The Real Housewives of New York City started off last week with a bang. LuAnn and Sonja are rooming together now, Ramona’s ready to hit the city as a confident and single lady, Dorinda’s still with the same human troll boyfriend, and Bethenny’s taking snipes at the new girl Jules. What will they get into next?

Ladies who Lunch

The daily struggle to get her family ready in the mornings is real for Jules. She tries to make sure that her kids and her husband are happy, but it can be a lot of work.

Bethenny has a big birthday coming up, so she’s throwing a “Tailgate Chic” party at her house in the Hamptons, which may be the most ridiculous name for a party ever, even by Real Housewives standards.

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She’s also getting herself a present, so Carole and Dorinda meet her at a Jewelry store. Dorinda says that she and John are staying at Ramona’s when they go to Bethenny’s party which will probably be interesting because of Ramona’s dislike for John. But Dorinda assures Bethenny that she’ll Nair John’s back for him so he’s not too “National Geographic.” (Gag.)

Carole tells them about her lunch with Ramona where Ramona talked for two hours straight. Dorinda says that Ramona does that, but she’s harmless and she’s a good person. Bethenny says though that she feels like every time she invests in Ramona, she gets burned. Dorinda says that hasn’t been her experience in the 20 years that she’s known her.

Sonja and LuAnn are enjoying their time as roommates. They gossip about Bethenny not coming to many parties and about Ramona needing time after her resort. LuAnn says she and Carole are not on good terms, but it’s not her fault. She says she’s over everything that happened between them. They also talk about Dorinda’s party habits and John. They don’t have a problem with him like some of the other ladies as long as Dorinda is happy.

Ramona and Dorinda have lunch in Ramona’s newly re-decorated apartment. She got rid of all of Mario’s stuff after the divorce and now the space feels more like her own (I have to say it looks amazing; much more open and bright).

Dorinda tells Ramona about her reluctance about moving in with John until she’s completely taken care of Hannah. She also says she might like to enjoy some time alone after Hannah’s gone. She wants to take her time making a decision.

Sitting on Some Gossip

Carole and Bethenny meet for dinner for more gossip. Right now they’re at the BFF stage, but that stage is over for Carole and LuAnn. She says their relationship is non-existent and in her fantasy she’d confront her, but in reality, her plan is to politely avoid her. She says it’s usually hard for her to stay mad, but she can’t forgive the way LuAnn talked about her on the show and on social media. She just has no interest in seeing her.

The next day Ramona calls Bethenny to wish her a happy birthday. They’re also going to Dorinda’s bra fitting party tonight which might be awkward in light of the new information Ramona has about John. She said she heard from a bunch of girlfriends that he was talking in a vulgar manner about Dorinda in front of a bunch of people at a party. Something about Viagra? Anyway, it was inappropriate and immature, two things that John specializes in.

Bethenny encourages Dorinda to bring it up at the party, but Ramona is worried. She says every time she tries to deliver a message, it comes out the wrong way and people get offended. She’s not wrong.

Bethenny is still getting weird vibes about Dorinda and John. She doesn’t feel like the fact that Dorinda’s being honest about John and it’s hard for her to connect with people who aren’t honest.

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A Very Bra Party

The ladies gather at what I think is a hotel room for Dorinda’s bra fitting party. Everyone except Sonja and LuAnn are there. Carole is not too excited about this kind of party because she usually only wears bras for show, not support or function.

Jules and Carole finally meet and what do you know, Carole has similar comments as Bethenny’s about Jules’s weight. (What is it about the skinny girls where they feel the need to make snide remarks about Jules?)

Before they even start to try on the bras, things start to get heated. Carole is dismayed to find out that LuAnn is coming to Bethenny’s birthday party even though Bethenny hasn’t technically invited her. She says she doesn’t want to stay at Bethenny’s if LuAnn is going to be there too.

Then Carole and Ramona go at it. Carole tells Ramona she talks too much and Ramona accuses her of not being supportive of her while she was going through her divorce this summer.

Dorinda says that Ramona and Carole are just two different types of people who have no business being friends, which she says in half-jest. She claims to just be “telling it like it is.”

In the vein of “telling it like it is,” Bethenny decides to go in on Dorinda for her trying to sell John to them. Dorinda takes offense right away and starts raising her voice. She says if John’s crossed a line, she’ll tell him to apologize, but she’s not going to defend her decision to be with him.

Ramona decides for some reason that this is the right time for her to tell Dorinda about John’s vulgar comments. She repeats the story about the Viagra in front of all of the women and now Dorinda’s seeing red.

She’s appalled and she feels betrayed by her friend of 20 years. She says she can’t believe Ramona didn’t bring that up to her in private and it’s totally inappropriate and uncool of her to jump on the pile-on-John bandwagon.

She starts to shout telling everyone that she’s married a person, she’s buried a person and now she gets to choose who she wants to be with and none of them have to like it. She tells Ramona that their relationship has now changed and she tells Bethenny to stop her B.S.

Bethenny tells Ramona that she needs to fix things with Dorinda, but Ramona doesn’t seem to realize the damage she’s done.

Next week: The epic bra party continues. With a cameo from John. Uh-oh.

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