Thank goodness this mess of a season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming to an end. This season, Teresa Giudice pleaded guilty to fraud, Teresa Aprea’s husband was accused of having an affair with her mother and Amber found out she’s been free of “the cancer” for five years. Let’s see how it all ends in this week’s season 6 finale.

At the beginning of the episode, we see that Teresa and Joe are sentenced to 15 months and 41 months, respectively, in prison. But before we dig into that, lets flash back to six months earlier, just before the Project Ladybug event. 

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The Calm Before the Storm

Melissa brings Teresa coffee when she brings the kids over to play with the girls. These two are actually in a place where they seem to kind of like each other’s company and Teresa is glad that they’ve gotten past all their drama. The kids run around and play, and while Teresa is annoyed that they’re being unruly, she better enjoy it while it lasts.

The twins’ friend Abbey is having the Project Ladybug event in her massive home. Seriously, It’s probably one of the biggest homes in the state of New Jersey. And to top it off, she has massive (and adorable) Great Danes moseying around. 

Teresa A. is worried that Teresa Giudice has invited some of her questionable friends (Victoria Gotti). Dina tells her not to worry, she’s not on the guest list. Teresa A. still thinks that she is owed an apology. In her confessional, she says that Teresa is getting what she deserves for trying to destroy her family. “Karma is a bitch, clink, clink,” she says, miming handcuffs. She’s a real piece of work.

At Casa Marchese, Amber’s getting her hair cut. She’s been growing it out since she went bald going through chemotherapy and now she wants to cut it off and donate it. Her daughter Isabella starts crying when she sees it because she doesn’t want her mommy to be bald again. Amber also explains that Jim made the decision not to go to the Project Ladybug event because he didn’t want to cause any more trouble. She thinks it’s the right move.

Melissa and Joe are breaking ground on their new property for their new home. Joe’s paper shredding investment paid off so they’re starting construction. Melissa is thankful that they’re healthy and content, so it doesn’t really matter where they live as long as their family is together. Joe says that his differences with Teresa are behind him and nothing can destroy their relationship ever again.

Project Ladybug

Dina is in her party-planning element as she sets up for her event. She says she can get a bit mean on the day of events, but her staff is still loyal after years and years.

Melissa is worried about bringing Antonia to the event where there might be drama. For Amber, the decision to leave her daughter at home was an easy one. She doesn’t trust the twins, who she describes as ticking time bombs.

Teresa Giudice tells Dina before the event that Teresa A. had two weeks before the event to call her and discuss any issues she may have had with her. She says the only reason she would wait until tonight to bring things up is because she probably wants an audience. Dina says whoever starts anything tonight will definitely lose a friend.

On their way to the event, it’s clear that Teresa A. is still worked-up about Teresa Giudice. She can’t believe that disgusting rumor left Teresa Giudice‘s mouth. I’m wondering if all this anger isn’t misplaced on Teresa Giudice because Teresa A. is afraid Victoria Gotti will put a hit out on her if she talks bad about her on TV.

The twins get to the party and Nicole is wearing this god-awful white dress with cut-outs on the lower back. That dress should literally be illegal.

Amber pulls Rino aside to talk to him about her part in the drama between them. She says she’s not happy with how Jim treated his wife. Rino appreciates her talking to him and says that even though he doesn’t like Jim, he has no ill will toward Amber.

The twins agree that after the kids walk in the fashion show, it’s a good time to clear the air with Teresa Giudice. Teresa A. tells her that what she said was disgusting and vulgar and she should be ashamed to repeat such a thing.

Teresa Giudice defends herself, saying that she just wanted Dina to know the real story in case Amber repeated the story and twisted the truth. Teresa A. says she never should have repeated it in the first place no matter the circumstance. She starts getting worked-up while Teresa Giudice keeps defending herself. She and Nicole both chime in, insulting her intelligence and calling her stupid when they don’t get the answers they want.

Teresa Giudice says she wants to be good with the twins and be friends again. Teresa A. just asks that, in the future, she leaves that kind of trash at the curb. They hug and make up. Teresa Giudice says that Teresa A. reminds her of herself when she used to get heated at every little thing. Teresa Giudice really held a lot of restraint in this argument. Good for her, but this fight was a lot less dramatic than advertised. Not so good for us the viewers.

Going Away

Flash forward to October 2, the day of the sentencing. Teresa and Joe are surrounded by paparazzi when going to court.

Rosie, Kathy, Richie, Jacqueline and Chris gather to overreact about Teresa and Joe’s fate. Jacqueline starts sobbing when she hears she’s going to jail. That’s a pretty dramatic reaction from someone who is constantly throwing shade at Teresa and being bitter when Teresa won’t give her the time of day. I just can’t even handle her.

When Jim and Amber get the news, Jim is, of course, less than sympathetic and Amber is overly sympathetic. No surprises there. Nicole and Bobby are surprised about the news, but Nicole seems a bit smug when she hears Teresa is going away.

Next week at 8pm on Bravo, it’s the Secrets Revealed episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 6.

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