The Next Great American Band went from seven bands to six tonight.  The six final bands all performed songs by The Rolling Stones.  Given the ridiculous library of diverse songs the Stones have recorded, every band should have been able to easily find a perfect song for them.  Most chose well, some did not. 

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Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 were eliminated tonight.  This was probably the correct decision by American public.  Bluegrass just doesn’t have much of an audience these days.  Personally, I would have gotten rid of Denver before Cliff Wagner, but it’s hard to be too upset about the results. 

Tres Bien! – “Get Off of My Cloud”

Covering The Rolling Stones is perfect for Tres Bien, and they delivered a worthy performance of a great song.  Their retro sound worked with the genre well.  These guys are still one of my two or three favorite bands on the show.  The frontman did a pretty great Mick Jagger.  The judges generally like it, with some minor complaints. 

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra – “I’m Free” 

Denver and his gang are incapable of playing a rock song.  They, in so many words, cannot rock.  They turned a great rock song into a crappy, peppy pop song.  Rzeznik calls the song “squeaky clean” and I completely agree with him.  I’m not a fan of the kind of music this band plays.  Sheila E. loves it.  Dicko calls it “labored, awkward, and generally pointless.” 

Sixwire – “”The Last Time”

They kicked ass tonight.  This was how you take a song from outside your genre and meld it into your own.  It was rocking, but it also retained a little bit of the modern country vibe.  Andy, the lead singer, was incredible.  The judges all love it. 

Light of Doom – “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”

The kids can play their instruments.  Really, really well.  The lead singer had some tune issues, but it wasn’t bad.  I’m of two minds about these guys still being in the competition.  They are good, but I’m not sure they deserve to be there.  The judges like the performance, but aren’t too enthusiastic. 

The Clark Brothers – “Gimme Shelter”

Wow.  So, at the beginning was a slow build-up, but then it ramped up at the end.  That was intense.  The arrangement was really incredible and different.  I didn’t think they’d be able to pull of one of the Stones most famous and best songs, but they kicked its ass.  The judges gave it a standing ovation. 

Dot Dot Dot – “Let’s Spend the Night Together”

Rose, the guitarist, is incredible.  This was the third really good performance in a row, pretty much a straight up cover of one of my personal favorite Stones songs.  The vocals weren’t incredibly good, but were satisfactory.  The judges generally enjoy the performance.  Dicko’s not so sure the frontman is cool enough to be a great lead singer. 

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