In this episode of The Originals season 3, “Give ‘Em Hell Kid,” Freya has a haunting vision about the danger her family faces due to the prophecy. Meanwhile, Kol and Vincent work on a way to defeat the Ancestors, and Klaus and Elijah have to deal with Marcel in the wake of Davina’s death. While everyone grieves for the lives lost, another beloved character “dies.”

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Marcel Vows Revenge

Marcel, Josh, Vincent and Kol hold a memorial for Davina on the same day as Cami’s wake. After Vincent gives a very formal tribute to his fallen friend, Josh makes a very personal speech about Davina being like a sister to him. (I am glad the show allowed Josh to return in this episode, given that he missed the last two which saw the deaths of his two closest friends.) Kol is too overwhelmed to speak, and Marcel decides that words do not matter. Instead, he makes Davina a promise that he will make the Mikaelsons pay for what they did to her.

After Davina’s funeral, Kol stops by the compound and runs into Freya. Freya is preparing for a spell. She is using the remains of Lucien’s oracle, Alexis, to see if she can access Alexis’ power. Since Lucien died, still convinced that the prophecy would come to pass, Freya needs to use Alexis’ power to see if the prophecy is still in play. Kol has no interest in any of this. He’s so upset by Davina’s death that he tells Freya he hopes the prophecy is real and they all rot in hell. He also tells her that while she may have spent a thousand years searching for her family, he never wanted her. (Kol’s words are harsh, but it’s hard to blame him after what Freya and Elijah did to Davina.)

Meanwhile, Klaus is attending Cami’s wake with Elijah and Hayley. Klaus is approached by poor Detective Kinney. He’s still in the dark about what is really going on in his city, but he senses that something is off about Cami’s death. He later follows up on that suspicion by talking to Vincent. Will decides he wants to know the truth and he will not stop until he finds it. Vincent decides to let Will know what is really going on in New Orleans.

Elijah returns to the compound to check on Freya after Cami’s wake. She is having trouble using Alexis’ magic, but once she channels Elijah, she is able to see the person who will fulfill that prophecy. To Freya and Elijah’s shock, that person turns out to be Marcel. Freya’s vision shows Marcel killing Klaus, Elijah and possibly Rebekah. (The vision shows Rebekah’s coffin, but it’s unclear what that means in regards to Marcel since Rebekah has already been daggered.) Freya tells Elijah that the power she stole from the Ancestors to kill Lucien has faded now, so if Marcel takes the serum, she will not be able to stop him.

As Elijah and Freya learn about the prophecy, Klaus goes to see Marcel. He knows Marcel is angry and wants to reach out to him before that anger can harden into something else. Klaus eventually convinces Marcel to follow him out to a place that means something to Marcel. They reminisce about the past, and Klaus talks about the connection they share. Marcel isn’t interested. Klaus reminds Marcel of their similarities, including how they were abused and neglected by their fathers. Klaus says that he raised Marcel in his image, but began to fear that Marcel would become his better. Klaus knows he hasn’t done well enough by Marcel, but they are bonded by blood and Marcel is his family. Klaus actually seems like he might be getting through to Marcel, but Elijah’s arrival puts an end to that.

Vincent and Kol Make a Big Play

After Vincent fills Will in on the supernatural goings-on in New Orleans, he tells Will that he plans on severing the Ancestors’ tie to the living world. To do this, he needs Will’s help to gather some ingredients. He has Will use his badge to arrest the proprietors of a bodega. (Apparently there are still some magical ingredients Vincent doesn’t have access to.) Vincent grabs what he needs from the shop and is then joined by Kol. Kol has had some kind of supernatural contact with Davina and decides that he needs to help Vincent with his plan so he can see her again.

The guys head back to the cemetery and Josh joins them. Josh will act as their anchor as they travel to witch purgatory. Once there, Vincent starts the spell that will ultimately destroy the Ancestors connection to the living world. (Vincent’s crazy ex-wife had a “mystical battery cell” that can store all sorts of mystical energy and Vincent is going to use this device as a bomb. If he puts it in the right place, it will permanently destroy the Ancestors’ hold on this world.)

