We’re down to the final four of Project Runway Season 14, baby! So now’s the time to see who has what it takes to make it to New York Fashion Week. And will this be the first season Tim Gunn doesn’t even have to use his save? Let’s find out.

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California – Here They Come!

Heidi walks out onto the runway and down the red carpet to meet the designers. She and Tim tell them that they’re going to Hollywood where they’ll use LA as inspiration to create a red carpet look. They’ll be designing and constructing their garments there.

When they get to Hollywood, they have time to sketch at a beautiful mansion with a sweeping view of the hills. Keltie Knight, a red carpet correspondent for The Insider, tells them that their looks must showcase high-end glamour and be fashion-forward. She says  that every great red carpet piece has three key elements: drama, color and fit. They have $400 for the challenge, which apparently is just about the same amount that Kelly paid for her car.

In addition to moving on to Fashion Week, the winner of the challenge will get 100 free nights at Best Western hotels around the world.

Ashley is a bit nervous to start the challenge because she’s used to creating ready-to-wear. She wants to make an asymmetrical look with a corset and a form-fitting skirt with a train. She finds a bronze and silver fabric at Mood that changes when you touch it. She still has her doubts about her own abilities, but she’s proud of everything she’s done in the competition so far and she just needs to believe in herself.

But Tim is a bit confused by her original design. He tells her that she’s over-designing and there’s no focal point to her look. Ashley decides to change her design up and use more of the sequins instead of the plain fabric at Tim’s direction.

Kelly is excited to be in LA because she doesn’t travel much. She’s inspired by the “V” shape of the valley so she’s making her own textile for her dress with tons of little triangles. It’s an idea she’s very passionate about, but it’s going to take a lot of time.

She originally sketches a gown, but Tim encourages her to make a jumpsuit instead. His encouragement is exactly what she needs to go in her own “Kelly” direction. Although making a pair of pants brings on a whole new set of problems. She’s worried about the fit, and luckily she just gets her model in the pants.

Edmond wants to make a dress inspired by Old Hollywood, which seems right up his alley. He finds a colorful sequined fabric at Mood that’s just gorgeous, but when he gets it back to the workroom, it’s not speaking to him. He designs a dress with a completely different fabric, but Tim says he needs to take a risk and figure out something to do with the sequins.

He finally takes the step and creates a dress with the sequins, but it’s a pretty simple design. He decides to make it more fashion-forward which entails him to take his scissors to it and make it shorter. Then he adds sleeves and opens up the back. Then he keeps shortening it. And shortening it. And shortening it some more. Now it might be a little too short.

Candice is making a dress with a sheer black pattern on the back. She’s working in mostly black, but she hopes the look will have a dramatic impact on the runway. Tim thinks what she’s done on the back is amazing, but the rest of the dress is a little simple, so he says she has to execute it perfectly.

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Walk the Red Carpet Runway

Joining Heidi, Nina and Zac on the judging panel this week is designer and former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano. Here’s what they have to say about each of the designer’s looks:

Candice: Heidi thinks she nailed this challenge. She says it’s sophisticated for a sophisticated woman. Zac says it’s a safe design, but it’s pretty. Nina says it’s a lovely look, but it may not land on the Best Dressed list. Christian likes that it looks Old Hollywood and vintage but not dated.

Kelly: Heidi loves that Kelly keeps surprising them in great, new ways. She especially likes the back. Christian thinks the fit is amazing, but he doesn’t love it as much as Heidi. Zac loves that he can see her design elements in the textile and the overall look. Nina appreciates her point of view and how she’s grown throughout the competition.

Edmond: The judges are impressed with the fabric, but not so much with the silhouette. Nina says this is the biggest disappointment from him this season, and she agrees with Heidi; the fabric has taken over. Christian likes the use of color but he’s not sure if it’s fashion-forward. Zac is surprised, in a bad way. He says his girl will definitely get attention, but maybe not the right kind of attention.

Ashley: Christian thinks the dress is fabulous and likes the matte shine of the sequins, although there are some fit issues. Nina thinks it feels restrained, but still beautiful and interesting. She also says her model will look good at every angle. Zac doesn’t love the fabric for the red carpet. Heidi loves how the model looks in the dress and she thinks it’s incredible.

Each of the designers make their final pitch to the judges and then they’re asked who else they would bring along with them. Although this has been used to generate drama in the past, these designers have nothing but kind things to say about each other.

Who is Going to Fashion Week?

Candice is the first designer to move on to Fashion Week. But Kelly is the winner of the challenge, making that three in a row. Both of these ladies are going to put on a great show.

That leaves Edmond and Ashley to sweat it out in the bottom. Heidi says that Ashley’s design had high highs in the competition as well as low lows. But Edmond’s look this week was too short and tasteless. Heidi says Ashley is the one on her way to Fashion Week.

Edmond takes his elimination gracefully, which isn’t surprising at all, considering the quality of his character. But I’m not quite convinced that Edmond is gone for good. Tim doesn’t come to tell him to clean up his space, which means he’s probably about to use his save … or is he? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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