The first eviction of Big Brother 17 is still four days away, but the final nominees are already locked as the first Power of Veto ceremony is over. Who’s on the block, who’s the target and what drama will unfold over the next few days?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

James is the permanent HoH with Jackie and Steve on the block. Steve won the PoV..

Steve saved himself. Jace is the replacement nominee.

The hammer has been dropped. Backdooring Jace has been the plan from the beginning and the votes are definitely there to send him home. Of course it did come as a bit of a shock to Jace, who was told that the plan was to backdoor Jason.

James and Audrey have been playing Jace and Austin all week, making them think they had an alliance. Jace, Austin and Liz have become a solid trio who thought they were the cool kids running the game, but now they’re on the bottom.

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James certainly has the votes to evict Jace, with Audrey, Da’Vonne, Jason, Meg, Jeff, Clay and Shelli all definitely on board. Odds are good that Steve, Becky, John and even Vanessa will go with the house. It’s unclear if Austin and Liz will give Jace their pity votes or just go with the house.

UPDATE: After the ceremony, Jace confronted James, angry that he betrayed him. Elsewhere, Austin finally seemed to figure out that he can’t really trust Audrey and Clay and that they were in on this plan. Austin and Jace are starting to realize that Da’Vonne isn’t to blame for everything and they might even try to swing Da’Vonne and Jason to save Jace. James, Audrey and Clay are definitely getting the majority of the blame. Austin’s plan to save Jace involves getting himself, Liz, John, Vanessa, Steve and maybe Da’Vonne and Jason as the seven votes they need.

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The other big change over the last 24 hours is how many people see through Audrey’s manipulations. Jeff and Meg had an in-depth conversation about how Audrey is playing everyone and trying to turn the house against Da’Vonne, even though that doesn’t help their game. Later Jeff talked the Jason about Audrey, with Jason saying she’s playing the game just like Amanda Zuckerman did in season 15.

Jackie is also onto Audrey. There was a rumor going around about Jackie being involved in an all-girls alliance (with Becky, Shelli and Vanessa). Audrey was going around to everyone talking about it and she told Jackie that she thinks Da’Vonne started the rumor. Audrey was obviously trying to turn Jackie against Da’Vonne, but Jackie wasn’t really buying it.

As for Audrey herself, she’s already turned on Vanessa after starting to bond with her on Saturday, suspecting that Vanessa is feeding information to Austin and Liz. Audrey is making Richard Nixon look calm and level-headed.

It’s only week 1 of Big Brother 17 and Jace is the obvious target, but an Audrey vs. Da’Vonne showdown is definitely coming soon and it should be quite the battle. And if Audrey gets too paranoid about the people she’s aligned with, could she try to flip to save Jace? She might be crazy enough to do it.

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