Through the first four seasons of Queer Eye, Jai Rodriguez has helped transform many of the subjects who came looking for assistance from the Fab Five.  He’s the “Culture Vulture” who helps the hapless with social interaction, dance, music and other social and cultural areas.

He’s sure to do it again in this fifth and final season of Queer Eye. But as the series comes to an end, Jai seems to be thinking it’s time for a makeover of his own.

Jai will be appearing on Dr. 90210 on Thursday. He’s going to Dr.Will Kirby – that’s right, Dr. Will from Big Brother is now on Dr. 90120 – requesting lips like Mario Lopez.

One would hope that anyone who shares a network with the oddly charming but oddly puffy-lipped Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out would be cautious with any kind of lip enhancement. But if Lopez lips are what Jai wants, surely no one will begrudge him the chance to do a little self-makeover.

This won’t be Jai’s only encounter with plastic surgery-related TV over the next few months. His other endeavor, however, won’t be reality. As we’ve reported, he will also be appearing on the FX series Nip/Tuck as “Chaz, an LA fashionista with a dirty little secret.” Maybe his own surgery was research for the character.

Or maybe his makeover is part of his attempt to get his music career up and running. He’s working on an album, and his Myspace page says the first single will be available this month via a digital distributor called Airgo. Meanwhile, fans can get a taste of his music on his Myspace, which features two songs, “Broken” and “Wake Up Call.”

While it would appear that you’ll have plenty of opportunity to see Jai on his own in the future, your chances to see him as part of the Fab Five on Queer Eye are coming to an end. The season premiere is this evening, and will be a “‘Straight Guy Pageant’ hosted by Susan Lucci in which past straight guys return to see who stayed fab—or went back to drab. Categories include presence and poise; lifestyle and fitness; and artistic expression.” It airs at 9pm Eastern on Bravo.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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