The Real Housewives of Orange County is kicking it old school as Gretchen throws a Tupperware party and apparently, that’s what real housewives do for fun. Check out the preview for tonight’s episode entitled “No Boundaries” after the jump.

Previously on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki threw a slumber party and hired a clairvoyant who called Tamra pretty and smart, and then told some awkward truths to the other girls, though there was nothing we didn’t already know. He said he didn’t like Slade for Gretchen, Alexa is too much of a perfectionist, Lynne needs to start putting bigger words together while Vicki needs to be nicer to Donn. Moreover, Ryan finally apologized to Simon after landing a new job though he still admitted he did it only so his mom would get off his case. As for Alexis, she realized that she had a lot in common with Tamra as they both have the same values and a rock solid marriage. (But we all know how one of those turned out!)

The Alexis-Tamra bond continues to blossom as the girls meet for a game of tennis in tonight’s episode. They talk about upcoming Gretchen’s Tupperware party and Alexis is shocked to learn that the two are still at odds. Later, Gretchen and her boyfriend, Slade Smiley go to the Del Mar races with Alexis and her husband, Jim, where the discussion turns to the ongoing argument between the ladies which Alexis is determined to mediate.

But the real drama starts at Gretchen’s Tupperware party where she brings in a drag queen to host the event. Apparently, Gretchen’s favorite thing in the world is to catch people off guard so they can be like “Huh?” and I think her mission is accomplished.  More trouble seemingly brews as Alexis confronts one of Gretchen’s friends for hitting on her husband Jim.

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Kris De Leon

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