communicate well and trust each other.

Who is in Danger

Blair Townsend and Hayley Keel also met for the first time at the starting line. While both are medical professionals, they seem to bicker about directions, instructions and just about everything else. When Blair sent them in the wrong direction, Hayley only reminded him about a hundred times. Blair also seems distant and annoyed by Hayley, while she seems blissfully unaware of his coolness. This partnership seems pretty close to crumbling.

CJ Harris and Libby Simpson, who have been dating for 10 years, have several strikes against them. First, they are not familiar with subways or bus terminals. They also spend a lot of time getting lost and trying to find taxis. If this duo is already having trouble navigating transportation systems, it will be very difficult for them to keep up with the other teams.

I predict that one of these two couples will be the next to be eliminated from The Amazing Race, with CJ and Libby the most likely to be sent home.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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