After Vincent starts the spell, Davina arrives. (Apparently, pieces of Davina’s soul are tied to those she loves so her soul couldn’t be completely destroyed by the Ancestors.) Davina tells Vincent that he needs to leave because — once the Ancestors are defeated — the witches will need someone to lead them. Vincent tries to argue with her, but Davina just sends him back to the real world.

Davina then shares a final moment with Kol. Kol tells Davina about the first time he saw her and how her light opened up something inside of him. She was the reason he felt alive after being dead for so long. They exchange “I love yous” and share a final kiss before Davina sends Kol back to the land of the living. Davina then completes their plan and blows up the Ancestors’ connection to their world.

(I hope Davina gets a chance to find some peace now that she’s destroyed the Ancestors’ influence on the real world. Danielle Campbell did some excellent work on this show over the years and I, for one, will miss Davina.)

Once the deed is done, Vincent thanks Will for his help, and Will thanks Vincent for trusting him with the truth. (I imagine this is the last we will see of Will, but you never know with this show.)

Elijah Kills Marcel!

Before Josh heads off to help Vincent and Kol, he and Marcel have a little chat about the Mikaelsons. Josh is worried about Marcel going up against the Mikaelsons and Marcel tells Josh about Lucien’s serum. Josh thinks this basically dooms Marcel to die and reminds him of how things worked out for Lucien. He also says that going up against the Mikaelsons means facing off against everyone who will choose them — including Kol and Hayley. Josh asks Marcel if that is what Davina would have wanted.

When Elijah interrupts Klaus’ chat with Marcel, he demands to know where the serum is. Marcel produces it and Klaus realizes what has happened. Klaus demands that Marcel hand over the serum, but Marcel refuses to back down. He confronts the Mikaelsons about using their “always and forever” vow as an excuse to do whatever they want, no matter who gets hurt in the process. Marcel makes a show of taking the serum, but Klaus stops him. Marcel insists that he will find a way to hurt them and that they will never be safe while he is alive. Elijah takes his word on that so he rips Marcel’s heart out while Klaus watches in horror.

Since they were on a bridge when Elijah killed Marcel, Klaus says the current must have swept Marcel’s body away. Elijah tries to explain his reasons for killing Marcel, but Klaus is not ready to hear him out. Marcel was one of them, after all. Elijah insists that Marcel was their enemy and he had no choice. Klaus asks Elijah if he really believes that before walking away.

Elijah heads back to the compound and tearfully tells Hayley what he did to Marcel. Elijah breaks down and Hayley comforts him.

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Can Klaus and Elijah Heal Their Relationship?

Klaus is furious with Elijah for killing Marcel and it definitely looks like their brotherly bond will be hurt by this action. Yet as Hayley points out, Elijah has forgiven Klaus for all the horrible deeds he has committed over the years so Klaus needs to at least think about doing the same. Hayley then goes back to Elijah and tells him that he needs to forgive himself for what he did. It is unclear if Elijah can do that, but he does decide to take some comfort in kissing Hayley. (As much as I wanted to see these two work things out, they could’ve found a more appropriate moment to finally act on their feelings for one another.)

Instead of dealing with his brother, Klaus goes to Marcel’s place and informs Vincent and Josh that Marcel is dead. But unbeknownst to Klaus, there is more to the story. As Vincent explains to Josh, Marcel only wanted Klaus and Elijah to believe he had not taken the serum. In truth, Marcel took it as soon as Vincent offered it to him. And as we see in the final shot of the episode, Marcel wakes up as a super-Original.

What did you think of this episode of The Originals? Which Mikaelson will Marcel target first now that he has the power to hurt them? What role, if any, will Rebekah play in the season finale? Will she be able to convince Marcel not to kill her brothers? Are you sad to see Marcel going against the family or do you prefer them on opposite sides?

What did you think of Davina’s big moment? Are you sad to see the character go? Since it looks like Klaus and Elijah will have a lot to deal with in the season finale, will they have a chance to discuss the fractured state of their relationship? Do you think Klaus should forgive Elijah for what he did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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