Hell’s Kitchen promised us in the previews that the chefs will fight for their black jackets in this episode. Gordon Ramsay, I’m begging you! Give them to the teams now. We know T has anger issues. We know both Michelle and Nick have trouble cooking. We know Milly can get emotional. Let’s see them turn on each other. Also, everyone wants Meghan out. It’s time for this group to get cut. Hopefully, the battle for the black jackets ends up with rewards.

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The Dorms and Team Challenge

Upstairs, the Red Team seems confused and Meghan isn’t helping matters as she and Josh talk. The next morning, Ramsay calls them downstairs where they are faced with lockers. They must prepare a steak which they will find behind the locker doors. They have 35 minutes as they struggle to find the beef; behind some of the doors are notes that say “Try again.” Finally, the steaks are found by each with Michelle being last.

As Ramsay judges the “King of the Hill” Challenge, it looks like T has it won, but instead Meghan replaces her. It comes down to Michelle’s flank steak and she beats Meghan. The Red Team gets a Vitamix, a trip to Catalina and dinner at a four-star restaurant, while the Blue Team must deliver 250 pounds of beef and prepare it for the next night’s service.

Dinner Service

Michelle tries to help in the setup, but no one listens. Did she just call Josh a baby? Ramsay arrives and announces that “Steak Night is underway.”  The doors open and dinner starts.

Service will determine who will get the coveted black jacket. The Blue Team gets off to a strong start, while the Red Kitchen has trouble with their appetizers. It’s Hell’s Kitchen, folks! This always happens. Both teams have trouble with entrees, with the Blue Team making the fastest recovery on record and winning their black jackets. Ramsay sends them out to celebrate, while the Red Team can’t cook salmon. When they mess up on garnish, Ramsay brings in the black jackets to help them finish dinner service. Red and Black don’t mix well, especially when the Red Team won the challenge.

Aftermath and the First to Leave

Ramsay tells the Red Team they have lost and must come up with two nominees with the Black Jackets’ help. Josh and Michelle look to be the targets. Wait, T! Alison did worse than Michelle.

T is asked for the nominees, who are Josh and Alison. Ramsay calls Michelle forward and gives her a black jacket. T is next to get her jacket. This leaves Alison and Josh, who make their plea. In the end, Alison leaves as Josh gets his jacket.

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Black Jackets and the Start of the Final 6

The next day, the chefs find Ramsay with a chemistry set. He says being in a kitchen is like a chemistry lab. He has some test tubes and they must guess what is in the test tubes. The drinks are food, but that doesn’t mean the chefs get it. Michelle and Meghan gets their test tube wrong, while Milly, T and Josh guess correctly. Nick also guesses correctly on the second try. This wasn’t the challenge, though. Now they must do the “Taste It and Make It” challenge. They will work in pairs to recreate Ramsay’s dish. The teams are Nick and Michelle, Milly and T, and Meghan and Josh.

The teams get down to business as they taste the dish and work hard. As they present their dishes, Ramsay tastes and finds the dishes delicious and interesting. Ramsay tells the chefs that the fish was sea bass, eliminating Meghan and Josh. The broth decides the winner of the challenge. The winner is Michelle and Nick with soy. They will get a tour of Long Beach in a special way (hydro car) and visit the Queen Mary. The rest of the chefs must work for a good cause. They will be recycling and helping the Midnight Mission with mashed potatoes. Milly is in tears, but he’s not really upset over the punishment. It’s Josh who refuses to do it.

Dinner Time

Before the doors open, there are problems. Ramsay expects the service to be a success as he sends Marino to open the doors. Ramsay wants the team to succeed and cooperate by serving from one room.

The kitchen is in chaos as Tatum O’Neal and her son arrive. With service going badly, the chefs are worried. The team tries to bounce back and things look grim with a cold dish of risotto going up. They’re having a bad night as Tatum announces that the appetizers are mediocre. Oh, no! Luckily for the chefs, I don’t think Ramsay has heard it (yet!). Things don’t get better as flames erupt. Luckily, it gets under control.

Dinner continues, with Tatum watching carefully. I guess she wants to be sure they don’t mess up her entree. Josh is messing up again and Ramsay resorts to name-calling. I think Josh is a goner! As Tatum’s table gets their dish, we find out that the meat is raw. She lets Ramsay know and I’m sure it is going to get ugly.

Marino finds out about the beef as Tatum requests the halibut. Now T must shine. At last, Tatum is happy and the last dishes go out. With the final service, everyone breathes a sigh of relief.


Ramsay tells them they did a good job for a good service, but they still must nominate two people to go up for elimination. As Josh thinks he did good, Nick calls him on his bad service. Josh has selective memory, though, and won’t accept any blame.

Ramsay asks Milly for the nominee and he gives up Josh because of his mistakes. The second nominee is Michelle because of the appetizers. Ramsay feels like sending three home. He doesn’t want to send anyone home, but he must. After listening to them, Ramsay sends Josh home.

Next Time on Hell’s Kitchen

Andi and James take the night off as the chefs play sous chef. Does Michelle get in over her head? Will the elimination be a surprise next time?

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