After Jeremy’s death on The Vampire Diaries, I expected at least a somewhat somber episode, but it definitely wasn’t “Bring It On.” The only substantial mention of mourning was when Elena looked at the Memorial flyer pictured. Otherwise, Elena was flying high and having fun as an emotionless vampire.

Cheerleading Ruse

Elena asked Caroline to get her back on the cheerleading squad and it happened immediately. I can’t imagine a high school that would let someone back on the team that quickly and just because she’s friends with the captain, but okay, I’ll go with it.

Elena didn’t join because Damon told her too, but because she wanted to have fun and suck some vervain-free cheerleader blood. Oh, and don’t forget, she also wanted the blue ribbon.

Initially, I thought the idea of an emotionless Elena would be a nice change, but she’s just a bitch. Her decision to let Caroline fall and hit the ground was despicable. Yes, Caroline’s a vampire, but it still hurt, physically and especially emotionally.

All about Elena

From the opening scene laying across the road, to the cheerleading competition, to the party, it was all about Elena. She wanted what she wanted, when she wanted it, with no consideration for anyone else.

Her inhibitions were gone, so she walked around naked, stretched against Stefan, and then changed in front of him. She had no regard for his or anyone else’s feelings. 

She threatened Sheriff Forbes and got into a nasty brawl with Caroline. This isn’t the Elena I want to see. We’ve seen this moral degradation with others before, but Elena is supposed to be different. She’s supposed to be the innocent one that we want to see happy and to succeed in live.

There was no redeeming quality in this Elena.

Bye Sire Bond

If one good thing came from this situation, it was the extinguishing of the sire bond between Damon and Elena. The problem though is that Damon used that bond to turn off her humanity and if he no longer can use it, will she ever find her humanity again?

It would be a shame for Elena to stay in this foreign state forever. With the cure still out there, perhaps that will be the only way to save the Elena that her friends and family loved. Perhaps over time, Elena will find her way back though.

Stefan was the ripper, until he wasn’t any more. So, anything is possible. Next, we get to see Damon and Elena hit it up in New York City. A little fun, some action, and could we possibly see a reigniting of her love for him?

The Werewolf Quandary

Hayley was working with Katherine, but she’s gone missing now. So, will Hayley work with Klaus? Their contrary relationships would make it an unlikely alliance, but at the same time they are willing to play each other.

If Hayley gets close to Klaus, perhaps she can save Tyler. She knows Klaus’ feelings for Caroline, so that works in her favor too. In many ways, they are perfect for each other, bonded by unrequited love for others. 

Now that Klaus has revealed that he has information about Hayley’s birthmark, all the more reason for them to stay close. Plus, hot sex never hurts, right? This also provides the basis for them to head off to New Orleans together forThe Originals episode and potential series.

Run Tyler Run

Klaus’ plan to torment Tyler has worked, the werewolf is running and left his love behind. At first, Caroline’s voicemail messages to Tyler were cute and a way to share how she was handling or not handling the terrible situation.

But, after her second message to him in this episode, it started becoming tiresome. The arrival of Tyler’s letter came at the perfect time. Her frustration at Tyler’s absence was becoming a problem. The letter provided her with some closure.

They love each other, but it’s time to move on. Will Caroline hook up with Stefan? Matt? As hot as her and Klaus are together, I don’t see that happening because of Tyler.

Search for the Cure Continues

The cure storyline is never-ending. Katherine has it and everyone still wants it and is willing to kill if necessary. Damon finally got a clue about where it could be, but he killed the vampire, Will, without finding out any information from him. 

Is that because he knows that Will was living in New York City? And, if Will was sent on a mission from Katherine, then she must be there? By killing Will, he prevented Rebekah from getting any information.

Plus, Stefan figured out who stole all the blood bags. Now, that he suspects that Silas is in town, it will become an even more dangerous place. With Damon and Elena partying in New York, their friends will be left to fend for themselves against Silas.

Are you enjoying the emotionless Elena? Or, did she get on your nerves as she did mine? Will the cure ever get used? Should Silas be forced to take it? Or, will one of the vampires end up cured?

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