Well that crazy trip to the Berkshires that has made up the last three episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City has finally come to an end. So what do the ladies do to recover from all of that trauma? Plan another trip of course! And this one is out of the country. Let’s see who doesn’t make the guest list for their next bananas vacation.

Lu’s in Love

Sonja and LuAnn (aka Big and Little Edie) have one of their usual morning gab sessions now that they’re roomies and BFFs. But LuAnn has a big announcement: She’s in love and she’s moving out! She tells Sonja all about Tom, her “soul mate.” Sonja is surprised to hear her soul mate is Tom, considering she’s been “doing him for years” (her words). Wow, LuAnn. So not only are you getting Ramona’s seconds, but Sonja’s too? What a mess.

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Anyway, LuAnn encourages Sonja to patch things up with Bethenny. But Sonja says as long as Bethenny doesn’t want to talk to her, there’s nothing she can do to make things better. She understands that this isn’t about Tipsy Girl being a competing business, but the fact that Bethenny took the name of Sonja’s company as a personal insult. (I’m surprised Sonja has that much awareness to realize that’s the situation. If only she had thought of that before.)

But the person Sonja is really mad at is Dorinda. She can see the only reason Dorinda excluded her from her weekend in the Berkshires was for Bethenny’s sake and she’s still hurt over it. To prove a point to all of the ladies, Sonja tells LuAnn that she’s given up drinking. It would seem like something to be proud of if she was doing it for the right reasons, but she’s only doing it to prove to the ladies she doesn’t have a problem. Which sounds like a problem.

Who to Invite?

Bethenny, Jules, Carole, Ramona and Dorinda meet for drinks. Bethenny invites them all on a SkinnyGirl sponsored tequila tasting trip to Mexico. But they have business to attend to before they get excited: Do they invite Sonja and LuAnn?

They pretty much come to a consensus that it would be irresponsible to invite Sonja to anything that’s strictly alcohol related. So nix on Sonja.

Carole says she doesn’t want to go if LuAnn is going. But Bethenny says she doesn’t want to go if Carole’s going. So would the trip even happen then? I don’t know, but they don’t seem to come to a decision on this one. The only one who really wants both Sonja and LuAnn there is Ramona. Those are her original girls and she thinks they’re both fun on trips. But she’s not about to disagree with Queen B. about either decision.

The next day, Carole comes to Bethenny’s place to have some girl talk. The two of them spent the holidays together in the Bahamas with their men; Carole’s man, Adam, and Bethenny’s new mystery man. Bethenny seems to be pretty enamored. She says he’s smart, passionate, and most importantly busy having his own life so he doesn’t need to be so dependent on her’s. She tells Carole that she may even consider getting married again. It’s still a long shot though. And I suppose her divorce has to finalize before that can happen anyway…

Carole then tells Bethenny about the traumatic experience she had when she had to give back her foster kitten. She says it made her realize that the only way she’s been able to love anything in her life is if she knew it was temporary. It seems like a breakthrough for Carole. Now she’s starting to consider about changing the way she lives her life and making Adam into something not so temporary. Yay for girl talk and personal growth!

Speaking of girl talk (but maybe not so much personal growth) Dorinda and Sonja meet to have their nails done. They talk about Ramona and how she’s taken sides in this whole Tipsy Girl thing, and unfortunately, it’s not Sonja’s side. Sonja says that Ramona takes her for granted.

Then Dorinda tries to break it to Sonja gently that Bethenny’s having a trip to Mexico and that Sonja’s not invited. Of course Sonja is disappointed to hear this, especially since she’s recently quit drinking. But Dorinda says that Bethenny is just too upset with her. Dorinda says that if Sonja were smart, she should apologize to Bethenny and just take Tipsy Girl off the table. Sonja says that it’s a business, and that’s not an option. So I guess a tequila trip to Mexico isn’t an option for Sonja.

Ramona is having some weird hair extension party where she, Avery and LuAnn are getting extensions. (Is this a thing New Yorkers do? Extensions parties?) Anyway, LuAnn gushes to Ramona about how she’s so in love and how she and Tom are probably going to get married. What does Ramona do after hearing this? She tells LuAnn that she’s a “girl’s girl” and Ramona just wants LuAnnn to know that Tom calls his ex every day to tell her that he’s still in love with her. He also bought her a gold bracelet for Christmas.

LuAnn doesn’t think this is true and states that she also doesn’t appreciate Ramona bursting her bubble like that. Even Avery thinks what her mom did was messed up. But LuAnn tells Ramona that she’s glad she’s looking out for her nonetheless. What a strange interaction.

Dorinda and John meet Jules and Michael for dinner. It basically turns into Jules complaining about how Michael isn’t helping out with the kids. Then Dorinda, who has had too many dry martinis, goes on a very Dorinda-like rant about men in New York and … special wine grapes? I don’t know, but it’s prime Dorinda nonsense and it’s so entertaining.

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Hit and Run Invite

Bethenny meets LuAnn at a wine bar for drinks. LuAnn continues on her gush-about-being-in-love tour. Bethenny doesn’t get how someone could move to talks of marriage in only four weeks, but she congratulates her nonetheless.

LuAnn seems insincere and she’s fairly infuriating in this encounter. She diminishes Ramona for having said she was with Tom when it was only a few dates. She talks about how she’s not concerned that Tom sends gold bracelets to his exes. And she takes every opportunity to talk over Bethenny.

So when she finally asks Bethenny if she’s invited to Mexico or not, Bethenny doesn’t know how to answer. Bethenny says she came in the bar intending to invite her to the trip, but after her boorish behavior, she kind of doesn’t ever want to see her again, let alone invite her on this trip.

Bethenny tells her about the trip and why she’s hesitant to invite LuAnn. Mainly she doesn’t want her real friend, Carole, to feel uncomfortable having to vacation with her fake/TV friend, LuAnn.

LuAnn says she doesn’t have a problem with Carole and that they worked everything out, so no worries there, she’ll definitely come! She says yes, she’d love to come! Then she whisks off to see her Prince Charming. Bethenny doesn’t even really know what happened. She didn’t even invite LuAnn, but Lu managed to invite herself and accept the invitation herself. Who knew the Countess had such a talent?

Next episode: Bethenny tries to undo LuAnn’s (perceived) Mexico invitation.

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