Has curiosity about the fate of the men who attempted to woo New York (Tiffany Pollard) on season 1 of I Love New York been keeping you up at night?

Well, VH1 is here to put your mind at ease with updates about the classy dudes New York…well, really, we all fell in love with in that first, magical season.

So where are they now?

Um…pretty much where you would expect them to be, on the periphery of the entertainment industry, attempting to leverage their exposure on I Love New York to benefit their show business careers, luck with the ladies, or both.

First up: Mr. Boston, real name Lee Marks. He’s the classy guy who danced in a thong for New York and her mom, and whose own VH1 bio states he cheated on every girl he dated.

He’s now Mr. California, sharing an apartment and working as an accountant during the day. Funny, his bio for the show originally stated he was a “finance executive.” I guess he’s decided to take a step back professionally.

He’s still keeping his day job, though, because unlike some of the other fellows from the show, he doesn’t expect some kind of overnight fast track to fame from the show. He’s sure, though, that eventually he will land another reality show.

Mr. Boston has taken up training for boxing, and wants a rematch to make up for his embarrassing performance in the boxing match that took place on the show.

The one thing I Love New York has done for him, he says? He no longer has to resort to the “fat chicks” or “average-looking chicks” when he’s out on the prowl. It warms your heart to hear it, doesn’t it?

Other updates about the contestants from season 1 are available on VH1’s Vspot.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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