On this episode of The Originals, “The Axeman’s Letter,” Klaus reunites with Aurora, and their tumultuous history is revealed. Lucien executes a plan to get Cami out of the way, Davina struggles to earn the respect of the covens, and an ancient secret threatens to pit brother against brother.

You can’t throw a string of beads in New Orleans without hitting some type of party or another, and this time, it’s the Axeman’s Jazz Festival. Very apropos given that there’s a serial killer running around the Quarter.

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The Axeman of New Orleans

Vincent explains to Cami the historical significance of this particular festival. If you’re a fan of AHS, you will be familiar with it, since the protagonist appeared in Coven.

In 1919, a man wielding an ax, terrorized Nola. He wrote a letter to the local paper claiming to be an actual demon. The Axeman said he would kill thousands in one night, unless, every resident threw a big party and played jazz. Everyone did, and nobody died.

Vincent thinks The Axeman was a witch because the serial killer’s ultimatum coincided with a big day for the witch community. A day in which every witch gives a gift to the city, in the hopes that the city gives one back. The Axeman didn’t kill anyone, and in return, New Orleans threw him the biggest party ever. Therefore, he was a witch.

But back to serial killers in the present. Cami still thinks Lucien is tied to them somehow, even if he’s not the one yielding the knife. She’s also worried that if Lucien turns out to be the killer, it will be on her, since she convinced Klaus not to kill him. Therefore, Cami is keeping an eye on Lucien, who just happens to pop up in the Quarter at that particular moment.

You Could Have Just Called

Aurora has finally decided to make her presence in the city known. She sends Klaus a gift, a dead woman laying on a bed of Lavender complete with a poem. Even though Aurora didn’t include her name, Klaus knows immediately that she’s the culprit. These two were in love once, but apparently, as far as breakups go, this one was epic.

Through flashbacks, we learn that Aurora knew what Klaus, his siblings and Lucien were, but it didn’t derail her affections. Aurora asked Klaus to turn her, hoping it would mean that they wouldn’t have to hide their love from her father or her brother, Tristan. She would be beholden to no one, and they could be together. Like any good boyfriend, Klaus insisted Aurora was perfect just the way she was.

Some time later, it’s Aurora’s birthday, but she’s sad. Her mother died giving birth to her, and Aurora tells Klaus that this makes her cursed and an abomination. Since couples share their secrets, Klaus admits to his true love something even his siblings do not know: He killed his own mother. (When it comes to effed up familial relations, Klaus wins every time.) Klaus’s confession makes Aurora love him even more. (Talk about a thing for bad boys.) Once again, she asks him to change her.

Back in the present, Klaus is eager to hunt down his ex and kill her, and he recruits Elijah to help him. The two roam the streets of the Quarter. Elijah questions how they are supposed to track Aurora down, and Klaus says that she will leave a mark. He spots a perfume bottle with the name of the shop, du Beaucage, on the bottom. This is obviously a clue to Aurora’s whereabouts, but Klaus does not share it with his brother. He disappears the moment Elijah turns his back.

Klaus enters the shop, and Aurora is waiting. Klaus questions why Aurora is in New Orleans, and she claims it is for the same reason why Lucien and Tristan are, to protect her sire. Only Klaus isn’t her sire, Rebekah is.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Davina is getting ready for the big witch holiday Vincent mentioned to Cami known as “Fete de Kado (Feast of Gifts).” She is Regent, so she represents the city. The covens will pay tribute to her, and she’ll throw them a party. Davina’s worried the whole event isn’t going to go off well, particularly due to the death of all those witches in the Ninth Ward. Kara’s son did threaten to erase her, so Davina is a bit punchy. She wants Jackson and Hayley to protect her, and since if she dies, the spell that is keeping them human goes with her. They don’t have much choice.

Secrets and Lies

While Klaus tangles with Aurora, Elijah goes to see Tristan. Now would be a good time to reveal that Elijah has some horrible ancient secret involving Aurora. He tried to come clean with Klaus after learning Aurora was in town, but Klaus, in the interest of keeping the peace, refused to hear what Elijah had to say. Given how many horrible things the Original siblings and many of their cohorts have done, it’s hard to imagine what could be so shocking.

Elijah thinks that Tristan has been holding out on him, but Tristan tells Elijah that Aurora “Rory” has been in a bit of a mood for an indeterminate amount of time. Apparently, Aurora is prone to mood swings which is why Tristan had her locked up with those monks she eventually slaughtered.

Tristan doesn’t believe Aurora is in the city, because if she was, he would be the first person she would come to see. Elijah tells Tristan he wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Cami and Vincent trail Lucien, but they obviously forgot that vampires have super everything, and they aren’t exactly being stealthy. Lucien disappears from sight, and before Vincent realizes it, Cami is gone too.

Lucien has snagged Cami and wants to have a chat. He drags her into a nearby alley and questions why she’s following him. Cami warns Lucien that Klaus would be very displeased should any harm befall her, but Lucien seems undeterred. He tells Cami that she has no idea what he is capable of, but she’s about to find out. Lucien disappears, but Cami hears a noise and discovers a man with the same distinct wounds as the other victims of the Quarter’s serial killer. Unfortunately, this poor guy has yet to succumb to his wounds.

