Having discovered the identity of the Horseman of War and failed to prevent her from breaking the seal, The Messengers, are in a race against time yet again to prevent the second horseman from coming to fruition. With only a handful of episodes left in the series’ first and final season, it seems as if they remaining episodes will see an onslaught of biblical villains for The Messengers to fight. 

In the latest installment, “Metamorphosis”, The Messengers are finally complete in number when the seventh angel, Koa Lin, joins in their ranks. Although whether or not her motive is as pure and altruistic as the other Messengers is still to be seen. 

Tracking Down Abadon

The gang is all home and on the path to trying to pinpoint the identity and location of the Second Horseman. While discussing their plans, Vera receives a phone call from Allan, who tells her he finally has a match on their rock segment from the meteor crash. Vera then looks back at the group with concern, because once again she has to choose to follow her own path instead of going along with the rest of The Messengers

Koa Lin, who is a shape shifter, (so clearly she is the seventh angel), is tracking down a man who has the Abadon symbol tattooed on his neck in attempt to gain information on where her money is. 

Back at the house, Nadia decides to help the crew gain access to Abadon by hacking into the site. 

Vera breaks the news to Rose that Allan has a lead on their rock that she needs to follow it since the Devil has her son and the rock is a connection to both of them. Rose warns Vera to not let Allan find out about their mission for his own safety. When Vera mentions about Nadia, Rose tells her that Nadia is in danger by being associated with them and that her knowledge of The Messengers was unavoidable. 

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Allan and Vera on the Road Again

Allan tracks the rock to a national park, where once they reach a ranger station to ask for help, Allan notices a white van that matches the license plate number he has written down. He sticks his phone inside the gas tank of the van to trace it’s location. When Allan and Vera leave the ranger station, the officer pulls out a government file with both of their faces and calls in to report them. 

While following the van, Allan figures out that Michael is both Leo and Vera’s son. Vera is reticence on the subject all but confirms the information for him. 

Allan and Vera begin hiking a trail towards the location of “Project Genesis.” While hiking, they are followed by armed military personnel who begin shooting in their direction. Vera and Allan take cover behind a boulder and settle in for the night. When they wake the next morning, they hear helicopters hovering above them. They walk out and find a base camp where the helicopters are flying out of, and where there are military vehicles parked. Vera spirit-walks onto the base where she finds Senator Richards. 

Vera watches as Senator Richards orders the Army men to “clean out” the site, and they begin shooting down all of the employees. At this point, Vera’s necklace starts to ring out signaling her need to return to her body.

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The Seventh Angel

In a flashback sequence we see Koa’s childhood as a pickpocket. When she steals the wallet of a man playing cards, he chases her to her father’s home, where he attacks her father in front of her, killing him. 

Back to present day Koa, she has received information from the man at the club about the plans and whereabouts of Abadon. 

Back at The Messengers‘ house, Rose warns Nadia to not get too involved, while she uses her gift to read the coded language on the Abadon website and pass the first “test.”

While Peter and Nadia work on getting past the rest of the hacking tests on the Abadon website, they grow closer to one another as they discuss their parents. 

Peter is in the middle of telling the group that Abadon has power of a network of banks, which in turn own a bunch of hospitals, when he gets an email about becoming a new recruit for Abadon. The email tells him to meet at a coffee shop, where Rose and Raul will meet them instead.

At the coffee shop, Koa shows up and pulls a gun on Raul. Raul and Koa engage in a fight that is broken up by Rose who tells him to stop right before he shoots her, and tells him that she is one of them. They all turn and see her angel wings in the reflection of the glass in the shop.

In another flashback, we see that Koa was indeed affected by the wave while she was at a poker game. She was able to use her gift of shape-shifting to get herself out of an dangerous situation following her regaining consciousness after the wave. 

Closing in on Abadon

Rose and Raul bring Koa back to the house where they find out that Koa is also tracking Abadon down to find out where her money has gone. But Koa is reluctant to work with the gang and doesn’t want to be a part of them. However, she agrees to work with them only to get her money back. 

After Erin heals Raul’s hand, they begin kissing and Raul discovers the hematoma spot on her chest. He warns her that it might be connected to her healing. 

Joshua, Rose, and Koa make a plan to get into one of the health centers affected by Abadon to trace where their money is being funneled. At the Nero Health center, Koa poses as one of finance officers and breaks into their computer system to find out that the accounts for Nero Health have been drained and all the money has been sent to one account. 

Koa runs into the Devil, who offers to help her get her money back and asks why she’s working with amateurs like Rose and her gang. Koa tells him that she’s just using them to get her money back and that she works alone, leaving him alone on the corner. 

Joshua, Erin, Raul, Rose, and Koa come to the clinic that they found through the lead at Nero Health. They find out that Leland Schiller, Margaret Schiller’s son, is the one behind Abadon and the hacking. 

At the clinic, Erin passes out after healing a boy with cancer. When she is taken to the hospital, the hematoma spot on her chest has grown massively. The nurse tells her to take care of herself, and the fact that the hematoma is growing at this rate is very alarming. 

Near the end of the episode, Koa steals Margaret Schiller’s file, and none other than the Devil is driving her to her destination. 

At the house, Joshua, Erin, Raul, and Rose are worried that Koa going after Leland will cause him to break his seal and become the horseman, spreading a virus that will potentially kill thousands. 

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