It’s been a while since we’ve seen a controversy this far-fetched in an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Could Vicki’s boyfriend, Brooks, be lying about having cancer? The sane and rational part of you may want to believe that no one would stoop that low, but The Real Housewives fan in you might just be able to imagine such a scenario for anyone desperate enough to pump up their storyline for 15 minutes of fame. Let’s see if we’re any closer to getting to the bottom of this crazy scandal in this episode, “Racing to the Truth.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Is Brooks Lying About Having Cancer? >>>

A Day at the Races

Vicki has Tamra and her son, Ryan, and his fiance, Sarah, over to look at the yard. Vicki has offered to host Ryan and Sarah’s wedding, which is a very kind gesture for Vicki and shows that she may actually care about Tamra outside the show. Either that or she made a deal with the production. Honestly, the latter sounds more likely.

Vicki tells Tamra how she left dinner with Shannon early but still doesn’t know what it is that Meghan was saying about Brooks. Tamra fills her in on what the psychic said, but somehow all of Vicki’s ire is directed at Meghan. She says that Meghan is ignorant and disgusting. She thinks that when the psychic said he didn’t see the cancer, what he meant is that the cancer would be cured, and that’s what she’s been praying for after all.

Meghan and Jim go with Terry and Heather for an afternoon at the NASCAR track. Danica Patrick is there (she’s tiny!) and Clint Bowyer takes them around the track at 125 miles per hour.

Back up in the suite, Meghan tells Heather that Vicki texted her, expressing her displeasure. Heather is worried that Meghan might have gotten in over her head by enraging Vicki.

After Tamra and Shannon show up with their husbands and they spend some time watching the cars from the sidelines, the ladies talk about Cancer Gate again. Tamra’s mad at Shannon for bringing it up to Vicki, and Meghan is mad at Tamra for filling her in on the details. Meghan says she was only repeating what the psychic said, not doing any insinuating on her own. Now Meghan’s afraid that Vicki is going to hate her. Tamra says all she can do is apologize for repeating what she heard.

There’s No Place Like Home

Tamra is working on getting back into the real estate business. It’s always something that she’s loved to do, and now that she’s spending less time at CUT Fitness, she has more time to sell houses. She also helps Ryan and Sarah get their house in Orange County, even going so far as to pay the deposit for them. She says Eddie doesn’t know that she’s helping Ryan financially, but he doesn’t need to know just yet.

Shannon does arts and crafts with her girls, and Stella is still pouty about having to write an apology letter for her vandalizing behavior. Shannon says Stella holds a grudge. (Hmm … sounds familiar.) Shannon wants her kids to see her and David’s effort in making a more peaceful environment for them.

Brooks rents a boat for Vicki’s birthday. She tells him that she’s not going to give the Cancer Gate rumor any life. She wants him to know that she’ll defend him no matter what because she knows in her heart what he’s been through with the cancer. He says that it’s nice to know he has her support.

Tamra shows Meghan a $6.7 million home in Coto. Tamra really hopes that Meghan and Jim like it because then she’d get a massive commission. Tamra asks Meghan if she’s nervous about seeing Vicki. She says no because she didn’t do anything wrong. She says that if Vicki confronts her, she’s confident in what she’ll say because she doesn’t feel any guilt.

Now it’s time for another chapter in the saga of poor Shannon. David brings the family to dinner for her 51st birthday, and everything is wrong about it. The restaurant is noisy and informal. The kids can sense Shannon’s tension. And the worst thing is Shannon had high expectations for this birthday because the last one was so terrible. She admits that on her 50th birthday, she and David had sex, then he later told her that he left that same night to have sex with his mistress as well. Every week, Shannon’s situation looks more and more bleak. These two are clearly miserable, yet neither one of them seems to want to bite the bullet and admit they’d be better apart.

Cancer Sucks

Heather’s having a luncheon at the construction site that will be her home one day, and it may be the most obnoxious party ever thrown on this show — and that’s saying a lot. At least she has a nice table set for them in a big, empty, unfinished room. She makes a toast to friendship and the room is so empty that there’s an echo. No idea why she wouldn’t just wait until after the house is finished, but snobs gonna snob, I guess.

Shannon tells Meghan that she pulled some strings to get Leanne to see her oncologist friend, the same one who Brooks has refused to see for some reason. All this talk of cancer, of course, points out the elephant in the room.

Meghan asks Vicki if she’s upset with her and the answer is a resounding “absolutely.” Vicki goes on a crazy rant, thanking Jesus for curing Brooks’ cancer, which is how she chooses to interpret what the psychic said. She also tells Meghan that the way Brooks seeks treatment is none of her business.

Meghan says that all of her issues came from a place of concern, since she’s watching someone she loves die. Vicki says that her husband’s ex-wife doesn’t really mean the same as her partner does and Meghan tells her how nasty it is to diminish her pain. She says Vicki has no problem trying to tell her how to parent and getting involved in her life, but she can’t take it when anyone else has anything to say about her life.

Vicki gets more and more heated and yells at Meghan to shut up. She says Brooks is doing everything he can to get better and she needs to back off. Meghan tells Vicki that she’s just an old woman who is pissed off and bitter at the world. Ouch.

This mess is to be continued. Something tells me things are going to get worse before they get better. If they ever get better.

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