Heidi and Tim are back with another fresh episode of Project Runway: Teams. Last week, the designers had to work with flowers, constructing something fabulous and wearable. Tonight, the designers must find inspiration in country and rock and roll.

A country superstar is looking for some new looks and it’s up to the remaining 12 designers to give her something fabulous. Who will be in and who will be out?

It’s the very same night as last week’s challenge. If you recall, the flower challenge episode left us all on a cliffhanger. Yes, apparently those happen in the world of fashion, too.

Anyways …

Heidi and Tim walk out on the runway with THE DREADED BUTTON BAG in hand. The remaining 12 designers are now being broken down into pairs. Finally, a grouping that makes a bit of sense. Here are the pairs:

Samantha and Daniel

Richard and Stanley

Patricia and Layona

Matthew and Michelle

Kate and Tu

Amanda and Benjamin

The next day, Tim welcomes the designers to Johnny Utah’s where New York City looks a little more like Nashville. One Grammy award-winning country artist is looking for a fresh new look.

Miranda Lambert Challenge: The designers will present 2 looks for Miranda Lambert. One for a performance. One for a red carpet event.

Business in the workroom seem to be flowing a bit smoother now that the groups have been cut down a few sizes. Partners are listening to one another. Although, this much is more than anyone possibly being able to understand a word Tu lets out of his mouth. 

Once Tim comes in to check on the duos, there are definitely more critiques to be made about the designs rather than drama between designers. 

Patricia is, again, doing way too much. “Well, I’ve got to hand it to you Patricia,” starts Tim, “you’re not boring.” This is justifiably worrying her partner Layona.

While Tu may not be able to verbally get any idea across, one can definitely see what his plans are in his oddly shaped structure, sitting on the mannequin. While adding flaps and such, he has managed to “Gaga-ize” Miranda Lambert. Two names that should probably never be used together.

Richard is on the opposite end of the spectrum, doing considerably less work than Tu. His mesh dress leaves little to the imagination. There is absolutely NO lining in the dress. I don’t believe any of the judges would appreciate a naked model on the runway.

And now we’ve come to a segment in the recap which I would like to call GUESS WHO?

See if you can guess which designer matches up with these facts.

Which edgy designer does an impressive impersonation of judge Nina Garcia?

a. Michelle

b. Patricia

c. Stanley

If you picked a. Michelle, then you’re right! If you weren’t looking at your TV screen, you may not have noticed a difference.

James Valentine of rock group Maroon 5 calls which of our designer hopefuls his sister?

a. Samantha

b. Kate

c. Amanda

Shocking, right? The answer is c. Amanda. She tells cameras that she simply wants her family to look to her and mention how proud they are. Aww!

Bonus question!

This top contender has been riding high since this season of Project Runway began, but now seems to be letting those wins blow his ego out of proportion. Who is it?

a. Matthew

b. Richard

c. Daniel

Yes, c. Daniel is right! He’s been boasting every chance he gets while picking at his leather fabric. Honestly, his finished product looks like a mess.

Enough of the Q&A! Time for the runway.

Judges: Nina Garcia, Zac Posen

Guest Judge: Miranda Lambert

Best Looks

Richard: After thanking Mood, turning a T-shirt into a tube top and using it as lining, this black leather fringe on black mesh dress is instantly transformed from trashy to “I want that!” The judges find it to be perfect for any performance.

Stanley: Actually, there isn’t anything too impressive about this look. Stanley gets a free ride into the top teams because of Richard’s design. The plunging neckline and belted waist are the best aspects. 

Amanda: This was definitely the most practical, marrying such a fun and rocked out design with the ability to wear a normal bra while still giving a flattering shape.

Benjamin: Miranda doesn’t believe that this would be right for her. Yet it’s elegant and regal looking with a long flowing chiffon skirt. Heidi is convinced that this would fit the country star perfectly. “Well hell,” says Miranda. “Let’s do it!”

Worst Looks

Matthew: The saddest part of this is, it’s visible in the two-piece design that Matt is lacking confidence. The skirt and top are just lifeless. 

Michelle: One to usually exhibit out-of-the-box designs, this particular one is like that from a bad 80s music video. Heidi believes it would show up on the worst dressed list, for sure!

Daniel: Mister “Riding High in the Sky” has had his bubble busted for him. The fabric is made to look cheap and unnattractive. It’s just all around bad.

Samantha: With immunity and unable to be sent home, it looks as though Samantha put little to no effort into her creation. It’s boring. The outfit she wears before the judges is more appealing to Miranda than what she’s brought to the table.

So who stays and who goes?

Winner: Richard

Eliminated: Matthew

Matthew leaves without a tear, having known that his time in the competition was nearing an end. “I deserve it,” he tells Tim. Hopefully his confidence doesn’t suffer more by being kicked off.

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, some little old ladies get fashion advice. By the looks of it, a Jazzercise group will act as the remaining 11 designers’ clients and models. Make sure you tune in to see Joan Rivers as guest judge!

Compete in Fantasy TV: Make your picks on who you think will be going home. Hurry, you have until Thursday, February 28 at 12pm PST to decide.

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