In this week’s episode of The Originals, Cami makes some dramatic last ditch efforts to save her uncle. The werewolf camp is attacked. And Hayley learns more about her history from Marcel.

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A Simple Plan

Father Kieran is becoming quite a handful: hallucinations, convulsions, violent behavior, name calling. Even though he’s chained in the attack of St. Anne’s, Cami is still holding out hope that her uncle can be saved.

She comes up with a plan and sends sidekick Josh to find a doctor. Josh takes it upon himself to inform Marcel just how bad Kieran’s condition is, and he calls Cami and offers to come help. Knowing that Marcel is persona non grata in the Quarter, she warns him to stay away, for his own good. Marcel calls Klaus and tells him there is a certain blonde damsel in distress.

Cami, at one time a psychology student, remembers that shock therapy has been used to cure severe cases of psychosis. The doctor says that in extreme cases (I’d say this qualifies), it can reboot the brain. It’s like shutting down your computer when it freezes up and restarting it again.

An Alliance Revealed

Klaus has abandoned the easel and is on the hunt for his mother’s spell book. He accuses Elijah, who admits that he hid it away “where naughty little fingers could not pry.” Elijah figured Klaus’ interest in the book might factor into whatever he’s conspiring to do with his new partners in crime, the Crescent Wolves. Elijah’s going to do what he can to keep the treaty intact.

Klaus tries to convince his brother that he’s got it all wrong. That he’s only trying to empower the wolves, so they can protect Hayley. Elijah points out the more obvious outcome: that the wolves will use the book to seek revenge for the many years they were subjugated by the witches and the vampires. This would turn New Orleans into a war zone. Klaus argues the drums of war were beating long before they returned.

Big Fun on the Bayou

Finale time is right around the corner, so it only makes sense that Hayley, whose lack of prenatal care has been appalling, is preparing to give birth. She’s doing it the old-fashioned way with Eve’s help. Hayley would prefer the hospital, but Eve assures her women have been giving birth out in the bayou for years. Of course, those babies weren’t hybrids.

Elijah shows up to talk to Jackson and Oliver. I’m confident the promise of seeing Hayley was a factor as well. He warns them they’re making a grave mistake in conspiring with Klaus, but they are jonesin’ so bad for those moonlight rings, they’re willing to take their chances. Elijah tells Hayley she looked him in the eye and signed a pledge. She says that her people don’t want a fight, just a better life. But what could be better than ramshackle homes without air conditioning in the Louisiana bayou?

Their little conference is disrupted by a mystery man on a motorcycle who wants to know who’s in charge. He turns out to be some kind of compelled suicide bomber because the bike explodes. The gas tank was also full of wolfsbane.

Hayley heads off into the big city in search of the vampire she thinks gave the order: Marcel. And she’s packing — a stake, that is.

Cuckoo for Kieran

As Cami, Josh and the mystery doctor prep Kieran for his shock therapy, Klaus arrives. Even under compulsion, the doctor begs Cami not to make him do it, and Klaus says Kieran shouldn’t be made to suffer. Cami argues that he’s already been suffering for weeks, and this might be the only chance he’s got.

For a second, it seems like Cami’s plan might be working. Kieran is coherent enough to recognize her and say her name. This only drives Cami to push forward. The doctor warns her that she can’t keep it up, she’ll kill him.

Klaus pulls Cami aside and tells her this story is not going to have a happy ending. He suggests it might be time to let go.

While they confab about what’s best for Kieran, he goes ape crap crazy. Luckily, Josh is nearby to keep him temporarily in check and save the doctor from an untimely end.

The Big Finale

Hayley throws Elijah to the wolves. Okay, she asks him to look after the injured. Jackson points out how lucky it was that the bomb went off where it did or things could have been much worse. Elijah senses something amiss and spots a bomb under one of the trailers. He warns Jackson to get everyone out of the vicinity, but he’s too late, and the whole camp lights up the the Fourth of July. 

