Can you believe that The Real Housewives of Orange County is on season 10?! Well, you better believe it! Get your “Woo-hoo” ready for another season of Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador and newcomer Meghan Edmonds for Round 10 of the Housewives that started it all.

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Catching Up with the OC Divas

Heather and her family are still living in a rental home while Casa de Dubrow is being built. It’s been under construction for about a year and Heather acts like she’s building the thing with her own two hands. In the premiere, “Under Construction,” she whines about keeping things under budget, all the while talking about her $7,000 nickel sink and her closet that is bigger than my apartment. But if anyone can find something to complain about, I suppose it’s Heather. Rich people problems, right?

Vicki and Shannon meet for strong cocktails and dry salads, an OC lady’s idea of a dream night out on the town. Vicki tells Shannon that Brooks has moved into her house, but they’re not getting married so she’s protecting her assets. And, of course, Vicki’s daughter Briana is not cool with her mom’s decisions, but Vicki doesn’t care.

After having her boobs done in her 20s, and then having them reduced just a few years ago, Tamra is prepping for another try at getting her ideal breast size. She’s been through a lot in the past year, with her custody battle with her ex and then falling out with a lot of the ladies on the show. She doesn’t tell any of the ladies that she’s having the surgery, but she’s still sad when none of her friends are there to greet her post-op. At least she has Eddie.

She’s also grown a lot closer with her son Ryan’s girlfriend, Sarah. Sarah and Ryan are just about to have a baby, so Tamra’s excited, even if that means adopting the title “Grandma.”

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Meet Meghan

Heather and Terry have dinner with new housewife Meghan Edmonds. She’s baseball player Jim Edmonds’ third wife, and funnily enough, Heather is still friends with Alison Edmonds, Jim’s second wife. Since Meghan just moved to the OC from St. Louis, Heather wants to be a friend to her because she knows how hard it can be to make new friends.

Meghan says she broke all of her dating rules to marry Jim. He has four kids from a previous marriage, he’s 14 years older than her and he’s a professional athlete. She says Jim understands her soul and is gracious and amazing. Of course, we only see him being rude and short with her, and forgetting to wear his wedding ring to dinner with the family. So either Bravo’s having some fun with this editing or he’s a real jerk. It could quite possibly even be a little bit of both.

Vicki and Brooks are playing house on Vicki’s estate and planning a trip to Mexico to “whoop it up.” Vicki’s planning the trip because Brooks has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and she wants to give him something to look forward to while he’s receiving treatment. Vicki wants to be there for Brooks, but it kind of stinks because when she told Briana about the diagnosis, Briana didn’t believe it. That seems a little cold, even for Briana.

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Marriage on the Rocks

Shannon says she opened up to Vicki about her marriage troubles, but even Vicki doesn’t know the extent of how bad things are with her and David. She says they’ve seen a priest and a counselor, but they really need professional help if they want to make their marriage work, so they’re going on a couple’s retreat.

For a while after last season wrapped, Shannon thought things were okay, but it didn’t last for very long. She admits to the marriage therapist that the rumors were true that David had an affair.

She says she gets angry easily now and that anger comes from hurt. She knew something was wrong with David, but he made her feel crazy and wrong by denying that anything was happening. David moved out of the house for a while before they decided they would work on things. For some reason, divorce is not an option for Shannon. She wants to do whatever she can to keep her family together. It’s just sad to see her so miserable.

Shannon does an exercise at the retreat where she has to talk about how her past has affected her present. She says her mother made her feel guilty her whole childhood because she seemed to resent ever having kids and her father was never present. There was infidelity in her parents’ marriage as well as her own and she doesn’t want her kids to suffer through what she suffered through in keeping their secrets. Her kids did find out about David’s affair and it makes her feel terrible that their home life has been so devastated. It looks like it’s going to be another rough season for poor Shannon.

Vicki and Brooks are on their way to the airport to go to Mexico. Brooks says Terry checks in on him from time to time, but he hasn’t gotten any support from Eddie or Tamra. Vicki says she doesn’t trust Tamra with anything personal anymore. She loves Tamra, but all of the fighting is giving her whiplash.

Tamra’s throwing Ryan and Sarah a baby shower at her fitness studio. Lynne Curtin is there, and the two gossip about Vicki’s accidental topless Instagram post. Tamra also talks about how she’s disappointed at where her friendship is with Vicki. She says she wasn’t there for her in the hardest year of her life and that she’s going to work on keeping things more private now.

These two always seem to start the season on the rocks, only to make up somewhere in the middle, and then fall out again in the end. Let’s see if season 10 is true to form.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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