Porsha tries on different gowns for Cordell’s 40th birthday. Since she doesn’t have a mind of her own, she selects dresses that Cordell would want to see her in, as opposed to what she likes. She even refers to herself as Cordell’s “doll.” So, that happened.

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Phaedra hangs out at Kandi’s place for some sweet tea (hello, Lipton ad) and some Kenya gossip. Phaedra is flattered that Kenya tried to dress like her at NeNe’s Shoedazzle event in her barely there mesh dress. Insert multiple donkey references here, and Phaedra’s self-involved delusions come full circle.

Kenya’s Biopsy

Kenya recently had a mammogram and received news from her doctor that she has two suspicious lumps in her breast. She heads in for her biopsy appointment and is extremely nervous. The thought of possibly receiving a cancer diagnosis understandably terrifies her. Life has not been great for Kenya as of late, what with the Phaedra-drama and the recent breakup with Walter; she feels like her health has taken a back seat.

Pageant Strangers

Cynthia gathers her team to have a status meeting with Porsha. Originally, they were supposed to meet at Porsha’s place, but she cancelled because she didn’t want “strangers” in her home. The strangers would be Cynthia’s team. The boys are noticeably miffed by this. Porsha shows up and her assistant immediately gets sassy with her. He says, “Well, since you’re a stranger here, we have some rules.” Porsha is completely shocked and Cynthia is actually letting it continue. I mean, I get it. Porsha is an airhead, thus making her an easy target. But this is a business meeting. This is no time to act like immature mean girls. 

Porsha is back at home trying to play basketball with Cordell and decides to tell him about the uncomfortable meeting. Uh-oh! Big surprise, Cordell is pissed. He interrupts her about four times and tells her to handle it with Cynthia. He may as well have been beating his chest and dragging her around by her hair. Yuck.

Cynthia and Porsha meet for a drink so Porsha can “handle” her. Cynthia starts off by saying “Thanks, but no thanks.” Ha! Porsha is totally caught off guard by being fired. Cynthia is a business woman and Porsha hasn’t helped her with the few tasks that have been given to her. And Cynthia intentionally gave her easy tasks, because she didn’t want to overwhelm her. Porsha is embarrassed and is concerned about having to tell Cordell.

Gospel Kandi

Kandi gets back in the studio and is interested in recording a gospel album. This will be different from her earlier R&B work. She rocks out in the booth and it’s nice to see a housewife singing that can actually sing. Even though the song she is recording is all about staying “prayed up.” Is that a real thing?

Harlem Nights

Cordell’s 40th birthday party is in full swing and everyone arrives in appropriate attire. Even Cynthia comes, despite the tension between her and Porsha (and Cordell, probably) at the moment. Cynthia wants to take the high road and remain pleasant. Oh, and then Walter shows up. Why is this dummy still around? Because Porsha wanted to invite Walter and not Kenya. Weird. Cordell sits down with Cynthia to let her know how disgusted he is with her and Porsha’s behavior. How nice of him, eh? He babbles incoherently for a minute or so before Porsha sits down and he repeats the same nonsense again. Despite my immediate reaction to gag at how irritating and controlling he’s being, I’m impressed with the way that Cynthia handles it. Poise and class all the way. Her and Porsha seem to be in a decent place now.

Kenya’s Diagnosis

Kenya heads in to get her biopsy results from the doctor. They actually did three biopsies and all look fine for now. She has to do a follow-up in six months just to make sure everything still looks normal. Phew! Close call.

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