On tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Enzo blames Stefan for Maggie’s death. Bonnie asks Liv for help. The Travelers move forward with their plans. Stefan does a bad, bad thing.

Things aren’t looking too good for Bonnie. With the other side disintegrating, her job as the anchor is in jeopardy. Since that’s the only thing keeping her “alive,” she could go at anytime. She claims to be okay with this, but Elena isn’t. Not only does she not want to lose Bonnie again, but she’s worried what will happen to Alaric and all their supernatural dead buddies. Bonnie says she’ll ask Liv if she’s got any “witchy” ideas.

Never Trust Boys To Do a Vamp’s Job

At the Lockwood Mansion, roomies and Traveler exterminators, Matt and Jeremy, have realized that the Traveler knife has gone missing. Damon shows up ready to take the knife and go on a depassengering rampage and is less than thrilled to find out the boys don’t know where it is. They say Tyler claimed to have hidden it in the piano. Always quick to assume the worst about everyone, Damon is automatically suspicious. He asks Jeremy and Matt when exactly was the last time they saw the hybrid. 

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The Traveler’s Curse

We learn about a few interesting developments where the Travelers are concerned. Markos has Tyler chained up since his true self can breakthrough unpredictably and either go vampy or wolfy on some Traveler butts. Markos is able to shut down with a word any psyche that tries to push its passenger aside.

They’ve holed up in some big old building, and Markos gives a speech about the 2,000 year-old-curse that the witches put on the Travelers. In case you missed it last week, if the Travelers attempt to gather and settle in one place, a natural disaster occurs. But, it appears things are falling in place for Markos and his crew. He says that in order to undo a witch’s curse, one must have the power to undo a witch’s magic. Then he has Sloan drink Tyler’s blood and slits her throat.

There’s Something About Maggie

Damon calls his pal Enzo asking if he’d like to go on a field trip to look for Travelers, but Enzo blows him off. He shows up at the gang’s new, fab Whitmore College hangout. Liv’s there working, Stefan is helping Elena study, merely a distraction after Damon decided that friendship and love are mutually exclusive.

Enzo asks Elena if she knows that he’s been searching for a woman named Maggie (Heather Hemmens). Are you kidding? Caroline is an infamous blabber. How could she not know? While Elena refers to Maggie as Enzo’s “elusive girlfriend from the Augustine days,” He clarifies that she worked there as an observer who took notes on his behavior. While she physically kept her distance, they developed an emotional attachment. BTW, I expected someone way hotter given his obsession. He tells them she left Whitmore in 1950.

Elena and Stefan are understandably confused about what’s going on. It just so happens that Enzo met up with Sloan, who finally made good on her promise. She gave Enzo a photo of a dead Maggie, and it wasn’t from natural causes if you catch my drift. Sloan found it among the files left behind by the evil Dr. Wes. Someone “Rippered” her in 1960, and Enzo obviously believes it was Stefan. Stefan denies being off the wagon at the time.

Not content with this answer, Enzo has Liv perform that exploding blood vessels in the brain deal. She’s got no choice but to help Enzo since he’s using her brother as collateral. I recall him doing that once before.

Enzo’s compelled all the patrons of the bar, and they sit idly, studying as he has some students tie Elena and Stefan up with ropes soaked with vervain water. He produces a diary that was found on Maggie’s body. Apparently, she returned to Whitmore for Enzo, but believed, like Damon, that he had died in the Whitmore House fire.

Again, Stefan says that he was clean, living on animal blood in 1960. He intercepts a call from Bonnie to Stefan and asks Damon to go through his brother’s journal and look for an entry on November 8, 1960. Damon informs Enzo that Stefan burned his journals awhile ago. Enzo starts to show his cards,and Damon recognizes his old friend’s murderous tone. He tells Enzo to calm down and explain what’s going on. Enzo tells Damon that Stefan murdered Maggie. Even though Damon tries to serve as Stefan’s alibi, Enzo cuts him off.

