At this point, I think most of us have suspected that Dorothy is going to play a pretty important role in Once Upon a Time. We’ve already gathered most of the other key elements from Oz: a familiar trilogy of heart, brain, and courage, flying monkeys, The Wizard, the Wicked Witch herself, and, according to previews, Glinda the Good Witch. All we need is Dorothy, but who is she? 

My best guess is that Dorothy is Snow and Charming’s baby, and that it’s up to her to defeat the Wicked Witch, much like Emma defeated the curse. Yep, Snow White and Prince Charming’s kids are overachievers for sure. 

My second guess, is that Emma is “Dorothy.” This, of course, isn’t the first time OUAT has doubled up on characters (Peter Pan as Rumple’s father, the Wicked Witch as Regina’s sister, Regina as Ursula, Red as Red Riding Hood AND the Wolf, etc). Emma has struggled with coming to terms with her identity and what “home” means to her. Maybe at the end of the season, she will realize that there truly is no place like home.

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So, let’s go with Possibility Number One: Dorothy is Snow’s baby. What does that mean for Zelena and the next season of Once Upon a Time? As we know, Zelena needs this baby for her spell, so that she can turn back time and kill Ava, Snow’s mom. Why Zelena is so certain Cora would keep her anyway, is beyond me. But, you do what you feel is right, Z. Zelena already has David’s courage, Regina’s heart, and Mr. Gold’s brain. Perhaps she knows the baby will be her undoing and want to kill it. She must have, after all, learned her lesson through her sister, who didn’t kill Emma when she could have. 

Maybe the baby will make it possible for Zelena to physically time travel via tornado. Dorothy is the only character in the history of film to not only survive a tornado, but use it as a vehicle to a completely different realm. Unfortunately for Mary Margaret and David, it seems like Zelena is thoroughly confident that she’ll get her hands on that baby –she did slip some kind of dark magic into Mary’s OJ, remember? 

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Possibility Number Two requires Emma to also possibly travel to either Kansas or Oz. Maybe she will take Regina, David, and Mr. Gold with her in order to find The Wizard, an impostor who may have the solution to all their problems. If Snow and Charming’s baby isn’t Dorothy, then she’s someone important nonetheless, and it may be The Savior’s job to save her (or him). 

Considering the 3.20 episode is titled “Kansas,” and the finale “There’s No Place Like Home,” I think we’ll find out soon enough where OUAT is headed. And that’s certainly out of Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest.

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Gina Vaynshteyn

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