The Vampire Diaries is one of the most talked-about shows on TV, not just because of the scintillating romances and shocking plot twists, but because of the unending parade of sexy men the show features.  From the main cast to recurring guest stars, the male cast of The Vampire Diaries is easily the sexiest collection of man flesh assembled on television.

While the show is on hiatus until March 25, we’ll be looking at five of the show’s hottest stars for a closer look at their raw sex appeal.  Michael Trevino’s Tyler Lockwood may not be the most visible Vampire Diaries star, but he’s certainly one of the hottest, and based on Tyler’s storyline in the books, he’ll be a major part of the future of the series.

Tyler was a bit of a jerk early on, but his true appeal was first shown in the Halloween episode “Haunted.”  To show off his perfect assets, Tyler went to the school party dressed as King Leonidas from the movie 300, only he didn’t need special effects or air brushing to highlight his six pack.

trevino-vd-mancandy.jpgSadly, Trevino has only appeared in two episodes since that ab-tastic episode on October 29, but this under-the-radar stud is definitely proof that even the smaller roles on The Vampire Diaries are filled by incredibly hot actors.

Michael Trevino in Other Roles

Trevino is no stranger to steaming up the TV as the hot young love interest.  On the short-lived CBS drama Cane, Trevino played Jaime, the son of Alex Vega (played by Jimmy Smits), the cutest member of a very good-looking family.

trevino-cane-mancand.jpgIn the first season of the CW’s 90210, Trevino also stole hearts as Ozzie, the guy from the wrong side of the tracks Naomi flirted with before moving on to bad boy Liam.

trevino-90210-mancandy.jpgIn both of these roles, Trevino’s disarming good looks helped to make him a convincing young heartthrob.  Now on The Vampire Diaries, he’s taking that to the next level.  We haven’t seen a whole lot of Trevino, but we’re hoping for a lot more exposure in the final part of the season.

Next week: We look at the very sexy Vampire Diaries guest star Sean Faris.

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