The Worst Breakup, Ever

Klaus assures Aurora that Beks if fine, and he doubts that his sister would make the mistake of trusting Aurora twice.

A flashback shows Rebekah finding Aurora unconscious, having slit open her wrists. Beks feeds Aurora her blood, and when the girl comes to, Beks scolds her. Aurora confides in Rebekah that she’s batshit crazy. Aurora puts it far more eloquently, but I don’t have time for all the flowery prose.

Rebekah tries to point out that being a vampire is not all it’s cracked up to be, but Aurora is convinced the grass is greener, so after Rebekah leaves, Aurora throws herself out the window.

Aurora reminds Klaus about all the hot vamp sex they had after she had turned. Sure, he was bit bummed at first, but he got over it. Aurora says that the real reason she’s come to New Orleans is because she’s still way into Klaus, even after 1,000 years. Most guys might find this a bit stalker-ish, but Klaus is either really turned on or acting it because he and Aurora share a steamy kiss.

Klaus manages to keep things in his pants and reminds Aurora how their love affair ended. The locals caught on that the Mikaelsons and their creations like to feast on blood. If the villagers were able to figure it out, it would only be a matter of time before word spread and Mikael came calling. Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus decided it was time to flee. Klaus wanted Aurora to come with him, but she decided she just wasn’t that into him any more.

Aurora broke things off in an especially cruel fashion, even throwing Esther in Klaus’ face. She hit on every insecurity Klaus had (and still has).

Aurora admits that she was a bitch on wheels 1,000 years ago, but it was not her choice. Before breaking Klaus’ heart, Aurora had a little run in with Elijah. Long story short, he accidentally compelled her to tell him Klaus’ secret.

Elijah was understandably disturbed by the news, and realizing he had the power to control Aurora’s mind, he purposely compelled her to only view Klaus as a wretched monster. I’ve got to say that as far as dirty little secrets go, this one is pretty underwhelming.

Klaus wants to know why Aurora has decided to spill the beans now, and she cites the prophesy. She also confesses to murdering Lucien’s seer. Aurora plans to change the future, convinced that Elijah is a real threat to Klaus’ safety.

A Spy for a Spy

Elijah goes to see Marcel. E believes Tristan may have no idea Aurora is in New Orleans, but he does think Tristan is up to good and has an still yet unknown partner in crime. Since Marcel is a member of The Strix, Elijah thinks he’s in the perfect position to do some poking around.

Marcel has his own agenda, and luckily, it overlaps with Elijah’s. Marcel wants to know why The Strix have come to New Orleans, and he’s got eyes everywhere, including on Tristan.

Cami Gets Pinched

Lots of stuff going on this episode, so I’ll hit the highlights. Davina isn’t thrilled with the Fete de Kado sacrifices. Let’s just say if you aren’t a fan of goats, chickens and pigs, this isn’t the holiday for you. Hayley gives Davina a pep talk and encourages the young witch to be true to herself, guaranteeing that’s the only way the covens will respect her.

The guy Cami found in the alley dies, and it looks as if Lucien is trying to set Cami up. Detective Kinney is suspicious that Cami just happened upon the body.

Cami thinks there is a way that she and Vincent can use magic to stop Lucien. She shows him her stash of dark objects, and Vincent points out half of the stuff belongs to his former coven, the Treme witches. Vincent warns Cami that in the wrong hands, some items in her stash could destroy the city.

Enter Detective Kinney. He arrives and announces that he’s taking all Cami’s goodies. It’s all evidence in a murder case. Cami’s in deep shit. Her brother was a mass murderer, her uncle died under suspicious circumstances (hex), and the only fingerprints on the latest victim-the guy in the alley-are Cami’s. Kinney arrests Cami for the Quarter murders. Good thing she’s got powerful witches and vampires in her corner. They’ll prove cheaper and more effective than a lawyer.

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Witch Business

Jackson tracks down Kara’s son, Van Nyugen, who appears to be doing some hocus pocus with a few of his buddies. He’s got a little voodoo doll that looks suspiciously like Davina. Jackson gives the guy a mild beating and drags him off to see Davina.

When Davina sees the doll, she realizes Van Nyugen wasn’t trying to kill her. He was trying to get her to admit what she’d done to his mother and the Versailles Coven. Davina says she did what she did for the good of the witches and pleads with Van Nyugen to stay and work with her, not against her.

A Matter of Trust

Having planted some serious doubts in Klaus’ head, Aurora sends him on his way. Klaus arrives back at the compound and picks a fight with his big brother. Klaus is convinced that Aurora breaking up with him is why he turned into the Original prick, but Elijah swears he did what he did to protect the family.

Once again the Mikaelson brothers have a few issues to iron out between them. On a happier note, Since it was Fete de Kado, Davina was able to ask the ancestors for the power to lift the Crescent Curse, and they acquiesced to her request. Hayley and Davina have what looks to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Finally, Marcel has strong evidence to support the fact that Lucien and Tristan are working together, but since it is in both of their best interests to keep their sires alive, I’m curious as to what lies ahead.

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9pm on the CW.

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