The twist of the next Survivor season has been announced! Granted this is Survivor so it’s more than likely the first twist of several but still this is a big moment. The cast of Survivor season 31 will be completely chosen by the viewers. Survivor fans have a pool of former contestants to choose and none of the former castaways have won the game before. This is what gives the new season of its subtitle as it is called Survivor: Second Chance

There over 32 potential candidates to pick from and they will be narrowed down to 20. The top ten male and top ten females will go on to join the cast of Survivor: Second Chance. Fans can vote once a day at the CBS website. The final cast of 20 will be announced on the Survivor reunion show for this season airing on May 20. There is a wide range of candidates for a wide range of seasons, reaching all the way to the first season and the first runner-up, Kelly Wigglesworth. 

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Survivor hasn’t been afraid to try interesting casting in the past and I find this an interesting approach. As a longtime Survivor fan, it’s always sad to see likable people go out early especially when they’re passionate about the game. Personally I’m pulling for Spencer Bledsoe who was stuck with a terrible tribe and a mediocre season. I wouldn’t mind seeing people like Abi-Maria Gomes and Woo Hang who weren’t amazing game players but were entertaining personalities. I don’t remember Kelly Wigglesworth other than her name, but I’m almost certain her status as the first runner-up will earn her spot on the castaway list.

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The real perplexing thing about these selections is the overwhelming amount of people available that come from the current season of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Worlds Apart has not been a popular one among fans mostly because of the cast. There are no truly objectionable people up for voting but I’m not sure I want to see any of them again. The only one from the Worlds Apart candidates I’m slightly rooting for is Shirin who was treated pretty terrible on her season. She deserves another chance to play with people who won’t tell her she has no soul and deserves to be slapped. 

Survivor’ airs Wednesday at 8pm on CBS.

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