Taylor endures an intervention with Kim and Kyle. Yolanda throws a rather uneventful cocktail party to celebrate herself. Ken and Lisa visit family.The girls decide to meet up in Paris for some quality girl time. One of the women suffers a family tragedy.

Kim heads over to Kyle’s for a sisterly chat. Taylor’s ears must have been on fire because her alleged drinking problem was the topic of conversation. Kim, still feeling disturbed by Taylor’s odd phone call during her nose unveiling, and Taylor’s subsequent lack of an explanation have Kim convinced it is time for an intervention. However, she wants Kyle to confront Taylor with her which makes Kyle very uneasy. She recalls many fruitless interventions with her own sister that would end in an argument, and she doesn’t want to go through anything similar with her friend.

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Now I’ve noticed Taylor’s alter ego Tipsy McDranktoomuch on several occasions this season: Yolanda’s dinner party, during the girl’s trip to Ojai and at Lisa’s tea party. And yes, the phone conversation she had with Kyle and Kim that revealed she didn’t seem to know the whereabouts of her daughter was disturbing. However, Tyler also appeared completely lucid at Kyle’s “White Party,” and has seemed present during most of her time on camera throughout the season. This must mean that there have been instances off camera that the viewers have not been privy two or Kim and Kyle are being overly solicitous. Regardless, Kyle agrees to tag team Taylor with Kim. In fact, Kim immediately calls Taylor and tells her that they are on their way.

Taylor greets the women warmly and barely allowing time for chitchat, Kim tells Taylor that she does recognize when she feels someone has a drinking problem. Tyler admits (to the camera) that she doesn’t drink often, but when she does it relieves some of the tension she’s been going through. The woman has had a rough time. She was in an abusive marriage, her husband committed suicide and she’s been having legal and financial issues. Kim’s primary issue appears to be Taylor’s jetting off with some strange man and expressing no concern about her child. Taylor (again to the camera) brushes this off as a miscommunication between herself, her nanny and her mother. KIm makes sure to tell Tyler that this incident should have been humiliating to her as well as acting as a wake-up call. Leave it to the least eloquent member of the group to take this conversation upon herself. Taylor is forthcoming that she uses alcohol to alleviate her emotional pain. A tearful Kyle asks her friend is she thinks she can stop using booze as a crutch on her own. Taylor assures her she feels she can. It all ends with gratitude and smiles. If only all interventions were so calm and serene.

With Taylor’s problem with alcohol now solved, we are able to move on from the seedy world of addiction and enter Yolanda’s perfect life. She has completed decorating her ex-hubby’s new house and is throwing a party to show off her work to the other women. She has nothing but praise for him other than the fact that he was a man whore during the course of their union.

Guests start to arrive and all the usual suspects are there with the exception of Adrienne who called to cancel. In spite of the fact that they seemed to somewhat settle their differences on last week’s episode, Brandi is thrilled the tycoon will not be present. It also turns out that three of the women: Yolanda, Lisa and Kyle are all going to be in Paris and “spontaneously” decide to invite everyone and have a girl’s trip. We all know how well those always turn out. Taylor, recognizing this trip is probably not the best first step towards sobriety and good mental health declines to go.

As if the good Lord above was sending Taylor a direct message on Twitter praising her good judgement, Yolanda decides to tell Taylor that she heard that she was talking behind Yolanda’s back. She apparently got the 411 from Brandi, Lisa and Kyle, who were all talking behind Taylor’s back. Taylor denies having an issue with Yolanda (there is something going on with YoYo’s husband), and the two agree to meet face to face for coffee when they decide to openly admit they hate one another. Yolanda immediately scurries off to gossip about the conversation with Kyle. What the hell happened to settling the score at Starbucks?

Before hitting Paris, Ken and Lisa head to St. Tropez to visit Ken’s son from his first marriage, Warren and his wife Sue. It turns out Sue was Lisa’s friend, and she became involved with Warren without Lisa’s knowledge which, needless to say, must have made family gatherings awkward for awhile. I swear this is similar to¬† the plot to a book entitled The Grandmothers. I’m just saying, if you’re into hot cougar love stories this might be right up your alley.

Most of the gang make it to Paris: Kyle, Mauricio, Lisa, Ken, Brandi, Yolanda and Kim. Everyone gathers on a balcony to drink champagne and enjoy Bastille Day fireworks. Marisa and her husband Dean suffer a death in the family and aren’t able to travel. Kim starts behaving erratically, although she’s a bit loopy even when she’s sober. Not that we’ve seen her that way often. It’s hard to believe she is drunk because she kissed a ton of people when she arrived. It would be hard to disguise the smell of alcohol in such close proximity. However, even Kim’s inner demons can’t put a damper on the spectacular fireworks.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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