The Real Housewives of New York City is is hitting a big milestone: 100 episodes. And what better way to celebrate than to follow the ladies (with the three remaining original cast members) on their island trip to Turks and Caicos? Will it be another Scary Island situation with Sonja flying off the handle like Kelly Bensimon? Let’s get to it and see in “Sonja Island”!

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Ramona’s the Straw that Stirs the Drink

Bethenny and Ramona take some time to decompress after the dramatic dinner from the previous episode. Ramona tells Bethenny that she, too, is concerned that Sonja might have a drinking problem.

Ramona says she can relate to what Sonja’s going through now. She misses Mario a lot and she says it’s been like losing part of herself. Ramona and Bethenny hold each other and cry. These two have certainly come a long way since their petty fights in season 1.

A yoga instructor comes the next morning to do yoga with LuAnn, Carole and Bethenny. But it’s hard for them to relax with Sonja re-enacting the shouting from the previous night in a nearby bedroom with Dorinda.

Sonja tells Dorinda that she doesn’t like the way Bethenny spoke to her (because she’s “uneducated and ill-mannered”) and Dorinda tells her she doesn’t have to sit there and take it. She encourages her to be more assertive and to tell people to stop talking about her when it’s making her uncomfortable.

Ramona pulls Sonja aside on the beach later. She tells her that the ladies, Bethenny especially, are going around talking about how she’s an alcoholic. So much for that lovely moment between Bethenny and Ramona earlier.

Unsurprisingly, Sonja doesn’t take this news very well. She goes off about how she’s no worse than the rest of the ladies in the group. Bethenny hears the commotion and comes over, and things get worse from there. They start bickering about Sonja’s drinking and Ramona doesn’t back up Bethenny at all.

Sonja tries to put an end to it after LuAnn and Heather show up saying that she wants them all to just stop talking about it. She sits by the pool and tells them to leave her alone and stop talking about her. Dorinda is glad she stood up for herself, but she thinks that now she needs to reel it back in because she’s acting a little crazy.

The other ladies agree that it’s time to stop talking about Sonja. They even start a Sonja jar, where if someone mentions her again they have to put $100 in the jar for charity. Bethenny does point out to Ramona, though, that it was her fault this whole thing started by stirring the pot. Ramona denies it but gives Bethenny her finest peevish Ramona grin.

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They’re on a Boat

Sonja’s so upset from the morning’s issues that she opts not to go on the afternoon boat trip. But the ladies have a good time anyway, jumping off the boat, drinking champagne and pouring a bucket of ice water on Ramona as a prank. Kristen and Bethenny even have a nice moment where they seem to be warming to one another.

When they get back from the boat trip, Heather and Bethenny have a massage. They both agree they got off on a bad foot, but now that they know what each other is about they can see a friendship developing.

Getting ready for dinner, Sonja tells Dorinda and Ramona that she’s ready to get on with the trip and have a nice time, but she’s not apologizing to any of the women. And she shouldn’t! She might have gotten a little heated, but it was the other women who were being meddlesome.

The ladies are all waiting to go to dinner, but Sonja is running late. They end up taking two separate vehicles to the restaurant, which causes some tension between Heather and Dorinda when one vehicle arrives before the other. I’m not sure why Dorinda got so angry at Heather, something about how she didn’t wait for the rest of the group to walk into the restaurant? Either way, Dorinda has a moment of weakness where she just snaps. She says in her confessional that being around these women morning, noon and night is just really taking its toll.

The women get to talking about Ramona and her divorce again. Ramona says that she’s a strong woman, and what originally drew Mario in about her is also what ended up pushing him away. She advises Heather to treat her husband well and make him feel important, even though the strong woman in her may not find it so easy. It’s another nice moment when all the women around the table band around Ramona when she needs some support. The highs and lows on this trip with these women are giving me some serious whiplash.

But, of course, we can’t end this episode on a good note. No, no, no. There has to be more drama between Ramona and Bethenny after Ramona announces they’re going out to lunch when Bethenny has already begun preparing everyone’s lunch. Bethenny tries to avoid the fight and Ramona’s “manic” energy, but Ramona hunts her down for a confrontation.

Fortunately for us, that confrontation is To Be Continued! See you for episode 101.

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