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Hayley and Marcel Go Way Back

Hayley does the unthinkable and calls Klaus for help. She tells him about the bombing, still not aware of the most recent destruction. She asks if he’d like to help her kick Marcel’s ass. Klaus promises that as soon as he’s available, she’ll have his undivided attention. In the meantime, he warns her to stay out of trouble. Chafed by the rejection, she tells him not to worry because Elijah’s with her.

Hayley tracks down Marcel who has already been warned of her impending arrival. He says he didn’t do it, and that the two of them are long overdue for a chat. It turns out Marcel knew her entire family, and they weren’t very popular. He says in the ’90s, the Crescent Wolves wielded a great deal of power in the city, and they were not benevolent dictators. That’s Marcel’s justification for the curse. He tells Hayley it was either the curse or kill them all. His soft spot for kids prevented him from doing the latter. It also happens that one of the little tikes who pulled at his heartstrings was Hayley.

No Big Shock

After getting Kieran sedated, Klaus tasks Josh with wiping the doctor’s memory and getting him back to wherever he came from. He stays with Cami and makes several valiant attempts to prolong Kieran’s life.

Hayley Gets Answers

Hayley asks Marcel how long he’s known who she is. He’s been putting the pieces together for a while; her interest in the Crescent Wolves was the first indicator. Hayley questions if Marcel killed her parents. He says they fell victim to infighting among the wolves, and he doesn’t know who did it. He showed up afterwards and found her in her crib. Hayley wants to know why she should believe him. Marcel makes it clear that her lineage made her valuable, but instead of using her as leverage, he turned her over to Father Kieran (obviously before he was all hexy).

Marcel tries to convince Hayley to leave town. She questions why he doesn’t do the same. In the end, neither shows any sign of budging.

Marcel gives her one last piece of valuable intel. The guy on the bike had a gambling problem and owed a lot of money to the casinos and the humans who run them. Francesca! That dirty skank. On her way out, Marcel tells her that when things get bad, he tried to get her clear of it.

Out of the Frying Pan…

After convincing Klaus to give her uncle his blood, Cami asks what will happen when Kieran wakes. He tells her he’ll be in transition and hungry for blood, but that he’ll be back before that happens. Cami knows her uncle is going to be pissed at her last-ditch attempt at life support. Klaus assures her that Kieran won’t go through with the transition, and all she did was buy them some time to say goodbye. She asks him to stay a while longer, and because Klaus can’t resist those blondes, he agrees.

Kieran wakes up good as new — the hex is gone. Klaus explains the hex was broken by his death. Cami tells him about the vamp blood. Kieran didn’t get much time to celebrate his new lease on life because the lease is up in a few hours. He asks Klaus to leave him alone with Cami. She thanks Klaus for his kindness. He scored major points with one woman but didn’t fare so well with his baby’s mother.

A Traitor Among the Ranks

Oliver confesses to a dying Eve that he orchestrated the explosion and was responsible for the resulting carnage. It was his attempt to rile the pack. His secret is safe since it went to the grave with Eve, after he finished her off. This guy gives werewolves a bad name.

Hayley arrives to find Ollie rallying the wolves while Elijah stands nearby watching. He tells her about the second attack. He warns her she’ll need to help Jackson in preventing the wolves from declaring war.

The Best Laid Plans

Klaus goes to see Genevieve convinced she was involved in the attack on the wolves. She’s insulted, or acts it, and her jealousy of Cami emerges. Klaus takes satisfaction in telling her that Kieran is no longer suffering, but Genevieve lets him know that Kieran’s suffering is far from over. A hex that strong will return. She also reminds him that Kieran’s death makes the boundary spell null and void. Not only is Kieran going to be a vampire, he’s going to be a psychotic one as well. But Klaus swoops in and saves the day just before Kieran makes Cami his first meal.

Klaus allows Marcel into the Quarter to comfort Cami and bury Kieran. It appears the priest had a key that yields some kind of power, and now it’s in Marcel’s hands. All holy hell is about to break loose in New Orleans, but the real question is, who is going to be Hayley’s birthing coach now?

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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