When Dancing with the Stars returns in Spring 2018 for season 26, it will be unlike anything the show has ever done. That’s because fans will get an extremely shortened season that features all athletes.

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During the finale of season 25, which Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold won, host Tom Bergeron announced that the Spring season will be a shortened, 4-week event. The smaller season may have to do with ABC double-booking big reality shows as American Idol will arrive in March. The new season will likely be instead of the previously announced Junior edition, which seems to have gone away quietly.

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Season 26 will also be entirely devoted to sports, with all of the contestants being athletes from various fields. Because of the shortened season, there will only be 10 couples, but that still probably means quite a few double or even triple eliminations.

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The good news is that having all athletes means they should all be on roughly equal footing (unless they add in a gymnast or ice dancer). And with a much shorter season, maybe the show can attract some A-list sports talent, though I assume people like Kobe Bryant and Michael Phelps might be a lofty ideal. The real trick is going to be finding five female athletes to compete. The show often struggles to find one or two.

Are you excited for an all-athlete mini-season?

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