Last week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina kicked Amber and Jim out of the vacation home in Florida. But she just removed the poison momentarily. They’ll have to deal with the Marcheses again back in Jersey.

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Nicole Meets Jac

In this week’s episode, Kathy, Richie and Rosie have Jacqueline and Chris over for dinner. Rosie says she’d love to meet a gay girl just like Jacqueline. And if she were straight, she’d go for Chris. I think Rosie could definitely do better than that. 

Nicole and Bobby are coming over as well. Nicole pretends like she never watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey before and doesn’t know who Jacqueline is. All she pretends to know is that she’s a troublemaker.

Nicole relays the Florida drama to the party. They’re all pretty much in shock that anyone would repeat such an awful thing, and somehow it all comes back to Teresa Giudice repeating the rumor to Dina. Jacqueline says that’s just like Teresa, and Kathy says that if it were her, she would have let the rumor die with her. Rosie tells Nicole to go with her gut when it comes to trusting her, but it’s clear she’s anti-Teresa as well.

Melissa and Amber meet for drinks. Melissa says she’s not mad at Amber about what happened in Florida because she knows she can’t control her husband. In her confessional, Amber says that Jim was “Adolf Hitler for a day, god bless that little guy.” I’m not sure whether she was referring to Hitler or her husband, but either way, I’m not sure it’s an apt comparison.

Melissa encourages Amber to work things out with the twins so they don’t have an incident at Dina’s Project Ladybug event. She says to reach out to Nicole, but don’t push her.

Spa Day

Nicole and Teresa A. go shopping for dresses to wear at the Ladybug fashion event. They try on cheap dress after cheap dress. Teresa A. talks about how she’s having a food tasting party for their new restaurant, but she only wants close friends. Which means, of course, Jim and Amber aren’t invited. And she doesn’t want Teresa Giudice there either.

Teresa Giudice, Amber, Dina and Melissa have a spa day. Dina apologizes to Amber for kicking her out of the vacation house, but Jim was acting inappropriately and unfortunately they’re a couple.

Dina tells Teresa that the twins aren’t very happy with her for repeating the rumor to her, but she doesn’t think they’re terrible enough to bring up drama at her Ladybug event. Teresa isn’t so sure. They’re hot-headed Italians, and she knows because she “used to be” a hot-headed Italian too.

At the spa, Teresa A. calls Melissa to invite her to a small gathering. She says she wants her and Joe to come, and Dina too. What Teresa A. doesn’t know is that she’s on speakerphone. Teresa Giudice puts on a funny display of being “soooooo hurt” that she and Amber weren’t invited. It’s probably the funniest I’ve seen Teresa intentionally be.

Amber and Jim are at a stable doing a photo shoot in celebration of Amber being cancer free for five years. They take pictures of her topless that accentuate the scars on her back that look like clipped angel wings. Amber wants to show the world that just because she has scars and fake nipples, having a mastectomy hasn’t made her ugly. It’s proof that she’s a warrior with battle scars.

Jim gets emotional when he’s talking to the photographer about Amber’s condition. He says when you’ve been through bad times, you know what the good is but you don’t forget the bad. Amber wishes the other girls could see the loving husband that she sees.

Teresa and Gia have a mother/daughter day at the nail salon. Teresa can’t wait until Gia’s at the age where they can be best friends, but right now she’s a hormonal teenager. She’s focusing on spending her time on what’s important instead of being upset at Teresa A. for not inviting her to her tasting. She thinks if Teresa A. had a problem with her, she should have called and talked to her. 

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Apology Needed

Rino and Teresa are having their tasting at their friends’ home. Their menu is already set since it consists of family recipes passed down from generation to generation, so it’s more of a celebration of their new adventure.

Dina hates that people are talking bad about Santa and Sal since they’re lovely people and they seem to have a close family. Melissa wants to bring her daughter to the Ladybug event so she wants to make sure there will be no drama with her sister-in-law and the twins.

Teresa A. explains to them how she’s not really mad, but more disappointed in Teresa Giudice. She thinks Teresa owes her an apology for repeating the rumor because her parents should be off-limits. Dina thinks it’s a reasonable request, so she agrees to talk to her about it.

Nicole goes to see a house with a real estate agent because she’s ready to move out of her parents’ house. Bobby comes along for moral support, I guess. In his confessional, Bobby says he loves Nicole and he thinks they’ll be engaged within the next year or sooner. In hers, Nicole says she doesn’t know where she sees herself in a year or two. Right now, her priority is herself and her boys.

Jim surprises Amber with a private dinner. He’s hung the photographs from her shoot all around the table. She’s touched and says that while she may not agree with everything he says, he’s an amazing husband and an amazing father and they’re a team. Jim says he thanks God every day that she’s healthy and every day is a miracle.

Amber says she’s bothered by the drama with the other women because it’s just so trivial. Jim doesn’t think she should be hanging out with them at all because “They’re not good people and they know nothing about family, faith or love.” He also says he doesn’t regret anything he did in Florida. So Jim’s pretty much a saint. At least according to Jim.

Dina has Teresa and Melissa over to get ready for her event. Dina says she and Amber were good after the spa, but she just sent her an obnoxious text saying that Jim would be no longer helping out with the charity. Maybe he’s not such a saint after all.

Dina tries to bring up the situation with the twins. She tells Teresa that Teresa A. wants an apology from her. Teresa Giudice says she knows in her heart that she did nothing wrong and she will not apologize to Teresa A. She says she has enough going on in her life and she will not bow down to the twins just because they’re angry.

Melissa thinks that it’s good to sometimes just apologize and make things better, even if you’re not necessarily wrong, but she knows that’s not Teresa’s style. Teresa can’t even believe they’re trying to drag her into their family drama when she has so much on her plate already. All she wants is to be left alone. If that were the case, she probably should have chosen something different than “reality TV star” as her line of work.

Next Sunday at 8pm on Bravo is the season 6 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And it looks like the twins aren’t respecting Dina’s wishes for no drama at her charity event. She is not going to be pleased.

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