The Vampire Diaries  wrapped up its first season, leaving fans with several shocking cliffhangers to ponder about until the show returns with new episodes in the fall. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the coming episodes.

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Recaps and Reviews
Episode 1 “Pilot”
Episode 2 “The Night of the Comet”
Episode 3 “Friday Night Bites”
Episode 4 “Family Ties”
Episode 5 “You’re Undead to Me”
Episode 6 “Lost Girls”
Episode 7 “Haunted”
Episode 8 “162 Candles”
Episode 9 “History Repeating”
Episode 10 “The Turning Point”
Episode 11 “Bloodlines”
Episode 12 “Unpleasantville”
Episode 13 “Children of the Damned”
Episode 14 “Fool Me Once”
Episode 15 “A Few Good Men”
Episode 16 ‘There Goes the Neighborhood”
Episode 17 “Let the Right One In”
Episode 18 ‘Under Control”
Episode 19 “Miss Mystic Falls”
Episode 20 “Blood Brothers”
Episode 21 “Isobel”
Episode 22 “Founder’s Day”

Season 1 Photos

The Vampire Diaries Promo Pics
Episode 3 “Friday Night Bites” Photos
Episode 4 “Family Ties” Photos
Episode 6 “Lost Girls” Photos
Episode 7 “Haunted” Photos
Episode 8 “162 Candles” Photos
Episode 9 “History Repeating” Photos
Episode 10 “The Turning Point” Photos
Episode 11 “Bloodlines” Photos
Episode 12 “Unpleasantville” Photos
Episode 13 “Children of the Damned” Photos
Episode 14 “Fool Me Once” Photos
Episode 15 “A Few Good Men” Photos
Episode 16 “There Goes the Neighborhood” Photos
Episode 18 ‘Under Control” Photos
Episode 19 “Miss Mystic Falls” Photos
Episode 20 “Blood Brothers” Photos
Episode 21 “Isobel” Photos
Episode 22 “Founder’s Day” Photos
More Photos about Katherine’s Return
Behind the Scenes of the Season Finale

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