If you just started watching The Tomorrow People, the CW’s new remake of the British TV show and comic books with the same name in the 1970s, you are in luck: today’s second episode “In Too Deep” continues to set the tone for the science fiction drama.

Last week on The Tomorrow People season premiere, Stephen Jamison introduced us to the world of an evolved group of humans who are able to use the gifts of the “three T’s”: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. The show introduces the term from the 1970’s show for an evolved human: “Homo Superior”, but then revert to a more relevant term for 2013: “paranormals”. 

Stephen’s group of evolved humans is at war with Ultra, a group that Stephen’s uncle Jedekiah runs. In order to find his father who is a paranormal and is missing, Stephen joins the group. 

Today’s episode begins with a recap of last week and a flash-forward. Stephen is on a building with another paranormal. Stephen is yelling to the other to stop trying to force him from the building. “You don’t understand; you and me are the same!” The other yells for Stephen to prove it, and then forces him nearly off the ledge. This brings us to three days ago …

Mom’s Worried About Stephen’s Mental Health

Stephen’s Mom understands the voices he hears and his odd behaviors to be mental health issues, and she’s worried he’s off his meds. She is leaving and asks Stephen to babysit his brother. Stephen meets his brother on the way to school and then teleports there, running into his girlfriend. They agree to meet at 8pm. 

Touring the Enemy’s Fortress

Stephen follows his cousin Jedekiah on a tour of Ultra’s research center, which looks like an office suite with men in suits and a computer command center. At the research nerve center, Ultra is tracking human incidents such as sleep walking that indicate “break-outs” of “Homo Superiors.” Jedekiah and Stephen agree they do not like that term – Jedekiah said that would imply the human race is inferior. He is protecting the human race from the evolving paranormals. 

There is, in fact, someone on the loose with powers and using them for evil. A boy is moving a man’s body parts through telekinesis to rob a bank. (In the original show, “The Tomorrow People” were so evolved that they would never kill. Is that the case?)

Crash Teleport Landing

Stephen teleports with a crash landing into the underground living space of the The Tomorrow People. He tells them that he’s worried that Ultra and Jedekiah can see in his thoughts. Cara said he is risking their security and she asks him to leave.

Home Past Curfew

Stephen gets home late and everyone’s mad: he forgot to pick up his brother, his girlfriend was there since 8 pm, and his mom believes Stephen is off his medication. He promises to go back on his medication.

Hunting Curt

This episode introduces Curt, a teenage paranormal that is scared of who he has become, and has not yet met The Tomorrow People or Ultra. Both groups fight to get to him first: The Tomorrow People meet him an alley and try to reason with him, but he runs. Next, Ultra sends a kill squad to his house. Both groups converge on a roof-top with Curt, who tries to kill Stephen. Curt gets away. Ultra worries that Stephen is trying to help The Tomorrow People, which he is. 

Botched Mission

Cara gives Stephen a watch (which was once his father’s) that protects others from reading his thoughts, but Jedekiah finds it and takes it. After botching the mission, Ultra sends Stephen to an intensive debriefing to read his thoughts and see if he’s secretly trying to help The Tomorrow People. With Cara’s help, Stephen blocks a Senior Telepath from gaining access to his thoughts. Jedekiah has Stephen’s trainer killed for botching the mission, but he still suspects Stephen of lying. 

Protecting Everyone

Stephen shares with Cara that the strong memory he used to block the Senior Telepath from reading his thoughts was that of his father leaving him as a child. He will use that pain to make sure he finds his father and does not walk out on his own family like his dad did. He wants to be a better brother, son, and friend.

After discussing with Cara, Stephen says he will continue to work both sides in order to protect his family, humans, and paranormals alike, so he will stay inside Ultra. Jedekiah, however, hopes that Stephen will lead him to the paranormals so he can kill them.

Our likable hero Stephen sets out as a double agent to find his father and save us all from Ultra. Let’s see if he does!

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW.

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Candice Lombardi

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV