As promised by Nina Garcia, this season of Project Runway will have its fill of commendable guest judges.  Last week, we were treated to the presence of Nicole Richie for the premiere.  It’s not that difficult to top, but this Lifetime series managed to take a step in the right direction.

According to, joining the judging panel tomorrow is actress and model Lauren Hutton.  She’s known for her career on the runway, in addition to a role in the 80s flick American Gigolo.

Hutton is still signed on to New York City’s IMG Models, which is another good reason for her to be with Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum on Project Runway.  The designers could either scream way too enthusiastically or tremble in fear.  Doing both is also an option, considering the challenge they have to put up with.

Sources say that tomorrow’s Project Runway episode will take the contestants to the country.  They won’t have Mood Fabrics to cater to their designing needs though, as they’re given potato sacks to use instead.

But back to Lauren Hutton, who will apparently be giving advice to the contestants of Models of the Runway as well.  Having that much experience on the catwalk, there’s no doubt her words will benefit the aspiring supermodels of the Lifetime series.

“We were so lucky to have Lauren Hutton as a guest judge,” Executive Producer Jane Cha exclaimed.  “She was knowledgeable, feisty and is obviously an icon of the modeling and fashion industry in general.  She was also very generous in speaking to our Models of the Runway cast, who all were extremely appreciative of Lauren’s advice!”

Sounds like Lauren’s really getting some respect on Project Runway, and of course she truly deserves it.  Don’t forget to catch her appearance on tomorrow’s episode of the hit reality television series as it airs at 10pm on Lifetime.

(Image Courtesy of Lifetime)

Maria Gonzalez

Staff Writer, BuddyTV