I Know You Did It, Just Admit It

The night in question was a presidential election night. A flashback shows Stefan feeding on a woman in a back alley, but compelling her to forget and letting her go. Maggie witnesses the incident. She tells Stefan she knows everything about him and his brother because she has been searching for Damon for two years. Stefan questions her obsession with her brother, and she says Damon knew a friend of hers who died in a fire. She’s hoping that Stefan knows where Damon is. He warns her to steer clear of Damon, and she reveals she wants to kill him. Stefan fangs up, but we’re back in the present. He maintains he just wanted to scare her, but he does look guilty as all get out.

When Enzo threatens Bonnie’s life, Stefan confesses. Enzo releases Bonnie and has Liv take her upstairs where they have a chat. Bonnie’s not buying the scared hostage act. If Enzo kills even one of the doppelgangers, the Travelers can’t do whatever mojo they need to with their blood. This is in the witches’ best interests. 

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My Idiot Brother

Damon goes to Sheriff Forbes for answers. She gives him the case file and realizes that he killed Enzo’s girl. I don’t think their friendship will bounce back from this one. Enzo already gave him a pass on the fire incident. And since we know Damon’s not going anywhere, things aren’t looking great for Enzo.

Maggie didn’t leave Whitmore of her own volition. She was in love with Enzo and wanted him to change her. He compelled her to leave, never come back and forget he ever existed.

While Enzo tortures Stefan, Bonnie pleads with Liv to save the Other Side. Liv suspects Bonnie’s motives are selfish, but Bonnie swears her only concern is her family and friends’ who reside there.

Damon arrives and tells Enzo everything. He’d received a message at his house from a woman named Maggie who said she wanted to buy him a drink. He showed up out of curiosity. She claims to want to interview him for an article she’s writing for the Whitmore Alumni College Gazette.

She pulls a needle from her purse that is embellished with the Augustine symbol. We all know how Damon feels about the Augustines as well as the Whitmore family. This girl should have known enough about vampires to have the good sense to know that she didn’t stand a chance going up against one. He ripped her head off then and there, right in the middle of downtown Mystic Falls.

Damon’s ready for whatever Enzo wants to dish out, but Enzo says if he kills Damon, he’s got nothing left. So, he decides to flip his humanity switch. Now he’s all better, you know, or not.

Doppelganger Says What?

Back at Traveler’s headquarters, Sloane wakes up in transition and immediately downs a blood bag. Markos states that vampirism originated from the magic of witches, and the blood of the final two doppelgangers will undo witch magic. He mixes Elena and Stefan’s blood in a chalice while chanting, and gives it to Sloan to drink.

With the Flip of a Switch

Enzo’s getting sloppy and making a scene during which Damon manages to slip Stefan a shard of broken glass. Enzo frees the bystanders but decides to take a big bite out of Liv. He takes down Damon and Stefan and absconds with Elena. Stefan stays behind to give Liv a quick shot of his blood while Damon hits the streets looking for Enzo.

Elena puts up a fight, but not only is Enzo older, he’s genetically modified. It’s a good thing that she’s never shy of knights in shining armor because Stefan gets to them before Damon, and he even administered medical aid first. 

Oops, She Did It Again

Liv dashes whatever hopes Bonnie had about preserving the Other Side. Liv explains that like any spell, it can be broken. There is no loophole. Liv advises Bonnie to say goodbye to her friends and to Jeremy.

Dead Again

As is the case with most villains, Enzo spends too much time flapping his gums before killing Stefan. This gives Stefan the opportunity to bury his fist into Enzo’s chest and grab his heart. Enzo decides that instead of killing Damon’s brother, he’ll let the siblings duke it out when Damon finds out Stefan killed his bestie. And with that, he steps back, leaving his heart in Stefan’s hand. He does have some last words for Bonnie as he passes through, which can be reduced to “I’ll be back.”

Stefan tells Elena that he killed Damon’s only friend. He thinks it’s best to let Damon believe that a humanity-free Enzo just decided to take off for parts unknown. Goody-two-shoes Elena doesn’t know if she can get on board. Stefan says they just got Damon back and finding out the truth would destroy him. A bit melodramatic, to say the least. All of the sudden, after the fact, Enzo was a really good guy and Damon’s bestest friend, ever.

One last revelation, doppelganger blood cures vampirism, and the witches are in big, big trouble.

Also, if Maggie was compelled, why did she remember Enzo? I’m just sayin’.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 pm on The CW.

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