Last week, Ramona’s co-workers friends decided it was time to stage a “Ramona intervention.” They’re not intervening with her being an addict or an alcoholic or anything that serious. They just mainly want to call her out for being the crazy person she is. Now, cornering Ramona would probably be the last item on my to-do list in New York City because, in Sonja’s words, if you poke the sleeping lion, you’re going to see some claws. But let’s see how these ladies manage.

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Hungover Yoga

It’s rise and shine for the ladies’ last day in the Berkshires, and Heather has arranged a yoga instructor to come over and do a session with the ladies. The only problem is everyone is a hungover mess except Kristen. And Sonja’s still feeling sour about her best friend Ramona lying to her about a party in the Hamptons. 

Sonja doing hungover yoga may be an example of the biggest mess on any of the Real Housewives syndicates to date, which is no small feat. She’s wobbly (and maybe even still drunk) and complains about being gassy. She finally just lays down on her mat and just drinks her coffee. Then she has the gall to tell LuAnn she looks beat after their night out. That’s rich coming from Miss Beat USA.

Back in the city, Carole is having her makeup done like a drag queen for a publicity photo shoot for her book. She’s writing an article for Town & Country on manners and gift giving. She recruits The Countess to help with R&D. LuAnn tells her that you should never show up empty-handed to a dinner party but always come with a bottle of wine or a candle instead of flowers that need to be put in a vase. She also tells Carole that she has a man she would like to set her up with.

Kristen watches the toy boats in Central Park with her son, Cash. Heather meets them to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: Ramona. Heather tells her they’re going to confront her tonight to tell her it’s not okay to manipulate her friends. Kristen doesn’t think it’s going to help, but supports Heather, even though she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the confrontation. She says she’s still not ready to see Ramona.

Ramona Intervention

LuAnn, Heather, Carole and Sonja meet at a restaurant at the site of the impending intervention. LuAnn is optimistic that they will get a positive reaction from Ramona, like reckoning. But just in case she doesn’t, they want to arrange the seating around the booth so Ramona can’t escape. So everyone hurries to the bathroom when she arrives so Ramona has to scoot in the middle, between LuAnn and Carole.

LuAnn delicately brings up the subject of the Hamptons, which leads her to nonchalantly ask Ramona, “By the way, how was Molly Sims’ party?” Ramona looks like she knows she’s been caught and goes into some loud explanation about how her wine was sponsoring the event. Heather tells her that it was hurtful that she planned this weekend for her girlfriends and Ramona just wasn’t honest to her while she was there. Ramona tells them all that she had a panic attack, and screw everyone for not understanding.

LuAnn then brings up what she did to Kristen. She says just because she was abused does not give her the right to lash out violently at others. At this point, Ramona tries to shove past LuAnn, but LuAnn isn’t moving. Ramona starts to shout nonsense and covers her ears with her hands and her face turns red. Everyone is talking a lot, especially Sonja, who keeps trying to shout over Ramona. She says if Ramona really did have PTSD, she got over it really quickly when she went to a Hamptons party that night.

Finally, the shouting dies down and Ramona admits to wanting to leave the Berkshires because she was embarrassed by her own behavior and she wanted to sneak out. Everyone is happy to hear this confession, but they tell her she needs to do something about her craziness. She says she’ll see a therapist, but in her confessional, she says she would have said anything to get the ladies off her back.

Later, she tells Mario that the girls ambushed her at dinner. She says she was mostly hurt that Carole accused her of lying about her emotional breakdown. She still claims that being in the Berkshires really brought back memories, but she’s happy in her life now and there’s no need to explore those issues in therapy.

Here But Not Here

Kristen’s daughter, Kingsley, is 17 months old but not walking yet. They have a physical therapist come over a few times a week and she’s asked Josh to take a couple hours off work so he can participate in one of her sessions. He’s a complete ass about it from the beginning, complaining about how he’d rather be at work and looking at his phone the whole time. They bicker awkwardly in front of the physical therapist. When Kristen tells him that he needs to be more involved, she tells her to be respectful of him doing business.

He finally excuses himself to take a phone call. Kristen follows him and tells him if he’s going to be here, he needs to be here. Kristen confesses that it’s hard trying to take care of her daughter with special needs in addition to her son and her husband. She tries to tell Josh that he needs to be present for their children’s lives while they’re still so young, but he says she doesn’t understand what he does because she’s never run her own company. He also says he’d be home at dinner time more often if she ever cooked a meal. Wow, Josh can really just go take a flying leap. What a jerk.

Carole and Jacques bring their friend Nick to dinner to meet Carole. Carole thinks he’s good looking and gets nervous and starts gabbing a lot. She claims that she’s not a big dater, and it shows. She keeps bringing up awkward topics like how many women fake orgasms. LuAnn says that Carole definitely needs a little more practice dating, but fortunately (unfortunately for Nick), she can’t get any worse at it.

Kristen meets with Ramona for tea at her invitation. She’s worried because tea is hot and would do a lot more damage than wine in the face. But Ramona greets Kristen with a bouquet of yellow roses, a sincere sounding apology, a hug and a kiss. Kristen is not so easily bought, however. She tells her what Ramona did was not okay and tells her that she has anger issues.

Ramona is obviously surprised when Kristen doesn’t buy her apology hook, line and sinker. She tells Kristen that there’s just something about her she doesn’t like (probably the whole younger, prettier and thinner thing). Kristen says there’s no excuse for what she did, but she is happy that Ramona is remorseful, otherwise she’d just be a monster. Ramona says she’s been called a lot of things, but never a monster (really?). Kristen coolly suggests that there’s a first time for everything. 

Next week, it’s the return of Aviva Drescher. Has anyone even missed her? No? I didn’t think so. 

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