There is some very bad news for fans of Ginger Zee on Dancing with the Stars. US Weekly reports that Ginger has suffered a “really serious” injury while practicing for the upcoming finale. The injury, which occurred days before the finale, calls into question the likelihood of whether Ginger will be able to perform at all.

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Ginger injured her pelvis while practicing her contemporary dancing routine with professional partner Val Chmerkovskiy. Ginger was unable to even participate in the blocking that the stars do before every show. Instead Jenna Johnson, a member of the Dancing with the Stars troupe had to stand in and perform the dance with Val while Ginger watched. 

US Weekly posted a video where Ginger is watching Val and Jenna.”I’m not even close to where I need to be to perform,” Ginger confesses. She also admits that, “”I can’t even do some of the moves. I’m not allowed to.”

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While the video was filmed a few days ago it is worrying about what the finale holds for Ginger on Monday night. She wouldn’t be the first star to push through injuries and perform a dance. She also wouldn’t be the first dancer to be disqualified for an injury. It appears that Ginger will at least try to pull through and compete. It remains to be seen whether Dancing with the Stars will narrow things down to two couples much earlier than expected. 

This is not the first time Ginger has run into problems with her pelvis on Dancing with the Stars. Having just given birth to a baby boy, Ginger has previously seen a physical therapist to deal with complications she has been having with her pelvis on the show. 

But what do you think? Will Ginger perform in the finale? Do you think Ginger has a shot of winning anyway? What does this injury mean for Ginger’s competition Nyle DiMarco and Paige VanZant? 

The two-part season 22 finale of Dancing with the Stars airs Monday and Tuesday at 8pm on ABC.

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