It’s Monday again! Now that you’ve arrived home, figured out dinner, put your feet up and gotten over those Monday blues, the time has come to turn the TV to NBC for The Voice! Tonight marks the third installment of the second season’s blind auditions.

We have already witnessed auditions from a former mouseketeer, a Harvard football player and Alicia Keys’ backup singer. Who else could possibly be waiting for Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green to swivel those chairs around? Let’s find out! Send them out, Carson Daly!

The first performer is a bit of a mystery. She’s had run-ins with record labels wanting her to change her appearance before they sign her. Viewers don’t even get to see Sarah Golden’s face until the coaches turn around. Singing “You and I,” she gives it a country “twang” as Christina comments. Cee Lo and Blake both hit their buttons.

The coaches attempt to throw the other under the bus: Blake feels confident in the country sound. Cee Lo wants to grow as an artist himself and expand his team to grow. “So Cee Lo wants you as an experiment,” chides Blake.

Team Picked: Cee Lo

Elley Duhe has only been singing for the last four years, but she, along with her family, has made a lot of sacrifices. Let’s hope that dropping out of public schooling proves to be worth it! She sings “Mercy” and there’s something … odd about her vocals. There’s an element of funk, yet she scats like a jazz performer and in a squeaky tone. Sorry, Elley, nobody hit their buttons.

Sweetness, unfortunately, won’t get Elley anywhere on this show:
“Thank you so much for listening,” she says, waving goodbye. In other words, “I just sang my heart out in front of national television. Your too-late accolades mean nothing. Peace out!”

His fashion style may be quirky and unique, but does Pip’s voice match? “I like to think I have a more mature voice,” he says. He takes on “The House of the Rising Sun,” which is no easy task. Pip starts off a bit shaky and hits some pitch problems, but that doesn’t seem to bother the coaches. They all turn around.

How to stand apart from the men with Christina Aguilera: Blake claims he can give Pip time and attention just because he would be a guy on a team of all girls. Christina’s comeback? “Nobody can give time and attention like a mother.” How can you argue that?

Team Picked:

Up next is Erin Willett who has always had music floating about the house. Her performance is dedicated to her mother and mentor/father who has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Erin immediately gets the crowd involved in “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5. Her booming voice has soul and a touch of grit. Blake is the only coach to spin around.

Team Picked (for her):

Carson makes a field trip to deliver Katrina Parker her invitation to the blind auditions.
It’s pretty hilarious as she sits in her cubicle and the entire floor of workers comes around a corner to cheer her on. We’ll check back in with her later.

Small town football player and coach David Grace has joined the competition.
He may not look like a singer, but once he gets started on “Sweet Home Alabama,” looks fly right out the door. He sounds like a veteran country rocker, but he could use a bit more stage presence.

Once again, each and every coach misses out because they are too worried about what the other should be doing.
Christina wants Adam and Blake to step up. Blake wants Adam to step up. Who cares? Just hit the button and see how it works out from there. David is a great voice that the coaches are now making excuses for missing out on.

Because of a mold problem, Katrina Parker was unable to sing for two years.
This could be quite the comeback for her. One cannot tell that this woman has been without music for so long. Singing “One of Us,” she sounds like an experienced R&B singer. Adam hits the button and turns around as giddy as a school girl.

Adam on being the only coach to have turned around:
“I win.” Enough said.

Team Picked (for her):

Geoff McBride wears shades, not for the “cool factor,” but because of a freak accident which detached his retina. Is it coincidence that he’s chosen to sing “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder? Geoff starts out loud and proud. He’s even left the stage, performing right behind the chairs, working the crowd. Christina happily turns around first. It’s about time! Cee Lo follows.

A battle between two souls: Cee Lo understands where Geoff is coming from. Christina chimes in with “I may not look like Cee Lo, but I’ve got soul.” Who will he pick?

Team Picked: Christina – Is anyone else surprised?

Erin Martin looks more like a model than a singer; perhaps it’s because she used to be a model. She’s dressed as an “Egyptian warrior princess,” as she describes it. Blake is first to hit the button on these Macy Gray reminiscent vocals. Cee Lo follows and stares, most likely thinking of how to get a date with her.

How to make girls feel awkward with Cee Lo Green: After saying that her legs were shaking from nervousness, Cee Lo comments that he definitely sees them. “You belong to me, don’t you agree?”  Apparently, it works!

Team Picked: Cee Lo

James Massone just wants to get a ticket out of his family’s business of working on cars. I don’t know how this kid does it. He looks like a T-Bird from Grease, yet sounds like he should hold the top spot on BET’s 106th and Park. This Boston 23-year-old just killed Drake’s “Find Your Love.” Christina, Blake and Cee Lo all turned around.

Adam’s comments on James’ performance: “He’s white!”

Team Picked: Cee Lo

Winter Rae not only has a cool name, tattoos, blue hair and a lame job at Lucky Strike bowling lanes, she now has an invite to The Voice. Also, randomly, her friend and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is in the house to support her. Her rendition of Rihanna‘s “Take a Bow” sounds a bit forced. She has the vocal power, but another song may have worked in her favor.

Let me address this once more. The coaches were bobbing their heads and feeding off of the audience, yet no one turned around. Christina says there were certain moments she was waiting on. Blake thinks her hair is cool. Adam has better advice, saying that it will happen one day. Toss me in as a coach! I know what I’m talking about!

Not many people can name their grandmother as their musical influence, but Chris Cauley does not hesitate. His low, honey smooth vocals give “Grenade” a new level of necessity felt in the lyrics. Cee Lo hits his button. Adam is right behind him.

Chris know how to keep the situation at hand a light one. He wants to see Adam and Cee Lo arm wrestle it out. “I’m losing that one,” confesses Adam.

Team Picked: Adam

Here are a few more contestants that were chosen:

Nathan Perrit sang his way to Team Adam. Brian Fuente rocked out and won over Team Blake. Finally, Moses Stone, The Voice‘s first MC, impressed Team Christina.

Jordis Unga is the contestant, yet her father is “the most comfortable man” in the room as Carson states it. He has on blue and white Hawaiian attire, consisting of a T-shirt and sarong. His daughter has to be something special for him to dress up so. Jordis definitely has the power to take on songs such as “Maybe I’m Amazed.” Blake swivels first, leaving Christina and Cee Lo to turn at the same time.

What could be better than this performance?: Jordis’ father doing a jig in the back room after seeing three coaches who want her in their groups.

Team Picked: Blake

Team Round-Up:

Team Adam – 6
Team Blake – 5
Team Cee Lo – 6
Team Christina – 6

There are the numbers! We’re just about halfway to the 12 team members necessary for each of the celebrity coaches. Next week on The Voice, the auditions will continue and so will the cheers and jeers between celebrities. Tune in Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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