After dealing with STDs and the Freshman Fifteen, Glee is shining the spotlight on the one and only Rachel Berry this week. As we know, she’s the lead in Funny Girl — and opening night is now upon us.

To celebrate the occasion and to show their support, Will, Sue, Tina and Becky all head out to New York City. (Will Sue be giving her full support or will she still be her usual snarky self out to destroy everyone?)

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As the focus is on Funny Girl, there’s plenty of Broadway numbers to go around in “Opening Night.” Here is the song list for the episode: “I’m the Greatest Star” and “Who Are You Now?” from Funny Girl, “NYC” from Annie, NoNoNo’s “Pumpin’ Blood” and The Cardigans’ “Lovefool.”

Rachel will have a big moment in the episode when she plays Fanny Brice — but the song she’s performing has actually been covered on Glee before. Kurt auditioned for the role of Tony in West Side Story by performing “I’m the Greatest Star” in the season 3 episode “I Am Unicorn,” which you can listen to here.

And with the return of Will and Sue, they of course have to get in on the musical action as well — the two of them team up for “NYC” and Sue duets with Rachel for the other Funny Girl number; that’s an interesting pairing, to say the least.

“I’m the Greatest Star” — Rachel

“Who Are You Now?” — Rachel & Sue

“NYC” — Will & Sue

“Pumpin’ Blood” — Rachel, Santana & Mercedes

“Lovefool” — Rachel

Which Glee cover is your favorite? Do you like that Rachel is featured on all but one of the songs in this episode? Do you prefer Rachel or Kurt’s rendition of “I’m the Greatest Star”? And what do you think of Sue’s duets with both Rachel and Will?

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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