On tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Katherine tries to help Nadia while dealing with the realization that her cover is blown. Damon is determined to track down the evil Dr. Wes. Liv could become the group’s new go-to witch. Someone drops a bombshell on Bonnie. 

Hair of the Dog (Wolf)

Nadia is starting to experience those pesky symptoms that accompany a werewolf bite, in particular, flashbacks and hallucinations. We see Nadia circa 1520 in Northern Europe. She makes an inquiry at a house if the occupant has seen Katerina Petrova. She explains that Katerina was last seen outside London in 1492, she’s on the run, and how she needs to find her, so she can find out why Katerina abandoned her.

In atypical fashion, Katherine is at Nadia’s bedside playing nursemaid. Nadia tells Katherine how she was dreaming of how she searched for Mommy Dearest from village to village. Katherine has already heard her feverish ramblings and tells her daughter that she was ripped from her arms, not abandoned.

Elena assures Nadia that she’s not going to die. She’s going to have to come up with one hell of a Plan B since she refuses to ask Klaus for his blood. Katherine tells Nadia he’d like nothing more than to watch her daughter die, but Nadia guesses there’s another reason that Katherine won’t even try; “pretty please” goes a long way. However, Katherine doesn’t want to risk being outed.

In an unexpected move, Katherine has called on the evil Dr. Wes for his help. Dr. Wes is very aroused by the opportunity to study werewolf venom. He tells Nadia that once he figures out the components of the toxin, he can develop an antidote. 

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Girl Trouble

Stefan breaks the news of Katherine’s deception to Damon, and his only response is that “She’s brilliant.” Even Stefan is stumped by Damon’s reaction. His life laid completely to waste in part, once again, because of Katherine. In full-on Ripper mode, Damon’s only interest is escaping from the basement, getting cured, and killing his nemesis.

The Bait

Upstairs, Elena’s friends are trying to figure out how they could have been so stupid. The only way to let themselves off the hook is to get Elena back. Stefan says they need to stab Katherine with the Traveler knife to expel her from Elena’s body. Matt even has the knife to do it. Caroline points out how difficult it’s going to be to get Katherine into a vulnerable position, and that they need a way to lure her to them. Tyler points out that they aren’t likely to see Katherine that day because he’s pretty sure he bit Nadia. Matt is incensed to find out this tidbit of information, but being mad at Tyler will have to wait.

Caroline decides the only way they can get their hands on Katherine is to invite her to something that Elena would never say no to–a surprise birthday party for Bonnie. Katherine, determined to stay at Nadia’s side, comes up with the excuse that she’s planning Aaron Whitmore’s funeral. She claims to feel some responsibility, so it’s the least she can do.

Bonnie calls next with a sob story about what a rough day she’s having as the anchor. She invites Katherine to meet up for coffee, but again, Katherine wiggles out of making a social obligation.

Kat and Mouse

Katherine calls Damon and tells him she wants to talk about what happened at the farm house. He simply invites her over, and she agrees without hesitation. Damon’s eagerness to see her tips Katherine off to what she had begun to suspect: they all know. Why else would Damon put his precious Elena at risk, and everybody else suddenly be so needy?

At the same time that Katherine figures out her cover’s blown, Stefan’s trying to figure out why Katherine would dodge everybody else but agree to visit Damon. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that they’ve lost their only advantage: the element of surprise. The brothers realize that she knows that they know. Thus, everybody is in the know.

Katherine stows Nadia away for safe keeping in a church. Nadia urges her mother to make her escape, convinced she’s not going to survive. Katherine promises her daughter that as soon as she gets better, they must leave. 

Even at his worst, Damon comes up with the best idea, which is to use a locator spell to find the elusive Miss Pierce. Bonnie and Jeremy find Liv, the witch who made her debut during the Bitter Ball, and ask for her help.

You Can’t Keep a Bad Boy Down

Damon, desperate to get loose so he can find Dr. Maxfield and get the cure for the Ripper virus, antagonizes his babysitter Tyler. He pours lots of lemon juice into that fresh wound known as Caroline and Klaus. Tyler, who’s proving to be disappointingly pathetic when it comes to physical confrontation lately, takes the bait and gets his ass handed to him by Damon.

Doctor, Doctor

It looks like Dr. Wes has produced an antidote, but it’s just too bad for Nadia and Katherine that Damon tracks him down before he’s able to give it to them. Dr. Wes says that even if he cures Damon, he’s not good enough for Elena. Damon, hungry and sick of hearing how Elena will never forgive his recent transgressions, decides in favor of torturing the doctor as opposed to procuring the remedy.

As Nadia continues to experience flashbacks, we find out that her three-way with Matt and Beks during their European sexcation is how she finally found her mother.

Katherine shows up at the evil Dr. Wes’ not-so-secret lab and discovers his body. Another tiresome story line is finally put to rest. She receives a call from Stefan, who thanks to Liv,and now has possession of Nadia. At first Katherine tries to play stupid, but her attempts are futile. Katherine can either head to the Salvatore home and see her daughter one last time, or take off.

Mother, Mother

The whole gang is assembled and Matt and Bonnie in particular are showing great empathy towards Nadia. Katherine arrives announcing she’s there to see her daughter. Katherine expresses her regret for not asking Klaus for his blood. In her delirium, Nadia’s last words to her mother are far from loving, even though they are true. Katherine crawls into her daughter’s mind and gives her a memory of the childhood that she should have had. Before finally crossing over, Nadia got to hear Katherine declare her love for her.

Any Parting Words?

Katherine makes one last attempt to beat it out the door, but runs smack into Damon. Katherine has some colorful and amusing parting words for each member of the group. Some are worth mentioning. She’s always been a bit sweet on Matt, and she finally lets him know: “Oh, the one girl here who actually appreciates how beautiful you are. You wouldn’t stab me in the heart ‘Matty Blue,’ You will definitely go down as the best night I never had.” And to Bonnie a brisk “Bon, Bon, no need for goodbyes, I’ll see you on the flip side.”

In the end, it’s her true love Stefan who drives the blade in, and just like that, Katherine Pierce is no longer sponging off Elena’s body.

Facing the Consequences

Stefan and Damon sit and wait for Elena to wake up. Stefan inquires what his brother plans to do. Damon’s going to come clean and deal with the consequences. He doesn’t want to be another Katherine Pierce, running from her problems and dying all alone. Only she wasn’t really alone because everything she said to each member of the group was true. For better or worse, she left an indelible mark on all of their lives.

Katherine Didn’t Leave Elena as She Found Her

True to form, and vindictive as ever, Katherine drops a bombshell on Bonnie before crossing over. Dr. Wes had no intention of curing Nadia. Katherine learned that werewolf venom makes the Ripper virus even more lethal, and as a parting gift, she injected Elena’s body with it. And now that Damon killed Dr. Wes, who’s going to cure them?

Also, small glitch in the whole crossing over thing. Someone or something won’t let Katherine pass, and she’s dragged by some unforeseen presence or entity into the dark night. Now Kat’s neither alive nor dead, she’s MIA, again.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8pm on the CW.

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